Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1010: Blowing the money

The Giant Beast Forest, forward operating base...

It has been about 10 days since Wu Yan returned from [Strike the Blood].

The base's been relatively peaceful these days. Nobody died, there's no betrayal from the top brass, nobody got whacked, nobody turned into an abomination, everybody got good sleep and all is well.

The base is experiencing peace after a storm. There are small scuffles here and there but nothing major happened. This period of tranquility is like a blessing for Pelosi, he can finally catch his breath.

Although nothing major happened to Wu Yan & co, the base did experience a notable change.

A change in management.

Pelosi is very capable and he managed the base rather well albeit he is very tired by the tasks involved. However, he's a Lori clansman and that isn't good considering this base's technically the Ailu empire's base.

Lori would have liked for this to continue, the Ladin and Cyto families didn't like it of course...

The Ailu empire finally passed another royal order. They chose a candidate from the Ladin and Cyto family, adding them to the base's management roster.

It's natural for the imperial family to pick one candidate from each of the three largest noble families.

The other lieutenants expected this but they are not happy with this order.

They spent time and money lobbying for a candidate they put forward to take the seats. However, that failed.  Flattery failed just like money and even assassination failed.

Smaller noble families made an official protest, they said the imperial family was biased against them by siding with the major noble families. They looked like jesters when they raised this issue.

The major noble families are there for a reason. They had power and clout that far exceeded the smaller noble families. Their deeds and achievements were recognized by the imperial family. Kings sent their trusted knights to finish herculean tasks, the same can be said when the imperial family wanted a major project done.

The imperial family shut them up simply: Take over or topple any one of the major noble families and you will get your candidate picked...

That was enough to put the minor nobles in their places.

Is the imperial family high? They can try to secure captain seats but taking on the major noble families head-on is just suicidal.

If the unchosen candidates are stressed out then they would surely be surprised by the chosen candidates' troubled positions.

The chosen candidates this time weren't strangers to Wu Yan & co.

It's Bing Ling and Bishi.

Peak tier 8 cultivators don't grow on trees. The major factions had at most two to three peak tier 8 individuals in their clans. If the peak tier 8 individuals aren't leaders then they are probably advisors holding second-in-command positions.

Sending the patriarch isn't a viable choice, who would run the clan?

This is also why second-in-charge are sent to this base.

Alas, Marcus from the Cyto clan betrayed the camp and turned himself into a monster. Andrew also pissed Wu Yan off and got himself killed. Where are they going to find another peak tier 8 to replace them?

Now, why don't they send high-level tier 8 instead of peak tier 8 cultivators?

They have that manpower available, however, they are not trained or capable to run the base.

The major noble families also had to make sure they don't disgrace themselves by sending inept individuals to handle this important task.

That left them with the frustrating choice of sending their direct successors.

Barring accidents, Bing Ling and Bishi were on track to take over the Patriarch's role in the future. They had the status and they are powerful enough too. Give these successors a few high-level guards and they are good to go.

But, the two direct successors are only peak tier, it's still too weak when it came to Silvaria's endgame. The Cyto and Ladin Family took out their treasures to quickly increase Bing Ling and Bishi's power to tier 8.

Tier 8 genius cultivators younger than 25 years old, they are also future patriarchs. With this, they are worthy of taking on the base's captain role.

Wu Yan whacked the second-in-command and his replacement so the Cyto family had a score to settle with him. They tried to make a huge fuss and they marched over to Wu Yan's tent area.

In less than 10 minutes, they were all wrecked by the girls who were livid with the uninvited guest.

Ikaros also kicked them out.

After the last loving incident between Wu Yan and his harem, he rediscovered his affectionate side. He showed the girls tremendous care and love. He basically pampered them so much they were awkward around him, they were afraid they might get used to his caring and gentle side.

With the girls pampered, they can finally enjoy proper dates minus the pants-off-dance-off. Then, these jerks came along and ruined the party for the girls by destroying Wu Yan's radiant smile with their ugly mugs. The girls are not having any of this.

Even Ikaros was enraged, the other girls were also very hostile when they kicked the jerks out. It's their own fault for biting off more than they can chew, they had it coming...

The soldiers in the base paid Wu Yan & co more respect and awed deference. At this rate, they won't be surprised if the prince came and they kicked his butt too. They are just invincible to political affairs. It's like the soldiers lived with tigers that can pounce on them at any time.

Nobody wanted to ruffle their feathers.

The soldiers made sure to stay out of Wu Yan & co's way. It's also the reason why the soldiers didn't notice the sisters stayed unusually long in the Giant Beast Forest. Sometimes, they didn't even return at all.

Everybody had their own troubles to deal with, the new captains, the unchosen candidates, the girls, even Wu Yan had his own problem...


He looked at the System interface only visible to him and his summoned girls. He sighed in dejection.

To build a base that can house 20,000 sisters and keep them safe, Wu Yan took out his savings.

He bought the items needed and he gave them to to the sisters. They got to work building the base. It should take them about a month to build a base that can house 30,000 people easily.

Wu Yan used up most of his Equipment Points, Item Points, and even Ability Points...

This happened despite the sisters hunting hard in the forest to supplement his income. If the sisters didn't do this, Wu Yan would have run out of points a while ago.

Wu Yan pursed his lip after looking at his depleted point reserves.

"Should I sell the stuff in the Ring of Wealth?"

Wu Yan mumbled to himself when he saw the type of points he never used in the base project.

Summoning points!

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