Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1428: Class Card Lancer


A deafening explosion occurred in the sky.

Three streams of light collided in the sky like meteors.


Another shockwave was emitted when the fighters clashed again. The sky shook from the devastating attacks they unleashed.

Rin and Luvia retreated first. They swung their wands repeatedly, conjuring magic projectiles the size of footballs in a cascade of bullet storms.

Wu Yan looked tiny when compared to the magic projectiles. However, he is still dauntless against the combined might of two powerful mages. He grinned confidently.

Wu Yan also unleashed a wave of magic power.

He weaved his magic power into multiple magic formations that expanded outward.

The magic formations turned into a wall of seething hot magical flames.

The magic projectiles hit his wall of flames.

Bam bam bam bam bam

The projectiles hit his flame shield without creating any lasting damage. The firecracker-like sound of their projectiles hitting fire echoed across the sky.

“Didn’t work, huh?”

Rin and Luvia raised their wands in frustration.

“Well, how about this?”

The two ladies unleashed a combined magic formation of one red formation and one blue formation.

They unleashed a double magic beam attack simultaneously.

“Good move.”

He praised. Then, he unleashed more magic power.

“Alas, this isn’t enough to beat me.”

Wu Yan called forth a flaming portal near his head.

The red portal trembled as earthquakes rang from the other side. They could hear the earthquakes coming beyond the portal.

Then, a flash of light came from the flaming portal.

A gigantic arm dozens of meters long reached out from the portal. It looked like the arm belonged to a giant made of flames and stones.

The ladies instinctively shivered when they saw the massive arm.


A giant’s roar could be heard coming from the portal.

Then, he named his spell.

Reanimated titan’s arm!

The arm batted at the incoming magic beams.


The arm and lasers collided in a furious explosion that sent giant shockwaves and blinding rays of light everywhere.

Rin and Luvia had to put up magic barriers to block the winds. They looked on as the enemy seemingly blocked their maximum output combined magic beams.

“What was that magic? That destructive power.”

Luvia gasped.

“We already teamed up and used our powers. We even used our magic cannons on him, how did he block them? Who is this male magus?”

“I don’t know.”

Rin bit her thumb.

“What class of magic was that?”

“You two, now isn’t the time for a strategic meeting.”

Rin and Luvia felt someone patting their shoulders.

“You better start taking this seriously or you two might lose an arm or two.”

The two hurriedly swung their wands at the enemy behind them.

The two hit his mirage. The guy had already blinked dozens of meters back. He crossed his arms as he waited for them to move.


Luvia couldn’t believe her eyes.

“A teleportation spell? In such a short span of time?”


Rin started sweating hard.

“This guy is already going easy on us.”

He could have easily grabbed their necks instead of their shoulders.

Plus, he also could have used his teleportation spell to counter them instead of evading them.

Indeed, it is obvious he is pulling his punches.

“Man, talk about rotten luck, why did we get this guy as the warm-up fight?”

Luvia sighed.

“Fine, no more playing around.”

Luvia took out a card.

It is slightly bigger than her palm but the rectangular card had a red spear in it that was equipped by some noble-looking individual.


“Hmm, a class card?”

Wu Yan was intrigued.


Rin yelped.

“Are you going to kill him?”


Luvia said.

“I will stop a second before piercing his heart.”

She held the card against Sapphire.

Lancer, limited release.”

The class card merged with the wand as it lengthened into a red spear.

A Noble Phantasm.

Class cards allow the user to temporarily use the Noble Phantasms of a captured card.

That Class Card is Lancer-type and the Noble Phantasm is one that Wu Yan recognized.

There are only two spears in his knowledge.

One of them is the one that can dispel magic and magecraft with a touch, Gae Dearg.

The other one is one that could affect causality in a minor fashion. It can make it so that the opponent’s heart is already pierced as the effect before the cause “lance being thrust”. Such is the power of Gae Bolg.

Wu Yan possesses a modified Gae Dearg that had Imagine Breaker power.

Wu Yan deduced that the spear isn’t Gae Dearg.

That means she is using Gae Bolg.

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