Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1025: Troubled Ikaros and unlucky Hinagiku

Wu Yan & co were stunned by Lana who turned into a fangirl while holding Ikaros' hand.

Ikaros is also not sure how to respond. She wasn't sure what happened, she's still trying to determine what led to this. Her beautiful face is filled with confusion. She looked at Lana who is holding her hands, quietly asking Lana what's wrong with her puzzled look.

Lana squealed like she just got electrocuted by something. Even if she's wearing a mask, everybody can tell she just leaked out a moan.

Also, there's a suspicious line of liquid dribbling down where her chin should be.


"H-hey, sister..."

Lana lost her princess decorum, turning herself into a depraved being while giggling like a pervert.

"What's your name? Can you please tell Lana?"

Ikaros is still shocked but she answered her anyway.


"You're Ikaros?! Is that right?!"

Her eyes were brightly lit and even Ikaros' cool attitude couldn't handle her passion.

"That's a beautiful name. You're as beautiful as your name..."

Lana stuck closer to Ikaros, her mind's in a disarray of weird thoughts. She also didn't realize she's salivating, she also got dangerously close to Ikaros' face.

"Uuu... What to do?... I already have Sylph as the Onee-sama, if I pine after Ikaros, does that make me a floozy? This is troubling, what do I do?..."

Lana is oddly blissful despite her words, she inched closer to Ikaros. A second stream of saliva rolled down her mouth and her mask couldn't cover that as well.


Being close to a potential molester like Lana, Ikaros instinctively asked for help from Wu Yan. Meanwhile, Wu Yan already turned into a statue from the developments here.

He knew she's a Yuri girl but she turns out to be the same breed as Kuroko, a deviant.

At least Kuruko is only aiming for Mikoto. That girl can behave like a proper lady in front of girls other than Mikoto.

Lana, however, is worse than Kuroko, she swings for Sylph and other girls she fancied.

Lana is a true impure Yuri girl.

Lana rubbed her cheek against Ikaros' much to the victim's silent horror. The other girls also subconsciously backed away, including Flan, Yoshino, Astrea, and Tohka. Mikoto trembled in fear, she readied her lightning to guard against Lana.

She's probably reliving bad memories from sharing the same room with a certain pervert of the same gender.

Without a doubt, if Lana tried to glomp Mikoto she will get a full serving of love's whipping...


Mikoto threw a sharp leer in Wu Yan's direction.

"What's the deal with that woman?!"


He awkwardly laughed.

"It's exactly as you can see here, I didn't touch her nor do I have any intentions of doing so..."

"I don't care about that!"

Hinagiku said even though she almost went Alter on Wu Yan's butt. She glanced at Lana who is still rubbing up against Ikaros and she raised her pitch.

"Don't you feel like you should be helping Ikaros?!"

The other girls also shifted the responsibility to Wu Yan, making him the bad cop in this situation.

"If I can control that brat then I wouldn't have to resort to bondage!"

Wu Yan thought of something and he looked at Mikoto.

"Mikoto, you're up!"

"Why me?!"

Mikoto protested.

"You have experience dealing with this kind of situation!"

"Nuh-uh! I don't need that kind of experience!"

"Aiya, no need to be modest here. You should be happy you can help Ikaros..."

"Y-you have a point but I honestly do not want to get anywhere near that girl!"

"You're the only one who can save her, your sacri- just go pull her away and Ikaros will be free!"

"Hold on, you were about to say sacrifice, right? Tell me I am right!"

"... In any case, it's your time to shine!"

"Why am I the one who has to bite this bullet?! Also, what's with that suspicious pause at the start of your reply?!"

Ikaros is still in hot soup while Mikoto started bickering with Wu Yan. It felt like they might just start pounding each other after a hot passionate fight. The other girls looked at Ikaros who is troubled by Lana's poor distancing etiquette. The ladies weren't sure what to do...

The kindest and bravest lady among them stepped forward...

"Hey, you! You oughta..."

Hinagiku used her meanest look while approaching Lana with arms akimbo.

"Ikaros is very troubled, can you stop that please?!"

Lana turned around with displeasure, she stopped fondling Ikaros.

When she felt the overwhelming pressure coming from Hinagiku, her displeasure disappeared and she became enraptured once more.

Hinagiku had a bad feeling.

Indeed, she's right on the money.

"So cool... So handsome... she's great..."

Lana clasped her hands together and she approached Hinagiku with starry eyes.

"Hey sister, may I have your name?"

She saw Lana's ghoulish eyes and Hinagiku lost her composure. She slowly stepped back while sweating.

"I-I am Hinagiku..."


Hinagiku backed away while Lana got closer. Her eyes wavered between discretion and passion. Finally, her eyes were filled with desire.


Lana jumped towards Hinagiku after losing control.

"Lana can't stop herself anymore!"


Hinagiku couldn't react in time and Lana successfully pounced on her.


Lana started sniffing Hinagiku while straddling her.

"No... this fragrance... Lana is digging in!"

"Wh-what are you doing?!"

Hinagiku didn't take kindly to a lady like Lana straddling her, she blushed like mad.


Hinagiku wanted to protest when she suddenly mewled when Lana did something to her.

She playfully bit Hinagiku's ear.

"N-no... Ugh~"

"Uuu... this is awesome... Here... Here and here..."

"Wait, what are you doing?"



"Nooo~ Not there... Don't..."

Lana's passionate sigh and Hinagiku's moan echoed as a pink aura enveloped the area. The others were stunned in place, including the Misaka Sisters who were initially watching the show...

The girls gulped as cold sweat flowed down the sides of their heads while Hinagiku got fondled by Lana. Mikoto is the one in the worst grip of fear. Her back's wet with sweat.

"Luckily I didn't go there..."

The others exchanged a tacit glance and they backed away, maintaining a safe distance. Then, the comrades packed up and high-heeled out of there...

Yeap, they ran...


Wu Yan watched as his harem ran away while a Yuri show is going on in front of him. He thought for a short while and he decided to find a seat.

He sat down.

This is a nice event, why not enjoy himself?

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