Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1412: The opening of the path of a demigod

4 drops of Eco’s primordial blood floated on his palm. The ruby-like glimmer of the droplets looked exquisite.

All the different types of blood: Primordial, juvenile, and awakened blood can only raise him to the peak of tier 9. He will be on the cusp of demi-godhood.

He had 5 drops of blood from her primordial state, 1 drop of juvenile blood, and 1 drop of awakened blood. At level 85, he only needs 4 drops of blood.

He will soon become a peak tier 9 individual.

Suppressing his excitement, he swallowed the drops of blood.

In an instant, the blood got integrated.

The draconic blood turned into streams of power that rampaged in his body. Enduring the pain, he clenched his teeth.

The enormous energy hit his core.


Blood rushed to his face.

The draconic energy started merging with his body as waves of power assaulted him.

He heard his body gobbling up the energy like a hungry wolf.

Soon, his body grew rapidly.

Bit by bit, he felt his body absorbing the four drops of draconic blood.

The energy spread throughout his body as his True Ancestor's body engulfed the foreign powers.

His body… blood… magic power… organs… cores…

Everything was enhanced.

His body absorbed Eco’s blood and used it to further strengthen itself.

He only felt this kind of all-encompassing augmentations back in the Miraculous Pool of the Land of Gods in Silvaria. Now, he is reliving that experience.

However, this blood-enhancement technique strengthened his blood first unlike the Miraculous Pool that cleansed everything before fortification.

If the ratio of resources were divided between blood and other parts, the Miraculous Pool strengthened his blood and other parts in a 5:5 ratio while this blood enhancement strengthened him in a ratio of 7:3.

This worked in Wu Yan’s favor.

As a True Ancestor, bloodline is everything.

His strength came from his bloodline. As such, he grew faster with Eco’s dragon blood.

He broke through magic power quality bottlenecks before the blood increased his magic power volume.

In no time at all, his composite powers grew.

Soon, the System notifications came.

You’ve leveled up, current level 86

You’ve leveled up, current level 87

You’ve leveled up, current level 88

You’ve leveled up, current level 89

He shot up four levels and reached the apex of tier 9 power.

At this stage, he is just one level away from the demigod tier. At his current stage, he is already the second strongest existence after demigods in Silvaria.

This gap will no doubt prove to be annoying to level up.

Wu Yan is already very close to the peak of existence for lifeforms. Almost no other beings could pose enough threat to give him enough EXP to progress further.

He must fight people with equal or higher levels to accumulate EXP rapidly.

Just how many enemies would he need to defeat to go into the demigod tier?

Then, the System struck again.

User level at 89, special mission: The Path of Demigods, unlocked.

special mission: The Path of Demigods

The path of a demigod is long and hard. Simple exp accumulation is not sufficient for further growth.

To assist the user in this stage, the System will provide guidance when the user and/or his summons reach Level 89.

The user and his summons will be asked to complete missions and quests while Quest Items that can provide instant level-ups will be generated.

This quest is a series of connected quests that can be treated as rounds. Each round will be conducted in various transcript worlds. The user and his summon will be asked to gather Quest Items. Upon the completion of gathering materials, the round in that transcript world will be deemed to be completed.

Take note:

1: The demigod level-up item will be generated upon the completion of the first round.

2: The user can proceed to the next round if he/she chooses not to use the level-up item.

3: From the second round onward, the demigod level-up item will be enhanced upon the completion of another round. The more rounds completed, the more potent the effect of the level-up item. Multiple level-ups are possible once the level-up item is enhanced.

4: No matter how many rounds the user completes,  the level-up item can only boost the user to level 99. The level-up item's potency cannot be raised beyond that cap.

5: The user will be sent to the transcript world where the quest items are located. There won't be any missions other than the Path of Demigods. Only upon gathering the quest item can the user leave.

6: Some transcript worlds will place limits on the user to increase the difficulty.

7: A maximum of 2 summons are allowed for any round of the Path of Demigods, the user cannot bring more allies along.

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