Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1452: You're lending the card to me? "I trust you"

Fuyuki city, near the embankment of the famous river is a red bridge that connected the two parts of Fuyuki City. The faint lights of the cars faded as time lapsed.

There are four individuals waiting near the bridge.

Rin looked at her watch to confirm that there is still time.

Illya and Miyu stood there with their game faces on. Rin nodded in satisfaction.

“Okay, we look good. Did you two properly train yourselves on magic flight?”


Illya nodded. Miyu also touched the tiny magic circles a certain someone engraved at the back of her palm.


Rin stood with arms akimbo. She can’t wait to go back to that place.

“If we can fly above the magic reflection and battery array then Caster will become powerless. You two should be able to defeat her then!”

“Remember, a battlefield can change momentum at the drop of the hat.”

Rin warned them.

“Caster is a tricky type of spirit. She probably still has some spells in store for us. She also didn’t use her Noble Phantasm. If anything happens, we retreat at once. We have all the time in the world, we can always try again, don’t push yourselves, got it?”

Rin’s stern warning made Illya a bit anxious whereas Miyu steeled herself up.


Rin balled her palms into fists.

“That man has three cards already. If he succeeds tonight, he will have four. We must get this Caster card no matter what, you got me?”

Luvia staggered whereas Illya and Miyu listened while sweating cold bullets.

She told them it was okay to retreat but turned around to say they must win no matter what.

“Okay, how about we join this fine party tonight?”

A voice interrupted them.

“This voice.”

The ladies looked back to see three individuals, two females and one male standing behind them.

The male had black pants and a black shirt. Other than his deep red eyes, his grin would have looked normal.

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto are here to crash the party.


“Wu Yan-nii?”

Illya and Miyu cried out.

Rin instantly frowned.

“Why are you here?”


Wu Yan winked playfully.

“To save you all.”

“Save us?”

Rin gasped while Luvia voiced her doubt.

“Are you here to mock us?”

It sounds like he is making fun of them for not being able to beat Caster the other night.

He is probably here to steal the card.

“Man, I’ve sure fallen far from the rank of a gentleman to a petty thief, huh?”

Wu Yan laughed after reading their minds.

“Look, I am serious. I am here to save you all.”

Wu Yan cautioned them.

“Go ahead, sense the magic in the air, one of the sources disappeared.”

The ladies flinched.

“One of the sources disappeared?”

Ruby and Sapphire started deploying their sensors.

The two Kaleido Sticks resonated his thoughts.

“Yeah, there really is one source short!”


Rin and the others wanted answers.

“I thought we can only enter at midnight?”

Luvia asked.

“How did one distortion disappear like that?”

“I am not sure.”

Ruby shook her head.

“But, this magical distortion just became stronger.”

“Our target got stronger?”


Sapphire chimed in.

“The disappearance coincides with the mysterious surge in power here. Maybe Caster called the other spirit here?”


Luvia gasped in horror.

“There is another Heroic Spirit other than Caster in there?”

Illya, Miyu, Rin, and Luvia froze up.

Caster is already troublesome to deal with. If one more Heroic Spirit joins the fray then…

The ladies didn’t want to imagine it.

Now, they got the message. Wu Yan isn’t here to mock them.

They would have gone inside none the wiser were it not for Wu Yan’s timely appearance here.  Most likely, they would have been forced to fight another Heroic Spirit even if they somehow defeated Caster.

“Nii-san, you’re here to warn us?”

Illya couldn’t be more thankful.

“Thanks, nii-san.”

“Save it for later.”

Wu Yan said.

“This is just speeding up the card capture process. You would have faced the other spirit one way or the other.”


Mikoto said.

“With two spirits here, the last spirit might also merge here and we might have three Heroic Spirits on our hands.”


Rin turned mum.

“Do you have any ideas?”

Miyu asked him.

“You’re not just here to warn us, right?”

“You’re a smart kid. I like your fast-thinking head.”

Wu Yan praised her.

“I have a suggestion. We should all go in together.”


Rin and Luvia exchanged a look.

“We will each take one spirit.”

He grinned.

“Caster is yours while the extra spirit is ours. We will only take the cards that we defeat, how does that sound?”

“It is a feasible solution.”

Rin nodded.

“Okay, sure, you’re on.”

“Nii-san and Nee-sans are coming in?”

Illya clapped happily.

“This should be a cinch!”

“Caster is a tricky spirit. Don’t forget that.”

He warned them again.


Wu Yan squatted down and passed Miyu a tarot card.



Miyu couldn’t believe it.

“Lancer Card?”


Rin and Luvia gasped.

“You’re giving it to her?”

“I am lending it to her.”

He entrusted the card to Miyu.

“Use it when the time is right, got it?”

Miyu is incredibly touched by his largesse.

He is willingly risking one card to help them out.

Wu Yan probably did this because he wanted to increase their chances of defeating Caster.


Rin asked.

“I thought you were after the cards? Aren’t you afraid we might keep it in the end?”

“I just need to rob it back then.”

Wu Yan chuckled before rubbing Miyu’s head.

“Plus, I believe in Miyu. She wouldn’t do that.”

“Wu Yan-nii…”

Miyu clenched the Lancer Card with a firm resolve.

“Leave it to me!”

Wu Yan beamed at her.

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