Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1076: I will kill you and then kill myself

The green sky stretched on forever just like the verdant earth beneath it. The green luster covered everything in its green glory.

The tall grasses were as green as the environment here. It's like the environment didn't permit any other colors.

There appears to be no life here. A breeze would blow by intermittently, brushing the plants here. However, the boring silence can make one feel suffocated.

However, there is a small red blemish to this green perfection.

A bonfire without any apparent fuel source was set up in the vacant spot within a bush. The bonfire crackled as if someone's snapping twigs, adding a bit of unusual noise to the dead silence.

A male in black attire sat on a log with a female in a blue coat. Besides the couple is a makeshift rack for drying clothes. Judging by the droplets watering the ground, the clothes have a long way to go before they are dry.

With the bonfire added into the equation, the clothes will probably dry out in due time.

The couple was hugging each other while they waited for the clothes to dry by the flames.

They were in their birthday suits!

If anyone happened to pass by then they are probably going to think the couple's up to something that you shouldn't show kids. The kind of nasty situation that would make people blush.

Only the couple knew they were doing this out of necessity, they had no thoughts of the lewd kind.

Yes, even the guy.

They hung out like this for a while now.

It's not because they were already at that stage of intimacy where this kind of contact didn't make them flustered. No, it's because Wu Yan never let go of Sylph from the start.

Even when the opportunity presents itself, Wu Yan had no lecherous thoughts.

No, Wu Yan didn't get hit in the head and revised his lewd wolf ways. No, he didn't ascend beyond mortal understand and see through the pointless temptations of life. His chaotic mind is still trying to reorganize itself.

His brain circuit short-circuited after Sylph stripped herself bare in front of him.

He started a bonfire, took off his clothes, dried the clothes under Sylph's direction. His brain was in autopilot mode.

He also continued embracing Sylph's smooth body.

No, Wu Yan's not dumb. He's also normally calm and adjusted. But, everything just happened so quickly he couldn't keep up.

He just couldn't keep up.

He maintained this state of muddled mind until now.

As for Sylph, she also didn't tell Wu Yan to release her. After giving her instructions, she stayed in Wu Yan's embrace while naked. The two passed the time in silence.

Wu Yan assumed this kind of development only happens in dreams.

But,  the smooth sensation he's getting from Sylph's exquisite body told him that this is all real.

Sylph really did take off her clothes in front of him.

He recalled the scene where Sylph slowly stripped down piece by piece and his eyes went blank. He slowly collected his conscious mind back from the void of chaotic thoughts.

The two shared their heat like a stranded couple in a snowstorm. There isn't even a distance of one centimeter between the two. Vitality returned to Sylph's pale face. She also stopped shivering. Other than having her magic power sealed, she's pretty much recovered.

Sylph didn't pull away. She leaned her head against Wu Yan's chest. She said nothing while hiding nothing. If Wu Yan didn't confirm that Sylph's still staring at him then he would have assumed Sylph blacked out or something.

He slightly moved the hand on Sylph's slender waist. He felt her smooth, warm, and deadly skin. Wu Yan started waxing thoughtful.

Is this the same person known as the Ice Princess? Is this Sylph?

If so, why are they in this situation?

If so, why is her supposedly cold body heating up?

If so, why is she still staying in his embrace? Why?

Multiple questions rose within Wu Yan. He looked down at his chest.

First, he saw her enchanting body.

Then, he couldn't help but be attracted by the bountiful twin mountains that surpassed even Shokuhou Misaki.

Lastly, he saw her slightly red mien through her blue bangs.

Sylph is very pretty.

Very very pretty.

Among the ladies in his harem, only Yukari and Ikaros can beat her in looks.

Indeed, her appearance is on par with most of the girls in his entourage.

He got a better look at her since they were literally showing each other their full selves.

Even her out-of-this-world beauty couldn't suppress Wu Yan's confusion.

Maybe she can get away with forcibly kissing him by saying that was a fluke.

However, how does Sylph explain undressing in front of him given her personality?

Maybe she can but Wu Yan wouldn't buy it.

Heck, even if she isn't modest, wearing her birthday suit like this wouldn't be something Kate or the imperial family she represented would condone.

In the end, Sylph is a princess...


Wu Yan voiced his puzzled thought out loud.

Sylph slightly lifted her chin, she looked into Wu Yan's eyes with her expressionless look. Wu Yan's sharp senses can tell that beyond her cool façade, something has changed.

It's not her personality or appearance. He sensed a change in her attitude.

Specifically, her attitude towards him.

She slightly shook her head.

"I just acknowledged you..."



Sylph nodded powerfully. She didn't dodge Wu Yan's stare.

"I hope you will not forget me when the day comes that you start giving official titles to the ladies around you."


Wu Yan was confused.

"Are you saying, you want to marry me?"

"Perhaps not in the past..."

Sylph's soft voice carried a steely tone that Wu Yan hadn't heard before. This surprised Wu Yan greatly.

"But now, I will only marry you!"


Wu Yan looked the other way before sighing.

"Is this okay though?"

"Why do you ask?"

"You already know why."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"I have multiple women around me..."

"And, I said..."

Sylph didn't waver.

"I don't mind serving you with them."

"I know. That's not the issue here."

Wu Yan grumbled.

"I am not stingy with my love. But, my sincerity towards all of them is as true as the feelings they have for me. But, we..."

"I like you."

Sylph stopped Wu Yan.

"You don't feel the same?"

Wu Yan couldn't say anything.

Sylph closed her eyes.

"From today onwards, you're the only one I will marry."

"Are you sure?!"

Wu Yan gnashed his teeth. He used the meanest look he can muster.

"What if I killed your father and ruined the Ailu empire?!"

Sylph responded with a straight answer.

"I will you and then kill myself!"


Wu Yan was troubled.

"You are hopeless..."

"What's your answer?!"

Sylph didn't beat around the bush.

"Do you want to take me as your wife? Or not?!"

"Hell yeah, I want to marry you! Why the hell not?!"

Wu Yan leered back at Sylph, he grabbed her hooters fiercely with his hands.

"I hope you don't regret this!"

"You can't take my body... Father will get mad..."

She started panting at the same time she held Wu Yan's manly hands that are busy kneading her massive twin marshmallows.

"As for other acts... you're free to do it..."

Wu Yan finally lost his cool, he grabbed her head and shoved her down towards his nether area.

Ripples of emotions and physical sounds echoed outwards.

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