Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1006: Be a little bit more aware of what's going on inside you, okay?

When Wu Yan opened his eyes again, he only saw the blue sky hanging above. It's no longer night that's for sure.

The chirping of birds and the whistling wind entered his ears. Wu Yan slowly stirred into consciousness from within his muddy mind. It would appear he spent the night sleeping in the tall grass near the lake's shore.

He averted his gaze from the sky and he looked at the lake. There were ripples on the lake's surface. Wu Yan can hear the water splashing onto the shore, that's how close they were to the lake.

Wu Yan rubbed his eyes. He sighed in amusement.

He didn't think he would spend the night sleeping outdoors. If he wasn't a True Ancestor, he might have caught himself a cold by now, right?

Furthermore, he's buck-naked.

Wu Yan slapped his temples and he wanted to stand up when he felt something weighing him down from the chest down.

She's light but he can feel her weight, he grinned when he recalled his situation.

He looked down at the female sleeping on his chest. Her pink hair and her exquisite face entered his field of vision. The rosy tinge on her cheeks made her a breath-taking beauty.

Maybe it's because they slept outside, she had morning dews dotting her hair, there were also droplets of water that flowed seamlessly down her neck and smooth back. Some of it seeped into the ground while some stayed on her perfect body.

Faint rays of light struck her pitiful but mesmerizing face and that highlighted her expression in Wu Yan's view. There's a pair of palm-sized wings behind her back. The wings fluttered along with the wing-like hair accessories she wore. She looked like a kitten that's taking a sweet nap, super cute.

To Ikaros, Wu Yan isn't just any person, he's the one she loved the most. He couldn't help but feel his love increase for this angelic girl. He caressed her delicate mien and he rubbed her nose.

"Seriously, aren't you afraid you're going to make sinners out of saints?"

When Wu Yan joked about that, Ikaros just wrinkled her nose. She mumbled in an inaudible tone, it appears she just called her master's name in her sleep.

Even in her dreams, she never forgot about her master. Wu Yan chortled when he spotted her verbal tic.

"I thought Angeloids didn't need to sleep, do they even dream?"

Wu Yan said this knowing full well that Ikaros only falls asleep after he slammed her salad sandwich with his hotdog. Aside from intense pounding, he can't remember seeing Ikaros sleep ever. Astrea's also the same, however, her sleeping behavior is only sparked by another act.

After she's stuffed herself with food.

Thinking about Ikaros and Astrea has got Wu Yan thinking about how he should pour more love on the two angels.

Specifically, he needs to start treating the girls in his harem better. They all deserved love and attention from him.

While thinking about that, the girls in his harem started appearing in Wu Yan's mind one by one. Wu Yan felt even more of that fuzzy sweet feeling known as love brewing for the girls.

At this time...

"Now, I didn't expect this great surprise when I woke up, should I say this is within expectation or should I revise my perception of you?"

Natsuki's tender voice rang in Wu Yan's mind.

"Of course, you are not getting good assessments either way."

Wu Yan flinched when he heard her voice. He looked around as he searched his muddled mind for the owner of that voice. Wu Yan's eyes lit up and he greeted her in a joyful tone.

"Natsuki, is that you?!"

"Oh? You still remember me?!"

It's Natsuki who transformed into Wu Yan's familiar. Natsuki didn't wake up on Wu Yan's command. Since she lived in Wu Yan's body, she must have seen what Wu Yan did, including what Ikaros looks like through shared vision with Wu Yan. Worse yet, she might have witnessed what Wu Yan unleashed upon Ikaros yesterday night.

Wu Yan's smile froze up when he considered this point.

Natsuki read Wu Yan's mind, she huffed.

"This woman, I bet she's one of your lovers just like the other girls I saw yesterday, right?"

Wu Yan is too naïve. It appears Natsuki had seen more than just the aggressive cuddling between Wu Yan and Ikaros. She saw Mikoto and the others when they were back in the tent.


Wu Yan gulped. He carefully probed her.

"Weren't you asleep yesterday?"


Natsuki gave him a puzzled tone.

"Don't tell me you don't know familiars are connected to the host's consciousness?!"


Wu Yan almost jumped in shock.

The host and his familiars can share consciousness?

That means he's an open book to his familiars?!

Natsuki started giggling like a cheeky brat.

"Oh, jeez, you really didn't know. I guess I understand where you come from, familiars might have access but they don't usually connect with their hosts. I guess the three of us are the only ones who bothered with this connection. Wait, with Avrora included, that would be four of us..."

"Wait, hold up!"

Wu Yan stopped her there.

"You're telling me that you aren't the only one who saw what I did with Ikaros? Nagisa, Kanon, and Avrora also saw that?"

Wu Yan hoped to God that he was wrong. Natsuki answered him albeit ambiguously.

"What do you think?"

Wu Yan already knew the answer.


Wu Yan moaned in pain. He sagged down after losing his strength.

"What are they doing now? Why aren't they saying anything?"

"They went back to sleep!"

Natsuki replied.

"They woke up at the same time as me. They were lucky enough to witness what you did last night. They also connected with your consciousness so they know about your relationships with the girls we saw yesterday. Long story short, one of them was too embarrassed to keep watching so she slept while the other is so mad with you she decided to sleep it off..."

Wu Yan's heart shook with every word Natsuki uttered. When she's finished, his heart's about finished too. He forced a smile onto his trembling face.

"What about you? What are your plans?"


Natsuki chortled in a frosty voice.

"I don't like indulging in voyeurism but I thought it'd be rude to bother you. Be a little bit more aware of what's going on inside you!"


Wu Yan gave up trying to see if she's mad. He bitterly laughed.

"Alright, are you going to come out and greet everybody?"

"No need."

Natsuki said.

"I don't have any plans to meet or speak with your lovers for now. Nagisa and Kanon also share the same sentiment with me."

Natsuki's voice disappeared. She didn't say anything after that. Wu Yan also confirmed Natsuki went back to sleep so he relaxed his furrowed brows.

"I've got to keep an eye on what's happening inside me..."

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