Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1004: Longing, understanding, mood, and feelings

It's night and the sky's as dark as it can get...

The pale moonlight felt like a thin sash the earth wore and it dyed everything in a beautiful luster. Silver stars dotted the sky, blinking high up in the sky intermittently, it looked like the stars changed position each time one lit up or dimmed down.

There are no clouds in the sky so everybody can get an unobstructed view of the sky if they look up. The moon and the star also gave the Giant Beast Forest a gentle glow, including the tents of the forward operating base stationed here. Incidentally, the astral light also lit up a lake that's just the right size.

The Lake is situated at a rather remote corner of the base. There are tall walls sealing off three of the four cardinal directions. There's only a tiny path leading to this place from a series of tents nearby. The tents are the residences of the sisters and Wu Yan & co.

This lake is known to many soldiers in the base. It's not huge but the lake had crystal clear water. With tall hills blocking off most of the lake from view and only a single path of entry, it's a perfect place for females to take a bath without prying eyes.

But, this path is linked to the region where Wu Yan & co stayed with the sisters. It's impossible to make it past them without alerting anyone. Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the other girls naturally treasured the very private bath.

Alas, they were staying in the forward operating base so they can't monopolize the lake. Instead, Shokuhou Misaki bought rights to the lake with a portion of the loot they got from hunting in the Giant Beast Forest.

Granted, a certain lewd wolf still had access to this lake. Too bad for him, his harem read his mind and made a tacit agreement to get everybody out of the bath when Wu Yan's about to use the lake. He didn't even get to bath a single Sister. This enraged that wolf and he almost drummed his chest in outrage.

It's deep in the night so there's usually nobody here taking a bath. But, there's a single soul here.

Her flapping wings were like a melody. She flew onto the lake's surface and she dipped her toes into the water, her pink wings slowly lowered her into the water.

The moonlight hit her at just the right angle, accentuating her voluptuous figure. The light coming from her pink wings also illuminated the woman's sad but beautiful mien. Her eyes were like gems that would make others covet her.

If the soldiers saw this scene then they would be hopelessly ensnared by this beauty who fell from heaven. Her heart already belonged to someone so any suitor would be doomed to a life of mystery.

Ikaros is this angelic beauty...

Ikaros looked at the lake with her sad eyes. Her pitiful look can rend souls. She shrunk her wings down to the size of a palm. Without examining her closely, it's hard to notice her wings.

When she stored her wings away, Ikaros cupped the lake water and she poured it back into the lake. It was a scene that someone can draw and turn into a masterpiece. She stood up and she started removing her clothes.

Soon, all her curves, wings, and smooth skin can be seen. Any one of her divine features would be enough to turn an average girl into a killer beauty. With all her perfect features, she is someone who can easily make nations go to war for her.

Fortunately, she had all the features a girl could wish for and she had a stunning face to finish it off.

Even if she didn't have her wings, no one would doubt her angelic origin.

The grass growing around the lake covered her nosebleed-inducing birthday suit. Even if there are people standing in the only access path, the tall grass would still provide enough cover for the girls to shower without worries.

Ikaros stepped further into the lake, she created ripples that reached the center of the lake.

The lake isn't particularly deep. The deepest area of the lake only reached Ikaros' shoulder. Since Ikaros' wings absorbed water, she would sink if the depth of the lake is taller than her.

She rubbed her shoulder, collar bone, and her bountiful mountains.  Ikaros continued washing herself down. It seemed like she's taking a bath seriously. However, her eyes were not focused.

As for why she's not focused, that's because she's longing for someone.

Ikaros is usually very attentive, if she's out of it for any reason, then she's probably missing her master.

Ikaros isn't very good at expressing her emotions.

As an Angeloid with advanced computational and combat powers, Ikaros' emotional quotient is near zero. The romance between males and females eluded her. She didn't know what getting her cucumber patch plowed meant. She also lacked commonsense. The other girls slowly filled her in the necessary areas of her life. Even so, she still has much to learn.

Astrea lacks computational powers and she's cute in a silly way. Ikaros who lacked emotions is just pitiful.

It's also why when she feels something, that emotion will stay with her for an eternity.

Wu Yan is lucky. While Ikaros is still learning about emotions, he earned her lasting affection.

Although Wu Yan's in Strike the blood for 2 months which is just a little bit over half a day in Silvaria, this time apart felt forever to Ikaros.

Even a second away from her master made her miss him.

Thinking about a certain someone, Ikaros continued dowsing herself with water. She mumbled master while guessing when Wu Yan might come back.

Suddenly, a series of light footsteps could be heard in the only path leading to the lake.

The guy was light on his feet. A normal person wouldn't hear this until the guest is three meters away. However, Ikaros picked up the footsteps while the guest is still more than 20 meters away.

She came back to reality and she looked at the entrance with her scanner ready. She raised her guard.

Ikaros hadn't learned the concept of purity. Although she only mingled with Wu Yan & co, she showed no restraints around the other girls, she's only bashful around her master.

However, she knows her master cherishes Ikaros and her body.

That's why Ikaros had a thought engraved into her mind.

Her body belonged to her master.

Ikaros raised her guard and her wings started flapping. If the guest isn't a female or someone she knows, she is going to leave at the fastest speed she can muster.

However, her plans turned into a puff of smoke when the owner of the footsteps showed himself.

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