Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo grand summoning chapter 1472: Magic? He is a magician?

Berserker slowly fell as his lifeless body turned to dust.

From within the dust, a tarot card floated out.

The others stared at the card with stunned looks.

What happened?

He died?

I thought he could resurrect himself?

The ladies had too many questions running around inside their minds.

Wu Yan shrugged before retrieving the card.

The tarot card had a raging warrior swinging his greatsword around drawn on it. Berserker was written in a golden font at the bottom.

Berserker Class Card: A card made with high-level magecraft. Can invoke the power of the Heroic Spirit within this card.

Include Limit Expand: With a magic dress as the medium and the card as the pass, the user may invoke the Noble Phantasm within this card for a limited duration

Hercules Noble Phantasm: Nine Lives: Shooting the Hundred Heads

Parallel Include: With a magic dress as the medium and the card as the pass, the users may create multiple Noble Phantasms and/or use it multiple times.

Hercules Noble Phantasm: Nine Lives: Shooting the Hundred Heads

Install Phantasm Summon: The user can invoke the powers of the Heroic Spirit and turn oneself into the Heroic Spirit of this card.

Berserker class card Heroic Spirit: Hercules

Noble Phantasm: Nine Lives: Shooting the Hundred Heads, the technique used to kill the immortal Hydra. It was originally designed to work with a bow and arrows. Hercules’ most trusted Noble Phantasm. This can be used with other weapons to unleash 9-powerful attacks at high speed. While equipped with the Axe-sword, the user gains access to the 9-combo attacks.

“Berserker card obtained.”

He chuckled.

“I will be taking this.”

The ladies finally asked the question on their minds.

“What just happened?”

Mikoto asked.

“You said Berserker needs to be killed 12 times, right? We only killed it 3 times or so, how did it die?”

The ladies waited for him to answer.


He replied.

“I just forced Berserker to use up all his extra lives.”

“You forced it to spend the lives?”

The ladies were even more confused than at the start.

“Berserker can revive a limited number of times.”

He explained.

I noticed that he would glow bright red during his resurrection state so I caught this timing and burned its revival counts.”

He extended a finger. Then, he conjured a tiny wisp of white flame.

Rin, Luvia, Illya, and Miyu exchanged puzzled looks.

He used the white flames on Berserker.

This white flame killed the raging behemoth of a warrior?

Mikoto and Hinagiku got the gist of it. This white flame’s mild temperature belied its truly fearsome ability.

They connected the dots.


Hinagiku said.

“So you endured a punch because you wanted to stick this in Berserker!”

“This flame can burn time.”

Mikoto crossed her arms.

“Berserker’s passive Noble Phantasm is his body. Killing him and then following up with these white flames while the Noble Phantasm is active means…”

“It would burn Berserker’s passive Noble Phantasm.”

He shrugged again.

“My white flames burned the times of revival in his Noble Phantasm. I figured since his revival count regenerated with time, the white flames should be able to burn it up. Once the flames burn his chances then he should die.”

“Burning time?”

Luvia shook her head in disbelief.

“A flame that could burn time itself? Is this even magecraft?”


Rin denied.

“Magecraft cannot reach this level. This is probably Magic.”

An easy differentiator between magecraft and Magic is that magecraft can be replicated through human means while Magic is miraculous or simply impossible to achieve unless through magic itself.

There are only a few known magicians and the Magic they can use are powerful.

There are five Magics in this world.

Rin and Luvia’s desired teacher, Kischur is the user of the Second Magic.

This man can perform Magic too.

Is he using one of the five Magics?

But, burning time would be which Magic?

Nobody can give them an answer.

Rin and Luvia also noticed another anomaly.

Wu Yan is still holding onto Excalibur.


Rin pointed at Excalibur.

“Why is the Noble Phantasm still with you?”

Limited Include has a limited duration. The Class card would eject itself once the time is up.


“I will explain in a short while.”

He waved his hand.

“The mirror world is collapsing. We can talk outside.”

The ladies nodded

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