Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1005: The girl who needs all the affection in the world

When their gazes met, the two beholders had different looks.

Her green eyes were flashing with joy, longing, and other positive emotional ripples. She couldn't hide her happiness.

Meanwhile, the owner of the deep red eyes was stunned.

She lost her ponytail and her long hair cascaded down her back. Her skin's tinged in an attractive pink lush, maybe she's shy. The color went well with her white back.

Her green eyes finished her pink and white palette in a superb fashion.

Her porcelain white skin is particularly noteworthy.

Whether it be her exposed shoulders, her bombshell body hidden under the water or her marshmallow jugs, Wu Yan couldn't pull his gaze away from her.

This isn't the first time he got a close look at her jade body. Heck, he already dipped his banana in her fruit salad more than once. He's also very familiar with every nook and cranny of Ikaros' body. Still, his heart's racing out of control. A burning flame rose within his heart.


Ikaros is still enraptured by Wu Yan's figure. Her expression mellowed out when she saw her master.

Ikaros wanted to say a lot of things but her words got pressured by her intense emotions into a single diamond-like sentence...

"Welcome back..."

Wu Yan flinched before he greeted her too. He gave her a warm smile after condensing his thoughts too.

"I'm back, Ikaros..."


Ikaros isn't good at smiling. She's still very happy that Wu Yan's back. She wanted to jump out of the water and tag behind Wu Yan like she usually did. Wherever he went, she will follow.

Obviously, she knew about her current position in the water but she forgot she's not wearing anything.


Ikaros revealed her upper torso and Wu Yan's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. He yelled at her.

"Wait! Ikaros!"

Wu Yan held onto his nose and he tried to stop Ikaros from reaching the lakeshore.

Wu Yan isn't a gentleman, he's not a saint too. He's just worried Ikaros' action might cause him to immediately ground and pound her.

Ikaros won't turn Wu Yan's love-filled ground and pound. However, if they reached that part, he's afraid he might forget his original purpose of coming here.

Firstly, he wanted to see her because he's been away from her for about two months. Second, there are things he wanted to talk to her privately.

Now, it's going to be a mystery to all but Wu Yan why he chose Ikaros' bath time to come see her.

He averted his eyes away from Ikaros' hooters. He bitterly chuckled.

"Don't come on shore yet, you still aren't clothed..."

Ikaros finally noticed her state, she blushed and her eyes were wavering with shame.

This is the emotional side she only showed Wu Yan.

She buried herself back into the lake and she furtively glanced at Wu Yan. Wu Yan didn't go away so she sighed in relief. She felt slightly disappointed although she's not sure why.

Wu Yan silently cursed himself after Ikaros settled herself.

Why is he holding his nose? He's not the dunce known as Kojou.

He shook his head. Then, he turned towards Ikaros while scratching his cheek.

"I am sorry, Ikaros..."

Ikaros flinched.

Wu Yan shrugged and he chortled.

"I am sorry for making you worried every time I head out, Ikaros..."

Ikaros understood why Wu Yan apologized to her. She lowered her head and she shook her head. She wanted to say something but she's not sure what to say.

Expressing herself is her weakness.

He read her mind and he giggled.

"Well, Ikaros, just take the apology."

Ikaros felt uneasy, she asked him.

"Is that an order?"

"What the... order?..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"I never ordered you to do anything. Just follow your heart and do what you want."

"My heart..."

Ikaros tilted her head. She is very puzzled.

"Will master be happy if I do that?"

Wu Yan froze up for a second and he sighed.

"Ikaros, I want to make you happy. Don't go out of your way to make me happy, okay?"

Ikaros thought about it and she said something that shook Wu Yan down to his core.

"I... don't really understand. But, if master's happy then Ikaros' happy..."

Ikaros logic was like that of a child, simple and from the heart. Wu Yan can feel her feelings for him and he was almost moved to tears.


He inhaled deeply and he exhaled to calm himself down. He showered her in affection and love after taking another look at her beautiful eyes.

"I guess I am the same too!"

Wu Yan beamed at Ikaros.

"As long as Ikaros' happy then I'm happy too!"

"Now, Ikaros, tell me, what is it going to take to give you joy right now?"


Ikaros pressed her hand against her chest. It's like she's trying to stop her heart from jumping out of place.

Going by Wu Yan's teaching, she searched her memories for those that were tagged with happiness. After arriving at her own conclusion, she voiced her earnest thoughts out loud.

"I... want to keep following master..."

Ikaros' eyes lit up. The windows of her soul lit up brighter than the moon and the stars hanging over them.

"Following master makes Ikaros happy..."

"Seriously, you..."

Wu Yan fell speechless.

He wasn't sure if she's doing this on purpose. Her every word touched Wu Yan's heart. He had to keep himself under control or his heart might just skip a bit.

But, he knows one thing: He is going to treat her right or heavenly lightning is the least of his worries.

He firmed himself up and he smiled at her again.


Wu Yan waved at her.

"Come here..."


Ikaros became coy for a moment. She's embarrassed but she did as Wu Yan said. She slowly walked out from the lake.

In Wu Yan's vision, everything else disappeared. The lake, the grass, the mountains, the sky, and even the ground. He can only see this beautiful lady who tried to hide her bountiful jugs and secret garden with her arms.

He wrapped his arms around her slender and smooth waist. He warmly but firmly took her into his embrace. Then, he straddled her on himself.

"I am never going to leave your side again..."

Then, Ikaros felt Wu Yan's member plunging into her crumpet...

Moans echoed into the sky...

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