Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1447: The suicidal Mahou Shoujo?

Illya explained why there are still 3 magical distortions in the city.

The remaining two were left untouched while the third one, the one Rin & co was supposed to raid encountered a huge problem.

No, Wu Yan & co didn’t go and spoil their raid. They just didn’t defeat the Heroic Spirit within.

The Heroic Spirit was cheating.

The battlefield was tilted in the Heroic Spirit’s favor.

Rin & co fought the Caster Heroic Spirit yesterday night.

Caster spirits are Heroic Spirits proficient in magecraft.

These spirits typically have poor combat skills and are a bad matchup against Heroic Spirits with magic resistance. This is why Casters are usually treated as low-class spirits.

However, that only applies in a fair fight between Heroic Spirits.

They’re still powerful casters of magic. Some of them far exceed what modern magicians can do. The scale of magic they can deploy also exceeded mortal limits.

The Caster they met was one such existence.

They lost because of a specific reason.

Caster completely dominated the battlefield by setting up an array of magic formations and turning the Mirror World into her fortress.

She used magic from the Age of Gods to construct an offensive magic barrage to bomb Rin & co.

Against thousands of spells, each being capable of killing a human instantly, they could do little to fight back. Even if they tried to fight back, Caster deployed a magic barrier around Rank A to guard herself.

She had her offense and defensive fields covered in her own world.

Caster also floated in the air making her hard to reach by Rin & co. There were reflective magic shields around her to make hitting her even harder.

They had trouble defending and they can’t even hurt the Spirit.

Hence, they were forced to retreat hastily in the face of multiple hurdles.

They failed miserably in their attempts to capture the card.

The only way to get to Caster would be to dodge the barrage and bypass the fixed magic formations which are pointed at the ground. This would mean they need to somehow fly past those arrays and face Caster above the barrage formation.

Illya came here to train her flying skills. They will go back for revenge after that.

“Ah, I see…”

“Caster barricaded herself in the Mirror world and came prepared with magic formations and defensive barriers. Even at a fraction of her original mind, the spirit still knows how to plan ahead.”


Illya raised her hand weakly.

“Now that I told you, may I please have Archer back?”

“I want this card but I won’t steal it from you in this fashion. Plus, I made a promise.”

Wu Yan chuckled when Illya behaved sheepishly around him. He tossed the card back to her.

Catching the card with a sigh of relief, she continued.

“Good, without this I am sure RIn-nee would chew me out.”

“I don’t blame you, she is a violent lady.”


Illya giggled as she sneaked another look at Wu Yan.

“Onii-san is a pretty nice guy.”


Wu Yan jolted.

“I am nice?”

“Yeah, you’re fun to talk to.”

Ruby chimed in.

“Rin described you as some nasty sicko who would go after kids and she said you’re the enemy of all women.”


Wu Yan grinned.

“She dissed me behind my back, eh?”

Illya silently prayed for Rin after noticing the animosity behind his cold smirk.

She prays that Rin will survive her next encounter with Wu Yan.


They heard something falling.


They looked up at the same time.

They saw a kid the same age as Illya falling like a meteor while holding a blue magic wand.


The two were close to where she would fall.


Wu Yan reacted just in time to see Miyu who was bracing herself in tears collide with them.


Wu Yan conjured a magical air cushion to receive Miyu.

The air cushion slowed her fall and reduced the impact force acting on her.

Then, Wu Yan got rid of her momentum before magically levitating her down into a princess hug.


Illya wasn’t sure what to say.

“Man, Magical Girls have it tough these days, huh?”

Wu Yan retorted.

“Even if you’re stressed, I don’t think you need to resort to suicide, right?”

Miyu opened her eyes abruptly when she heard Wu Yan. She instinctively swung her magic wand in his face.


Wu Yan grabbed the wand.

“Hey, is this how you thank someone who just saved you?”


She started struggling.

“Let me go!”

“Let you go?”

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.

“Do you want to kiss the earth?”

Wu Yan had flown into the air to catch her.

She stopped struggling while keeping her guard up.

Wu Yan can’t help but sigh in his mind.

Why are the ladies I meet so uncute nowadays?...

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