Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1038: Countered, the best girl for the job

If there was another observer here then they would see a horrific scene.

Droplets of rain that's pitch-black in color fell from the sky, the storm was focused on a particular spot on the ground. That spot had a crystalline barrier blocking the rain droplets.

Tang tang tang tang tang

It sounded like someone's banging loudly on the bell of a clocktower. The rain droplets hit the barrier in a futile manner, only causing ripples on the barrier before they returned to the sky. Then, the next wave of dark rain would come pouring down on the barrier, this kept on for multiple rounds...

The weird sounds echoed throughout the forest. The demonic beasts who were in the area quickly ran away.

Wu Yan, Ikaros, and Astrea watched the endless rain from within the barrier.

The dark mist, black lights, and now, the black rain is nothing to the trio although they might be horrendous for other cultivators to deal with.

The problem lies with the sheer volume of the rain pouring down on them.

If they can just reduce the quantity then they can start fighting back.

Wu Yan, Astrea, and even Ikaros reckoned this is the first time they fought something so annoying. Fighting foes their levels or even stronger enemies definitely sounds better than fighting the dark lights that were weaker in power but had incredible resilience and apparent patience to keep coming at them without rest.

There is no end to a battle where both parties can't end each other.

At this rate, the trio would lose this battle of attrition first.

The dark mist and black lights didn't look like they are tiring themselves out either so the mortals with flesh will probably lose in the end.

They have to get rid of the dark mist and black lights as soon as possible. They won't die but running away is the only choice they can pick.

It's a bitter choice to make too.

Wu Yan bitterly laughed. He turned towards Ikaros.

"Ikaros, you still good?"


Ikaros nodded.

"The attacks aren't particularly strong. The risk of barrier breach is minimal. However, if this continues..."

"I know."

Wu Yan sighed.

"We can't drag this out or we can only run away."

"Then what are we going to do?"

Astrea looked at the greatsword in her hands.

"My blade can't deal with so many wisps of light running around..."

"Me too..."

Ikaros looked at Wu Yan.

"Artemis might work but I have observed that my missiles do little to no damage against these unknown objects. It's highly likely the enemy will regroup and retaliate with another attack formation. Continuous missile deployment is not recommended."

"In other words..."

Wu Yan mused out loud as he watched the dark rain.

"Unless we can extinguish these annoying black lights we can only run in the end?!"

Ikaros nodded. Astrea also knew they were in a sticky situation. She's not good at team fights so her utility is limited at this point.

She went through two Pandora evolutions and she still couldn't make any useful contributions. Astrea felt a bit bad about this situation.

"It's okay, don't mind it too much..."

Wu Yan patted her on the back, brushing her blonde ponytails in the process.

"Play to your strengths, team fights are not for you but no one's questioning your other combat abilities. I know if we are fighting one enemy then you can end the sucker in minutes!"

"I-is that true?"

Astrea nodded and she started giggling.

"Yeah! I am awesome!"

Wu Yan rubbed her head when she recovered her morale. He looked up at the sky while narrowing his eyes.

"Getting rid of them..."

He looked at his hand and he touched his chest. He mumbled in a frustrated tone.

"It seems like you're the only one who can clean up these annoying things..."

"Please help me, Kanon..."

His voice sounded like it pierced through the fabric of space and time. His summon entered his body and...

Wu Yan can feel a consciousness within him responding to his call for help.

He grinned as his eyes flashed golden. Then, he started emitting a gargantuan amount of mana.

His arm turned dark as magical veins ran down from his arm to his hand. Then, red mist floated up from his magical veins. The magic vapor went beyond Ikaros' Aegis as it rose into the sky.

Wu Yan raised his demonic arm.

"Come forth! Divine Angel!"

Thus, the third pillar of light today emerged.

Unlike the previous two pillars of light, this one is golden in color. It didn't come with an overbearing shockwave of energies. No, it came into being with a warm light that reminded one of the soft glow of a winter's sun. It warmed anyone who basked in it.

When the light touched the black droplets, they instantly vaporized while sizzling like flames dowsed by water.

The trio saw this and the golden light started brightening up...


The red mist twisted as a figure slowly emerged.

Under the golden light's brilliance, the red mist turned golden too. When the whole thing became golden, a jet of air spread outwards as the figure finally manifested itself in this reality.

The figure that came from the red mist had three pairs of unsullied white wings. She had a halo and her eyes were closed. She also had striking silver hair.

Ikaros and Astrea flinched when they saw the figure. They didn't think Wu Yan would summon a girl.

And, she's super pretty!

There is a holy aura around Kanon that seemed like it's trying to isolate the mortal plane from touch the angel's divine vessel. She had the air of a divine soul.

This divinity is similar to Ikaros'!

Ikaros' purity is something only humans can feel. However, Kanon's holy aura can be felt even by the dark mist and black lights here.

The black lights sensed immense danger from this holy aura.

The black lights, rain droplets, and dark mist all stopped still. They shook as if they were trembling in terror. In an instant, they stopped all forms of attack.

Perhaps Kanon sensed the twisted things around her, she opened her eyes and she revealed her turquoise blue eyes. She saw all she needed to see and she made her move.

She spread her arms wide as the golden light around her grew in intensity. Her radiance lit up the entire place, enveloping the dark mist and the dark lights.

Sizzle sizzle

The trio watched as she purified the dark mist, dark lights, and black rain droplets floating in the air. She slowly purged them from reality.

The sizzling noise continued for a while...

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