Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1436: A duel between a comet and a raging storm

Rider: level 70

The spike hit the iron wall as sparks flew and screeching sounds filled the space.

Rider continued pressing forward with her chained spikes but the iron wall wouldn’t budge.

They were sure the Heroic Spirit lacked a rational mind.

A rational fighter wouldn’t have tried to force an attack through the iron wall.

“This is the Heroic Spirit?”

Mikoto looked very disappointed. She sent lightning coursing through her iron wall.

She also noticed the malicious eyes covering the Spirit’s visor.

“If this is all they have to offer then I am very disappointed with what I am seeing.”

She emitted a gigantic wave of lightning.


The spirit endured the lightning whips with her tender body.

The smell of burnt meat filled the air as Rider wailed in pain.

The iron wall shifted before a pillar jutted out to hit Rider in her abdomen.



Rider got sent flying into the distance.


Mikoto grumbled.

“This isn’t tier 8 power, she barely passed the peak tier 7 mark in my view.”

Rin & co heard Mikoto complaining about the weak spirit.

“That big sister…”

Illya praised.

“She’s awesome…”

“Hey, Rin.”

Luvia couldn’t contain her astonishment either.

“Who is that lady?”

“How would I know?”

Rin bit her lips.

“Just know that she isn’t on our side.”


While she might not know her name, she witnessed a human fighting toe-to-toe with a Heroic Spirit.

It seems she is an ally of the guy who robbed her Lancer card.

This isn’t good news for her.

“Right, the card!”

Luvia looked at the pile of rubble that Rider is currently climbing out of.

“Miyu, if you see the chance then go get the Class Cards back!”

It won’t be as easy as they think.

“Mikoto, take heed.”

Wu Yan cautioned her.

“She is a Rider-class spirit. These spirits aren’t strong on their own. However, they exhibit outstanding skills in terms of using Noble Phantasms together with their rides.”

It is too late.


Rider summoned her Phantasm with a corrupted and snarly voice.


A pillar of light shot into the sky.


Illya clenched the grip of her wand.

“Is she…”

RIn and Luvia gasped in horror.

“Using her Noble Phantasm?”

They looked up as the pillar of light pierced the Kaleidoscope-like night sky.

At the top of the pillar, Medusa rode her steed, Pegasus while shining radiantly.

It is a Pegasus.


Rider whipped Pegasus into action, her enchantment gave the horse a blue mist of power.

It looked like a giant white comet is crashing down. She is going to trample Mikoto at this rate.


Hinagiku tried to go there but Wu Yan stopped her.

He looked at Mikoto’s face.

Her smiling face exuded brimming confidence and elation.


She raised her lightning output.

“Isn’t this…”

Mikoto turned a 10-meter radius around her into a domain of lightning.

She nocked a coin between her thumb and index finger. She pointed it at the incoming white comet.


The lightning around her poured into the white coin as it shimmered into a single point of white light.


She flipped the coin as a gigantic shockwave expanded out.

The super-EM-charged projectile flew into the sky at the incoming white comet.


The explosive collision that followed made the space tremble and the storm that hit the area also devastated the structures there.


Luvia, Rin, Illya, and Miyu raised their arm to block. They put up defensive barriers.

Wu Yan and Hinagiku stood resolutely in the storm as they kept their eyes on the white comet and orange meteor.

They were anxious.

Turns out, they were right.

The orange meteor lost to the white comet.


Cutting through the orange meteor, the white comet continued falling.

Mikoto lost the frontal attack.

But, Wu Yan and Hinagiku saw what was going to happen and they smiled.


Rider stopped.

Somebody grabbed her arm.

“You won against my fully-powered railgun. I retract my statement. You’re tier 8 and you can fight people above your levels.”

Behind Rider, Mikoto’s eyes brimmed with a victorious light.

“But, this is where it ends.”

A giant thundercloud expanded overhead. From within, a gigantic bolt of lightning was already close to finishing charging up.

“Lightning spear!”

She summoned her giant lightning bolt.

A bolt of titanic falling lightning struck Rider.


Mikoto, Pegasus, and Medusa got enveloped in lightning as deafening booms reverberated across the space.

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