Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1415: Restaurant, bidding goodbye

In a restaurant within Ansullivan Dragonar Academy…

This student restaurant was made with red bricks. It looked like a simple restaurant without gaudy designs.

Only students are allowed to dine here. It was designed with Chevron architecture so the building still emanated an air of elegance. From the chairs to the decors of the wall, everything here can be found in the Chevron Kingdom.

Rich kids preferred to dine in the high-end diners of the city while those students who come from poor backgrounds satisfied their hunger at the student cafeteria near their dorms. This restaurant is basically where middle-class students hang out.

Rebecca booked the entire restaurant to give Wu Yan, Silvia, Ash, and Eco some space to rest.

The waiters continued to serve plates of piping hot food for Wu Yan & co.

Eco chomped left and right as she wolfed down beef and mutton in excitement. She is currently in heaven.

Lucca poured tea for Wu Yan while also making sure he gets his vegetables and meat intake. Like an obedient wife, she replaced Cossette’s role although the maid herself needed to tend to Silvia too.

Rebecca listened intently as the trio told them about the attack in the capital.

“So, the giant dragon was Eco?”

She glanced at Eco who is still too busy eating to notice someone talking about her.

“Although she was born three months ago, it stuns me how fast the scion of the avalon dragons can grow.”

“Told you, I am awesome.”

Eco puffed her chest out. However, she was quick to realize her own mistake too.

“Alas, I failed to control myself and almost had my body snatched away from me.”

“Cheer up, Eco…”

Ash assured her.

“It wasn’t your fault. You’re still a kid, if you grow up then I am sure you…”

“I am not a kid.”

Eco frowned before biting the beef in her hands. The rush of umami and sauces brought a smile to her face.

“Well, at least, she is still easy to read.”

He chuckled.

“With that, Mordred should require some time to recover. For now, she is a minimal threat to us. Just let things flow in the natural order.”

“Yeah, it won’t help us to worry about nothing for now.”

Rebecca rubbed her temples.

“I am just a student council president. I should let Veronica and the others handle it.”

“President Rebecca, you’re an Arch Dragonar, if you’re beating up yourself like that then I am going to feel real bad as just a dragonar.”

Silvia giggled too.

“Eco is in our school and the whole world knows this. I reckon people will start coming after her, as the strongest student in our school, Eco would be in danger without your protection.”

“Naturally, I don’t mind contributing my powers.”

Rebecca tossed her red hair back.

“But, Silvia, you got one thing wrong. I am not the strongest student anymore.”

Rebecca looked at Wu Yan. The others also looked at the guy who is possibly the strongest knight in the entire Knightdom.

Wu Yan sighed.

“Don’t put your hopes on me. I might have to leave soon.”

“You’re leaving?!”

The others gasped.

Rebecca wanted answers.

“What do you mean?”

“Where are you going?!”

Silvia is also very emotional.

“Are you leaving us?”

“Lord Rowan.”

Lucca grabbed Wu Yan’s sleeve with a pale look.

Cossette also stored her friendly smile away.

They don’t think he is leaving for vacation.

It sounds like he is going somewhere far away judging by his tone.

Naturally, the ladies panicked.

“What’s with you all?”

Wu Yan calmed them down.

“I am just leaving for a while. I will still come back.”


“Calm down first…”

Rebecca told everyone.

“Where are you going?”


Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

“I am going back, back where I came.”

Silvia trembled.

“This is your home, where are you returning?”

Silvia knew this wasn’t Wu Yan’s true domicile.

Veronica could have identified him if he was. However, there is no file on Wu Yan in the knightdom’s archive.

Wu Yan is not a resident here.

He had dragons so he should be connected to the Mother Dragon somehow. Yet, they had no details on him.

She only knows the guy she has a massive crush on is leaving for a place far away.

When is the next time they will meet?

Silvia couldn’t imagine it. She didn’t want to.

Lucca, Rebecca, Cossette and the princess were all sporting heavy looks.

“Girls, please…”

Wu Yan clapped his hands.

“It’s not a long trip. Trust me.”

To them, he would be returning in an instant.

The universe will enter a stasis once he leaves.

“How long?”

Rebecca asked.

“Not long.”

Wu Yan answered.

“A few days at most. You will still see me before graduation.”

This caused the ladies to feel better.

Rebecca is already in her third year. Soon, she will be graduating.

This means he should be back in no time at all, right?

They cheered up although they still felt a bit sad and lonely that he was leaving soon.

The lunch then turned into a bon voyage celebration for Wu Yan.

They talked about random topics with him including pampering him with traveling tips and other good wishes.

Nobody saw the silent but firm light in Lucca’s eyes, she just steeled her resolve to do something.

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