Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1429: A gift? I will take it.

The magic spear that can reverse causality, Gáe Bolg.

It works as a sure-kill weapon where the effect of “heart being pierced” comes before the cause of “Spear being thrust”.

Because it is a destined attack, the target of this attack cannot dodge or block it with normal means.

It is a cursed weapon that will surely kill its target.

Even beating the opponent ahead of the throw will not change this destined outcome. One’s heart will be pierced.

To nullify this curse would require one to have a luck stat so high that it can change destiny itself. One must be lucky enough that the causality-affecting spear can’t hit the target’s heart.

Naturally, Wu Yan didn’t think he had such luck.

However, the cursed spear isn’t a big threat.

His heart can get pierced, destroyed, or disintegrated and he would still come back in no time at all, he has his True Ancestor's Bloodline.

By the time the spear is pulled out, his heart would have recovered.

This curse spear also can negate attempts to cure the wound or regenerate it but he can counter with Divine Purification’s cleansing power.

Kanon’s cleansing abilities can get rid of the mortal wound curse brought about by the cursed spear.

The spear can only cause pain for him.

He has no reason to fear it.

Plus, he had ways to counter the spear.

He understood the spear’s mechanics.

But, his opponent didn’t think so.

“Sir, let us stop here.”

Luvia’s confidence shot through the roof when she held the cursed spear.

“You are here for the Class Cards, I assume you know what this is?”

“A Noble Phantasm.”

Rin said.

“That is the sure-kill Noble Phantasm, Gáe Bolg.”

“Stop this, while you still can.”

Luvia said.

“You went easy on us. Now, I am returning that favor by offering you a way out. Stop this and we can forget about this fight, how does that sound?”


Wu Yan gasped.

“You ladies will allow me to collect Class Cards in peace?”

“No way!”

Rin said.

“We are saying: ‘Give up on the cards.’”

“Ah, that’s how we are doing it, eh?”

Wu Yan shrugged.

“Let us continue.”

“You won’t take reason and logic, huh…”

Luvia steeled herself.

“No choice.”

Luvia dashed forward as she quickly appeared in front of him.


Luvia swung her spear after a brief moment of hesitation, Wu Yan’s cocksure grin made her continue.

“Gáe Bolg!”

The spear sprung forward in flashes of red lights that zipped around like a snake.

The spear bypassed the restrictions of reality.


It hit him in his heart.

Blood was spilled.

Luvia reacted first.


She was shocked that Wu Yan made no attempts to dodge.


Wu Yan grabbed the spear with a smirk.

“Dodge the undodgeable spear Gáe Bolg?”

“I would have held back if you…”

Luvia said.

“No need.”


Luvia and Rin were flabbergasted.

“There are multiple counters for this sure-kill weapon.”

Wu Yan inched closer despite having a spear in his heart.

“There are four known counters to Gáe Bolg.”

“First, disable or kill the user before he/she can call the Noble Phantasm out.”

“Second, have the ability to survive heart being pierced or auto-resurrect.”

“Third, Block this charged magical attack with a magical defense that boasts a superior mana value.”

“Fourth, have incredible luck.”

“Mine… as you will see… is the fifth method.”

Wu Yan slowly faded into light particles in front of a very shocked Luvia.

“You targeted me with your spear.”

Wu Yan said as he grabbed the spear before Luvia can call its name out again.

“If you’re not targeting the real me, but a fake me, what will happen?”


Luvia saw Wu Yan’s grinning mien again.

“You just pierced a magical decoy, young mage lady.”

Wu Yan did a quick magical attack.



She fell to the floor as if someone just hammered her on the back.


Rin tried to catch her.


Rin asked her.

“You alright?”

“I am fine.”

Luvia got away from Rin’s hug.

“He went easy again.”

The two looked up at Wu Yan who is floating above them.

He urged them to go on.

He also let them see Sapphire who is struggling in his hand and the Lancer Card he just extracted.

“So, this is the Lancer card, eh?”

He looked at Sapphire.

“I am guessing you have a time limit on using Noble Phantasms?”

Luvia stepped forward.

“Return Sapphire and the Card!”

“Jeez, what happened to calling me ‘Sir’?”

Wu Yan laughed.

“Relax, here you go.”

He released Sapphire as it quickly zipped back into Luvia’s palm.

Rin pointed at him.

“The Card!”

“You mean this?”

He snickered.

“As a reward for playing with you two, I will be taking this.”


Rin and Luvia saw him pocketing the card.

He waved goodbye.

“Well, it’s time I take my leave. Until next time, you two…”

He vanished instantly after turning around.

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