Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1017: Silvaria's demigods assemble

In the air, the white robe, the grey robe, the black robe, and the elegant middle-aged lady were surprised to see each other there.

"I didn't think you guys would make an appearance..."

The elder in the white robe is the first one to express his surprise.

He looked at the old man in black robes and his shock deepened.

"I somewhat expected the others. Mu La, I didn't think you would come as well. You didn't leave your crystal shop for a good decade or so if I remember correctly..."

The black-robed guy snorted, he started grumbling.

"What? Got something to say about me coming here, Markelnob?!"

If Wu Yan was here, he would have to pick up his jaw from the ground.

This black robe old man is the same one selling magic crystals in the commercial district of the Silvaria World Institute. The very same shopkeeper who can't provide a good service to Wu Yan when he is browsing his items.

The other three demigods weren't surprised with his brass attitude. This isn't the first time they dealt with this guy.

"I am just surprised..."

Markelnob glanced at the old man.

"I thought you said you weren't going to leave Silvaria World Institute until you achieve the peak of demigod?"

Mula curled his lips.

"Yeah, and you said you're not going to come out of your stuffy Baruba empire treasury unless you have trained your Beast Battle Skills to a level that can chop me and the Silvaria World Institute in half?"


Markelnob looked slightly angry.

"You started it, I wouldn't have said so under different circumstances, wasn't it?!"

"I don't like how you jerks in Baruba empire think you're hot stuff and discriminate against women."

Mu La spat in disgust.

"You lot disgust me!"

"You little..."

"That's enough."

When it looked like Mula and Markelnob are going to duke it out, the elegant middle-aged woman interrupted them.

"Stop this bickering. We all came here for the same reason, are you going to let petty feud get in the way of our common objective?"

Mu La and Markelnob snorted once and they looked away. It seems these two aren't on good terms with one another.

"Linya, you got the news too?"

Markelnob turned his attention towards the middle-aged woman.

"I thought it was just me. Since even Mu La left Silvaria World Institute, it's only reasonable that you departed the Feya treasury when you got the news..."

"We are in the same boat then..."

Linya chuckled. She looked at the old man in a grey robe.

"Jarl, that's not very nice, you kept this from us..."

The grey-robed old man is the protector god of the Ailu empire, Jarl.

The other three demigods can be categorized based on what they said.

Markelnob belongs to the Baruba empire, he is the protector god over there.

Linya is the protector god of the Feya empire.

As for Mula, he isn't a protector god but he's one of only five demigods that grew up in Silvaria.

All five demigods are here.

Mula, Linya, and Markelnob looked at Jarl who said nothing. He felt their gazes and he bitterly laughed.

"Look, I didn't keep mum with malicious intent. This whole deal is just too outrageous, who would go around spouting something they themselves have yet to confirm?"

Jarl's eyes glimmered when the other demigods thought about his words.

"A thing that can increase your cultivation tier but in exchange, you will turn into a monster..."

The four demigods came together after hundreds of years apart from each other. It seems they came for the same reason.

Those black lights.

Bing Mian is the ultimate culprit behind this rare assembly.

After the black light abandoned Bing Mian, he returned to his original form. Wu Yan didn't kill the guy because Bing Ling begged him to allow the clan to deal with Bing Mian.

After the black light rampaged in his body, Bing Mian is now utterly a cripple who can't walk. Wu Yan isn't a fan of ending a handicapped person.

The Cyto clan eventually discovered the reason behind Marcus and Bing Mian's transmogrification. They also found out about the black light's ability to increase one's cultivation tier.

The Cyto clan patriarch presented his findings at the Board meeting. It reached the ears of Jarl and the other demigods through the Board meeting.

The demigods were tempted by the effect of the black lights. No, not the transmogrification part. They were intrigued by the lights that can increase someone's power tier.

For normal cultivators, this is nice. For demigods, this is heaven-sent.

If they can increase their tier, what realm would they be in?

God tier.

All the demigods want to achieve this long-lost level.

Lured in by the possibility of reaching God tier, the demigods ignored the side-effect of the black light. They are of the opinion that they can mitigate the black light's effect at their level.

As for whether or not they can get rid of the negative effects, they decided it was better to test the water than sit at home.

This is the reason why the demigods are here.

These demigods are powerful. It's unknown how they tracked the black lights to its source in the Giant Beast Forest. They came here one after the other and they converged on this location after sensing Yukari's power of Boundaries and her four-fold barriers.

Now, they are all here...

The demigods of the empires looked down only to see Yukari staring at the silver-haired young lady. They gasped in shock.


"Cecilia? Even she's here?"

"I am not surprised..."

Jarl shook his head. He sighed.

"I mean, we are here. Cecilia must be here because she heard about the black light's power to increase someone's cultivation tier. That power is just too tempting especially for people like us..."

Markelnob nodded.

"All five demigods in Silvaria are here... Interesting..."

Jarl and Linya had serious looks.

They just came here because they wanted to obtain a specimen, they didn't come here to fight.

If all the demigods fought then the consequences will be dire.

They don't just represent themselves, they represent entire empires.

If they dragged their empires into a brawl, Silvaria will enter a warring period.

Mu La is independent so he has nothing to fear. He glanced at Cecilia and he looked at Yukari.

"Was that power from her?"


Jarl, Linya, and Markelnob exchanged confused looks.

"She's a demigod too?"

It's understandable for the demigods to be confused. As far as they can verify, there were only ever 5 demigods in this world. A sixth demigod would raise eyebrows for sure.

Then, they recalled something.

"She's the one who defeated the Beast King demigod?!"

"Yeah, I heard about it too. Apparently, the newly-minted Beast King got seriously injured by a new demigod."

"What was her name again?"

"If I remember correctly, it's Yakumo Yukari!"

The four demigods were busy discussing among themselves. They weren't alert around a demigod they assumed to be too young to note.

Alas, Yukari isn't a new demigod.

Her level is average among the demigods here. However, her true power, the ability to manipulate boundaries make her a very terrifying foe to meet in a fight.

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