Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1034: I can still use Pandora again

Astrea got a new set of skills after entering Pandora mode.

Astrea boasted the fastest speed and acceleration among the Angeloids. After Pandora's upgrade, her speed reached its peak. Her wings became photon wings powered by photons.

Her Photon Wings can make her wings grow more than a dozen meters long and give her a tremendous boost of speed. She reached light speed.

When she turned into a ray of light, she attained the speed of light.

She burst the dark mist apart with her immense speed and she rescued Ikaros before the dark mist can recover.

The dark mist couldn't perceive this extreme speed as evidenced by the black lights that are whipping at nothing. Some of the light wisps even deleted each other.

What a scary speed.


Astrea asked Ikaros.

"Are you okay?"

Ikaros is heaving from her exertion. Her self-recovery system should restore her stamina in a short while. Without her in-built recovery, she wouldn't have lasted that long in the dark mist.

Individually, the wisps of black lights posed little to no threat. However, in a swarm, they became very terrifying.

Quantity has a quality all its own, that is true when describing the black lights.

Ikaros relaxed and she got to her feet with Astrea's assistance. She looked at Astrea who is in her Pandora mode.

"You did it..."


Although she got a boost in power, Astrea's still the same deep down inside. She scratched the back of her head bashfully when Ikaros complimented her.

Indeed, her Pandora remained dormant because she didn't want to move forward.

The girls tried so hard to get her to upgrade herself when she was holding herself back?!

The other girls won't blame her for this but Astrea still felt embarrassed when she thought about this. Ikaros also felt the same way. So, Astrea changed the topic.

"Erm, Ikaros-senpai, what do we do now?"

Ikaros returned to her Uranus Mode and she looked at the dark mist and dark qi with a frosty look in her eyes.

"The analysis of the unknown material isn't finished, we should continue the research..."

Ikaros slightly lowered her head.

"But, Master's order comes first..."

Astrea nodded.

Wu Yan kept telling them to maintain utmost discretion. Anything weird should be reported as soon as possible.

Wu Yan is aware that Ikaros and Astrea are strong enough to take care of themselves. However, there is always the chance that something might go wrong.

This is why he insisted on prudence and safety first.

It turns out Wu Yan's hunch was on point. Ikaros almost fell into a dangerous situation because of this investigation.

Astrea woke up her Pandora mode in time to stop the black lights from pummeling Ikaros to death, possibly maiming her if she does escape.

Astrea is livid with the dark mist and black lights, she wanted to erase them but she prioritized Ikaros' decision to report back to Wu Yan.

Granted, the need is moot now...

"It's okay, I saw..."

Ikaros and Astrea felt a familiar aura behind them and they turned around in joy.

Wu Yan greeted them with a warm smile. He is looking at them with a helpless look.

"You girls should have done so in the first place, why didn't you come back to me? Would have spared you the trouble, no?"


Ikaros lowered her head apologetically. She behaved like a kid who did something wrong. Meanwhile, Astrea gasped.

"Master! Why are you here?!"

"Why I am here?"

Wu Yan knocked both Astrea and Ikaros on their heads.

"Why else if not for you two?"

The two ladies held their heads in pain. Astrea started protesting by puffing her cheeks. However, curiosity overtook her.

"For us?"

Wu Yan looked at the cliff in front and he saw the rumbling dark mist along with the accompanying mass of dark lights.

"I already set a telepathic spell that will notify me the moment you guys are in danger. I sensed Ikaros' spell acting up so I used teleportation to get here as soon as I can."

Wu Yan smiled when he saw Astrea's goddess of war look.

"I didn't think you would surprise me with something like this..."


Astrea floated a question mark.

"What surprise?"


Wu Yan's lip twitched.

"Pandora apparently didn't upgrade your brain..."


Ikaros went to Wu Yan's side. She asked him after getting into her usual position behind Wu Yan.

"What is our next action?"

Wu Yan glanced at the tall cliff one more time.

"I don't know what's going on with that cliff. However, it looks like the black lights came from over there..."

He said with a cold look.

"In that case, let's just destroy the whole thing!"

"Destroy it?!"

Astrea flinched.

Ikaros also wavered.

"Don't we need to investigate it?"

"Yukari is investigating the black lights. Moreover, she has all the samples she needs. As for the source of the black lights, it's important but let us not forget why we are here, we want to keep the sisters safe from harm, the source of the black lights is a secondary objective."

"This might be the source so destroying it technically counts as fulfilling our objectives anyway..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Moreover, I don't see any entrance into that place? Diving right in sounds like a great idea to get possessed too..."

Wu Yan looked down at the cliff that is wrapped in dark qi. He sighed.

"We won't find anything if we stand here but we can't bust the door down and charge in. I believe destroying it outright would be the best course of action. If we eliminate all these black lights then the danger they pose to the sisters can be minimized..."

Ikaros and Astrea exchanged a look. They agreed with their master's idea.


Ikaros flew in front of Wu Yan.

"You want to try your hand at it? Ikaros?"

Wu Yan is a bit surprised but he didn't turn her down.

"Okay, go ahead, these black lights are very durable so go all out, don't hold back!"

"Yes, master!"

"I will help too!"

Astrea stood side-by-side with Ikaros. She's serious about this.

"I think I can activate my Pandora mode again, let me help!"

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