Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1457: The clash of cold steel


Saber Alter growled like a creature of the abyss. Its dark misty field of magic power rumbled as if to respond to its instinctual violence.

She rushed in Wu Yan’s direction with a burst of a magic-enhanced leap.

She also fired multiple black sword beams in his direction.

Ding dang ding



He casually parried or deflected the dark sword beams as Saber continued piling pressure on him. At this point, he is a bit tired of the corrupted spirit.

Wu Yan is stronger than Saber Alter in CQC. Even the original Saber would have lost.

Saber Alter’s instinct is real. She can speed up accordingly when Wu Yan counters. This led to a stalemate between the two.

It is highly likely the battle won’t end at this rate.

Unless, Wu Yan fires his Vassal Beast at her.

But, this realm can’t take the force of his Vassal Beast.

Even at a fraction of his true power, Vassal beasts can still destroy the Mirror World.

The people here will also be buried along with this realm.


The dark Excalibur missed his face by inches. Instead of retreating, he jumped into the air.

Saber was in the middle of a dash so she couldn’t react in time. He did a flip in the air before getting a stance for a dropping slash.

Saber sensed this attack and she met the attack with another dark sword beam. This time, it was a charged attack.

The dark sword beam met his Nietono no Shana in the air.


He felt her dark sword beam exploding across his blade.


His blade flew away from the impact.

Wu Yan grimaced for a second.

Rin & the others also gasped.


Saber Alter launched herself into the air with her Dark Excalibur ready to pierce Wu Yan.

“Watch out!”

Rin, Luvia, Illya, and Miyu nervously yelled.

Hinagiku and Mikoto saw the grin on Wu Yan’s face right before the blade flew.

Saber sliced Wu Yan apart in the air. No, she sliced an image of him in two.

Another figure appeared behind the Heroic Spirit.

Wu Yan zoned in on her back.

Lightning Flash Fist!”

He unleashed a mighty lightning punch on the spirit’s back.

He struck her down with a sneak attack.


The ensuing thud caused the others to flinch.


Saber Alter tumbled down from the sky.

Before it can recover, the space around it shimmered.

She saw portals opening around her as space turned red.

Swords, spears, and lances were pointing at her.

He gave her a smug grin.


He said before a rain of Noble Phantasms poured down from the sky and hit Saber in a chaotic wave of attacks.

Bam bam bam

Saber took the weapons as she groaned. She also got sent flying into the distance.


The Noble Phantasms exploded as flames and smoke covered Saber Alter.

“W-We won!”

Illya cheered.


Miyu sighed in relief.

Rin and Luvia exchanged a look of disbelief. They were grim too.

Their fated rivals were people with immense powers.

They realized that they probably couldn’t snatch all the cards from Wu Yan & co.

Hinagiku and Mikoto also smiled as they expected this outcome.

Wu Yan pulled his blade up. It got stuck in the ground after the previous exchange of attacks.

It is his Noble Phantasm, he could summon it back.

The Gate of Babylon can also store the Noble Phantasms. This made deploying and retrieving Noble Phantasms incredibly easy.

Tracing his finger across the blade, he tossed it into a nearby portal. He took a step toward the massive ball of flames before something stopped him.


The space shook as another wave of energy was emitted from the center of the collision point.

The flames were blown away.

Then, dark concentrated mana wafted up in a giant pillar.

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