Shoujo Grand Summoning

SGS 1445: The creep that is tailing a loli

Fuyuki City…


Wu Yan yawned while entering the living room.



Hinagiku and Mikoto energetically replied even if Wu Yan isn’t fully awake yet.

“You’re up, huh?”

Hinagiku passed him a cup of milk.

“Why’re you up so early?”

“8 am…”

Mikoto also gasped.

“It is early by his standard.s…”

“As a result, I am super tired.”

Wu Yan slapped his cheeks before chugging down the milk.

“I can’t help but want to confirm something so I decided to bite the bullet.”


The two ladies tilted their heads at the same time.

“What do you mean?”

“The cards.”

He replied.

“We have three cards (Assassin, Rider, Lancer) while the Archer Card is with Rin. I assume they were successful yesterday so they probably have another card with them for a total of 2 cards.”

“In other words, there are only two remaining spots of magical distortions in Fuyuki city. At least, that should be the case.”

Wu Yan frowned.

“Here’s the problem, I detected 3 sources.”


The ladies voiced their confusion.

“In other words…”


“It’s probable that Rin & co met difficulties during the card retrieval process. I think they either ran away or died in the Mirror World.”

“No way…”

Mikoto’s eyes went wide.

“You mean they might have died to the Heroic Spirits?”


Hinagiku yelped.

“Even if they’re not strong, they could have retreated, right? Can the spirits chase them and come out to the real world?”

“That’s why I want to confirm their situation.”

Wu Yan bit into the toast in his hand.

“No use speculating here. I am going to find her and see if they’re okay.”


Hinagiku chuckled.

“Why are we concerned with our rivals?”

“In the end, the villains need to look out for them.”

Mikoto didn’t object.

“Plus, I am concerned too. Yeah, you better check on them.”

“I will go by myself.”

Wu Yan stopped the ladies who looked like they were getting ready to go with him.

“We don’t know where they are so it won’t do us any good to search like headless flies. I am going to try my luck in the city. If we meet them, good, if we don’t, then I will have to search harder.”

Hinagiku and Mikoto decided to do as Wu Yan says. Adding two more people to the search team won’t speed up the process since they don’t have any clues to work on.

“You ladies should go shopping.”

Wu Yan stuffed the second toast in his mouth before standing up.

“I am heading out. Call me if you need me.”


“Have a safe trip.”


Wu Yan waved as he left the living room.

The weather is overcast.

The gray sky didn’t look like it would rain anytime soon but the sunlight above still can’t pierce through. Hence, the weather is a perfect balance of cold and hot.

There are salarymen walking around but no students could be sighted.

Today is a school holiday.

Wu Yan isn’t sure whether Rin and Luvia are still in school but he can confirm that Illya and Miyu are studying at Homurahara Academy.

“This is going to be hard.”

Wu Yan scratched his cheek anxiously.

“I forgot school is out for today. I don’t think I can find anyone even if I go camp out near their school.”

He can’t let go of what might have happened yesterday.

The Heroic Spirits will show no mercy to them as they are corrupted spirits with no rational minds to speak of.

If they didn’t successfully retrieve the card, something must have happened.

Although he doesn’t know them very well. They’re just rivals, not bitter enemies. It is basic humanity to want to check if they’re okay.

“Hmm, how should I go about this?”

He sighed.

“I guess I can try my luck.”

He said without any confidence in his voice.

Fuyuki City isn’t a big city but it won’t be easy to find a few individuals in this city by random luck.

Turns out, his luck is great today.


Wu Yan’s eyes lit up.

He saw a familiar figure.

Waist-length silver hair, pleated skirt, and a shirt. Her ruby-red eyes and doll-like mien made her stand out.

The new master of Ruby, Illya.

She is standing at the traffic junction waiting for the red light to turn green. She wasn’t aware that an enemy is tailing her. She continued humming cheerfully.

Wu Yan is glad to see her.

“Judging by her bubbly attitude, they must have escaped unscathed after failing to capture a card yesterday.”

The traffic light turned green as she continued on her merry way to the other side of the road. It looked like she was out for a play date.

He continued tailing her.

Illya left the town area and wandered into the woods. She skipped into the woods jovial.

“Some sort of secret base?”

Wu Yan looked at Illya while lamenting his current situation.

“Why am I tailing her like a creep?”

He said while continuing to shadow the girl.

As they arrived at a wide pasture, their line of sight widened.

Illya stopped before looking around.

“This place should be fine, right?”

A tiny star flew out from behind her hair.


Ruby stretched its ribbons.

“Let us begin!”


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