Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1085: The door to the core palace

In the clouds, somewhere near the mountain range that looked like it wanted to devour the heavens. Everything's green here, the clouds, the land, the air, it felt surreal being in a place like this...

With Sylph in his arms, Wu Yan flew towards the giant opening near one of the mountain range. He hovered 20 meters away from the opening. His red eyes narrowed slightly.

This cave is huge!

He's just standing at the entrance but it felt like he was an ant staring up at a wall dozens of meters tall.

The other objects here are green, however, the cave's dark in color. The cold wind blowing outwards from within made it look like the cave's entrance is actually an open mouth. Like a beast waiting for prey to deliver themselves to its mouth, that's how scary it was to stand here.

Luckily, this cave's dark and its immense size made it easy for Wu Yan to spot it from some distance away. Even Wu Yan's sharp senses would be hard-pressed to find a normal cave among mountain ranges like this.

Wu Yan and Sylph examined the cave entrance. The two watched in astonishment.

They finally understood the general geography of this green subspace. It's like a continent surrounded by a mountain range.

With the center surrounded by the green fog, this mountain range served as the outer bound beyond the green fog.

If one can even call this a mountain range...

Normal mountain range can't surround everything as this one did.

Living in this type of place is no different than living in an extra-large prison cage.

To break out of this jail, one must scale the tall mountain ranges here.

Looking at the mountains that literally pierced the clouds above, it really does curb one's motivation just thinking about climbing this thing.

This kind of geography is probably something unique to the Domain of Gods.

With a huge cave entrance like this, it's like someone's telling them to go inside.

"I feel like... it's inviting us inside?"

Wu Yan snickered with amusement.

Sylph also nodded. She looked into Wu Yan's deep red eyes.

"We don't have a choice."

This is probably their only way out.


"Let's go inside..."

They shot into the dark cave after another verbal confirmation.

Sylph and Wu Yan got accustomed to the green color. Now, they have to get used to this bleak darkness.

If the green place only gave off a weird but serene vibe then this dark space gave an eerie vibe.

The temperature around them also dropped a notch. They couldn't help but tense up as they kept their gaze fixed in front. The wind assaulted their faces, ruffling their hair.

Even so, they never lowered their guards or looked away. After about half an hour of flying, they saw light at the end of the tunnel.

Wu Yan and Sylph exchanged a look. They didn't say anything but sped up towards the light.

They went past the source of light.

They stopped when they passed the door.

Yeah, they just passed a 3-meters tall door.

For them, doors should have been a most welcomed sight. Yet, when they saw the door, they bitterly laughed at the same time.

These doors...

There are countless sets of doors here.

The duo stood in a wide opening within the cave.

In this semispherical area, there are stairs built into the walls, this array of stairs all had doors lined up along the sides of the wall. It looked like they just entered an underground crypt.

Wu Yan looked at the nigh-infinite sets of doors. His shoulder sagged down as he floated a tired look.

"Look, is the Guardian Tree seriously telling us to find the door that leads to the core palace?"

Sylph thought about it, she answered Wu Yan.

"If that's the case then one of the doors here must lead there!"


Wu Yan sighed.

"How does it expect us to find it? 10 days won't be enough to check the doors one by one!"

A rough estimate with his Impeccable Memory told him that there are just too many doors here to do a rough calculation. What a terrifying array of doors.

To find the true door would be easy if Wu Yan can use his tracing spells. However, that is not a viable option right now.

"At least, I am certain we will fail if we try to search one by one..."

Wu Yan floated a weak look.

Sylph also looked like she wasn't fazed, even her tone sounded chill as a cucumber.

"Again, the Guardian Tree won't set an impossible trial, there must be a clue somewhere, maybe an indicator or something like that."

"I hope it's kind enough to give us a hint..."

Wu Yan's lip twitched.

"I don't think we can spot a difference with this many doors in front of us..."

Sylph nodded. She's still very calm despite the time pressure at hand. This piqued Wu Yan's interest.

"Are you not worried that we won't make it to the core palace?"

Sylph replied.

"I don't expect much from the Domain of Gods..."

Wu Yan was surprised to hear this from her.

The Domain of Gods is like a cultivating heritage spot the founding gods made for their descendants. There are treasures here that can change a person's life.

Even a cripple can find the chance to once again soar in the Domain of Gods. Heck, that average Joe might even become someone more outstanding than Sylph.

This is the reason why the imperial families don't bully their members.

Nobody can be certain that the one being picked on wouldn't find a treasure to transcend.

In any case, anything's possible.

It's laughable for a genius to walk away without any gains.

Wu Yan also saw Kaya and Jaafar mopping around with an anxious look. They are probably afraid they won't get anything in the Domain of Gods. They were worried about their genius titles. However, Sylph is saying she's not expecting to get anything out of this trip.

Sylph probably saw the astonishment on Wu Yan's face.

"Even if I lost my power, I am still Sylph. Even if I lost a chance to advance, I am still Sylph."

She said with a resolute look. Wu Yan revised his perception of this princess, she's a tough nut, nobody can deny that.

Maybe he's underestimating this imperial princess...

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