Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1065: A meeting, the invitation sent under the night sky...

Emperor Island city, under the Guardian Tree.

Under the enormous trunk that seemed like it stretched into the horizon is a platform made of pale-grey stone blocks. The platform is about a third as wide as the trunk of the Guardian Tree. The platform can easily support a crowd of one thousand. It's a wide platform...

Although the stone blocks composing the platform looked fragile, the platform is actually made from special minerals that are so strong even a tier 8 cultivator will find it hard to leave a mark on it.

This platform was designed as a sparring arena for the talented youngsters of the Guardian Clan. This sparring arena has been around almost as long as the Guardian Tree.

After years of wear and tear, the Arena is inevitably damaged. However, maintenance by the Guardians kept up the arena's appearance. This is why this place is so special.

It's not only a good place to duel, it's also a place of significant historic value given its long history.

The groundskeeper did a good job polishing the arena. There is barely any dust on it. The platform glistened like beautiful ivory under the soft glow of the moon. The platform looked as enchanting as a large marble jade. Leaves slowly rained down on the surface of the arena, painting a serene picture.

There is a quiet air to this place. The soft whisper of mischievous wind brushed away the leaves on the arena. When the gale stopped, a figure emerged.

Wu Yan silently assessed the wide platform with an awed look.

He strolled on top of the wide platform, his steps slowly echoing into the night.

Wu Yan slowly moved towards the trunk of the Guardian Tree.

Due to the immense girth of the Guardian Tree, no matter how close Wu Yan got, it never felt like the trunk is nearer to Wu Yan. The Guardian Tree's size created an optical illusion for any observer.

Wu Yan's objective isn't a tour around the Guardian Tree. Rather, he's here for the figure standing in front of the trunk with his hands behind his waist.

The frail-looking figure is emanating a stream of magic power that is pure and powerful.

Despite the faint flow of the magic power, the density of magic power within the leaked wisp is enough to lure Wu Yan away from his room.

Wu Yan wasn't here because his curiosity got the better of him. The magic power signature is just too special.

It's emitted in a weak fashion to evade detection. But, he intentionally raised the magic power intensity so only people of a certain level can sense this.

Indeed, only those in the same tier or stronger can detect this magic power.

In other words, it was a letter of challenge.

He's inviting all who can sense his magic power.

Wu Yan is sure the figure invited him on purpose.

Entel: Level 88

As I thought, a ninth-tier expert.

A high-level one at that.

Wu Yan more or less guessed correctly, he closed his System scanner.

Aside from the three emperors, there is only one other person with tier 9 power on Emperor Island.

The clan master of the Guardian Clan.

Wu Yan can guess why he called Wu Yan here. He also looked at Entel with stern eyes. Maybe the clan master sensed Wu Yan's piercing gaze, he turned around to reveal an average but dignified expression.

His low voice sounded oddly intimidating when paired with the silent platform.

"To sense my aura from such a distance..."

Entel started while staring into Wu Yan's eyes.

"It seems the man Princess Sylph chose is a ninth-tier cultivator as rumored..."

Wu Yan started grinning. He looked like a rude gangster when the moonlight hit his face.

"Please, compared to Your Highness, I am just too insignificant..."

"Don't sell yourself short..."

Entel shook his head. His aged eyes wrinkled slightly.

"I have read extensively on Silvaria's history, never has there been a youth half as talented as you. Even the shiniest talent of the past failed to reach your power at such a young age. I am afraid you are the first and last person to possess so much talent..."

"Your Highness praised me too much. I just got lucky, all my achievements are average at best, there are many out there who are more talented than me."

Entel's tall hat didn't stick on Wu Yan.

Wu Yan is sure that he would be hard-pressed to achieve tier 7 power without the system helping him out.

Regardless of whether or not Entel truly thought Wu Yan is a once-in-a-millennium talent, Wu Yan didn't think too highly of himself.

Talented or not, that's not important.

He just wants to live a peaceful life with the girls he loved. If he can guarantee that future then even if it costs him his power he would still trade it at the drop of the hat.

His pursuit of power was merely a means to an end.

He's not lying when he said there are people way more talented than him.

For instance, Mikoto is only 15 and she's already a tier 9 Esper.

Kotori is younger than Mikoto but she's already tier 9.

There is also Tohka although she's not too sure of her own age. Given her appearance, she can't be too far away from Wu Yan's age.

Hinagiku, Shokuhou Misaki, Kurumi, Yoshino, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou, are all still in their late 10's, with peak tier 8 power, they will attain tier 9 status in due time, earlier than Wu Yan when he was their age.

Granted, the girls have special reasons for their abnormal powers. For instance, spirits are transformed humans with elevated power levels. Even without accounting for this factor, Wu Yan still wouldn't put himself on their levels.

Wu Yan is very clear on the girls' potentials.

Compared to his harem, his attainment in power and strength is average at best.

This is the reason why Wu Yan worked hard to improve himself, he wants to become a shield that can protect the girls while they grow into their true selves.

Talents and whatnot, that's irrelevant for Wu Yan.

Entel heard Wu Yan's sincerity, he sported a commending look despite the tiny shock in his heart.

Entel placed himself in Wu Yan's shoes, so much talent at such a young age will make anyone's pride shoot through the roof, how is he still so down to earth?

Entel raised his evaluation of Wu Yan.

This youngster is more than what meets the eyes...

Entel didn't keep his evaluations to himself.

"Such modest attitude despite your powers. I think I get how you achieved your current status. I also see why His Majesty Kate took a liking to you. It's also understandable why Princess Sylph agreed to marry you."

"You are a fine specimen..."

If the Guardians heard Entel raining praises down on Wu Yan then there would be another uproar.

The clan master took one look at Princess Sylph's potency and he only gave her a passing grade.

Entel truly treated Wu Yan like a peer.

Wu Yan giggled.

"Your Highness, don't tell me you lured me out here just to compliment me?"

"Of course, not!"

Entel started channeling up a storm of magic power.

"Ensi is my son!"

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