Shoujo Grand Summoning

SGS 1448: This girl is destined to pierce the heavens

Fuyuki city center…

This is the most prosperous zone of the city. The traffic here is congested while the streets are lined with various shops.

One can find daily necessities, luxury items, and everything in between here. There are also a ton of stalls and snack shops here, making it the must-visit place for ladies who like shopping.

Illya and Miyu sat at one of the tables of a lovely cafe as they face Wu Yan awkwardly.

They’re both students who study at the same school, in the same class, and, they’re even sitting near each other as they share the same column of seats.

But, judging by the energy emitted by the two girls, it is evident that they’re not very close to one another. They could be described as girls who just happen to sit next to each other.

But, their fates are inextricably linked.

With Wu Yan near them, the air turned tenser.

Illya wanted to run.

But, she dispelled that notion when someone talked.

“Ah, here you go.”

Wu Yan had already gone into the cafe and fished out three Sundaes. He laid them on the table before retaking his seat.

“As expected of the most famous cafe in town, I can’t believe I have to line up and order.”

Illya and Miyu didn’t listen to him.

The sundaes caught their attention.

The sundaes easily had three layers of toppings. With the overall dish being as big as an apple, the condiments and snacks that surrounded the sundaes were nothing to scoff at. Peaches and strawberries are also artistically laid at the sides to make the Sundae look super luxurious.

Against such a thing, forget about Illya, even Miyu who lived in the wealthy household of the Edelfelt also couldn’t help but be stunned by this absolute specimen of a dessert.

“I hope you girls don’t mind, I decided to decorate the sundaes with my own touch.”

Wu Yan commented when he saw the two girls spacing out.

“Come, dig in, don’t restrain yourselves…”

Illya wanted to turn him down but that super-awesome-looking sundae just caused her mouth to water. Miyu also wrestled with her own demons despite her rational mind telling her no.

“Go on, we’re killing daylight here.”

Wu Yan urged them with a smile.

“It’s just a sundae, don’t be so stiff about it.”


Illya lost to her own mental demon, she grabbed her spoon.

“Okay, I am digging in…”

Miyu also silently grabbed the spoon near her. Both girls took a bite at the same time.


The two girls chirped happily.

“This is incredible…”

Illya praised. Miyu also looked extremely radiant. She lost her cool exterior.

Wu Yan amused himself with the sight of two girls acting their age and enjoying good sundaes.

He asked Miyu why she was falling from the sky.

Miyu lowered her defensiveness after he offered her a sundae. Although she’s still hesitant, she fessed up.

Illya and Wu Yan couldn’t believe their ears.

Illya wanted to get better at flying because of Caster. It turns out, Miyu also needed to do the same.

Compared to Illya, however, Miyu’s journey of flying is a lot more disastrous.

The Kaleido Sticks gave their wielders access to infinite magic power and can manifest products of imagination as attacks.

The two magical girls can fly but they must be able to conjure a strong image in order to do so.

Illya had no issue doing so. As a normal girl, she always fantasized about flying as a magical lady. She could fly with no issue.

But, Miyu couldn’t do it well.

She is extremely logical and her grades are also top of her year. Her basic assumption that humans can’t fly is making it night impossible for her to fly or even levitate for a short period of time.

Luvia had a drastic idea to improve this situation.

She decided to toss Miyu off a flying helicopter and make her learn to fly.

That was how a certain wolf captured Miyu.

I see

“It ain’t easy being a magical girl.”

Wu Yan concluded.

“Illya should be fine for now. But, Miyu is probably going to get the business end of Caster’s wand at tonight’s raid.”

“Miyu-sama is trying her best.”

Sapphire commented. She was hiding behind her neck, veiled by Miyu’s hair.

“She is just too smart.”


Ruby also chimed in.

“Unlike Illya who loves fantasizing, her logical mind is her biggest hurdle. Since Illya lacked the mental faculties to process logic, this trait combined well with her innocently childish nature and thus gave rise to her ability to excel at things normal people can’t”

“Hmm, it doesn’t like you’re complimenting me.”

Illya retorted with black lines coming down her forehead.

“But, Miyu is the same age as me, she must have some fantasies we can base her magic on?”

“Fantasies and dreams?”

Miyu continued.

“Do I have dreams?”


Illya gasped.

“Hey, Miyu…”

Wu Yan wasn’t sure but he needs to confirm it.

“You’re not going to say you never dreamed?”


“The dream of flying just never crossed my mind.”


The other two exchanged a look.

“Okay, Miyu…”

Wu Yan tried to give her a chance to talk.

“What do you normally dream about?”

Miyu thought about it before answering.

“The construction process of a car.”

The other two widened their eyes.

“Or… the construction of a submarine…”

The other two’s mouths turned into ‘o’-shapes.

“The construction of a plan…”

The other two started sweating hard.

“The construction of a missile…”

Miyu is still calm.

“But, the last one failed.”

“I am sure it did!”

Wu Yan almost flipped over his table.

“You’re telling me you actually succeeded in some of your dreams?!”

“What a scary girl…”

Ruby said.

“How about you quit being a magical girl and sign yourself up as a lab rat?”


Sapphire commented.

“Must’ve been hard on you…”

Illya wiped away her cold sweat.

“Now I know just how lucky I got it. If this is how I would turn out then I am glad I am not hitting the books right now.”

“We can conclude that she is too rational and logical in her approach.”

Wu Yan bitterly laughed before putting down his spoon.

“From this, we might need to switch her brain for someone else’s so she can fly. That would be easier than convincing her that humans can fly.”

Illya, Miyu, and Wu Yan fell silent.

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