Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1088: Discovery, the difference between locations

Against the literal parade of doors, the two tried opening doors for an etire day.

With a single day as the cost, they opened hundreds of doors.

As a result, they went through hundreds of dreams and illusions.

Any other group would have succumbed by now.

With magic and douqi sealed, who in their right minds would willingly subject themselves to attacks from impostors taking the looks of loved ones?

If they aren't careful, getting hurt is another possibility.

Although the severity will not result in death, the time wasted here would be too great.

Natsuki also helped him out by waking him from dreams. Even so, Wu Yan's competence still didn't stop him from hesitating when opening those terrible doors.

As for Sylph, she opened doors while taking turns with Wu Yan like she didn't value her life. If Wu Yan was in her shoes, he's not sure he can do something so gutsy like Sylph.

In a way, the two were reckless in their own ways. They were similarly crazy as well.

After the day ended, Wu Yan lost count of the times he got sent into a dream state only to be woken up Natsuki or Sylph. He also blocked countless attacks from illusions. It was a dangerous and tiresome task.

Wu Yan didn't stop, he used his True Ancestor regeneration and resilience to push through the trials. Maybe he can analyze the door movement patterns to determine the correct door.

Sylph also did the same thing. She opened doors while relying on Wu Yan to wake her up. Wu Yan also blocked various illusory attacks for her. She focused entirely on opening doors and minimizing wasteful moves.

Her cold expression also made it look like she's just an android fulfilling her creator's design.

Soon, they became blasé to the illusions and dreams.

Wu Yan heaved while glancing at the moving doors near her. He rubbed his aching temples.

"Sylph, did you notice anything?"

Sylph shook her head. She didn't show it on her face but her eyes were tired.

"There are also no set patterns in the dreams and illusions, they are all different..."

Wu Yan felt another wave of headache assaulting him.

At first, the characters in the dreams were familiar people. The illusions also took Wu Yan and Sylph's forms. Then, the dreams and illusions morphed more and more, distorting and becoming very troublesome in the process.

"Natsuki? Any clues?"


Natsuki replied curtly. Unlike Wu Yan and Sylph, she's relatively calm.

"It's either dreams or illusions. The doors will close automatically after resolving the dreams or illusions. The doors will also shuffle. From this, it's fair to surmise that the wrong doors are those that will spawn dreams or illusions."

"Entering these doors..."

Wu Yan frowned.

"Say, is there a chance that a special condition needs to be met before one can find the true door?"


Natsuki was curious.

"What makes you say that?"

"The compass said any of these doors might be correct, no?"

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"If we rush into the doors before they close?"

"I don't think that will work."

Natsuki raised her opinion.

"It won't be a trial if the solution's that simple. Plus, that doesn't sound like the difficulty the Guardian Tree would install for tier 9 and tier 8 participants...."

"You're right, that would be too easy..."

Wu Yan grumbled.

"Seriously, why must the tree come with the ability to manipulate space? Can't the Tree just make the doors stay in one place? Why did it have to make all the doors possibly correct?"

"Who knows? That's your conjecture..."

Natsuki replied nonchalantly.

"The tree can open portals in space, maybe the doors are all fake?"

"Doors... fake?"

Wu Yan had an idea, his eyes lit up.


Wu Yan told Sylph.

"Open the door one more time!"

Sylph felt puzzled by his sudden energy, she thought maybe he had an idea so she didn't dawdle around, she opened a door as she was told.

Opening a door, the same intense light struck Sylph, forcibly hypnotizing her. He dashed towards Sylph, covering her and backing away.

He slapped Sylph's cheeks, waking her up. Wu Yan also scanned the moving doors.

Soon, the doors stopped moving. Sylph also woke up from her dream. She saw Wu Yan's confident grin.

Sylph's eyes rippled.

"You found something?"

Wu Yan lowered his head. He started chuckling.


Wu Yan sighed.

"Rather than saying we found something, it's more like a realization that we are being fooled..."


Sylph furrowed her brows.

"The doors will shuffle every time we open one door, correct?"

Sylph nodded. He started laughing again.

"I focused on the doors and found out that the doors aren't the ones moving."

"Not the doors?"

Sylph gasped.


"The walls are moving, not the doors."


Sylph took another look around her. She finally noticed it.

Sylph looked at the tunnel that led them here.

"If I am correct, the tunnel wasn't there when we first started, right?"

Wu Yan gasped, he praised her.

"Outstanding memory, you actually remembered..."

"Yes, the walls are moving..."

Sylph didn't notice Wu Yan's comment. She continued thinking about the matter at hand.

"What does this say?"

"It means you've still got more to learn in the department of memorization..."

Wu Yan teased her.

"Look closer, you see it? The walls are moving and that moved the doors. Ignoring the horizontal alignments, focusing on the vertical alignments will reveal a disorderly pattern in every door..."

"Except this row!"

Wu Yan pointed at a certain direction.

"This column of doors are very neat, it's like they never shifted positions."

Sylph's eyes lit up too.

"You're saying..."

"Yes, I am saying..."

Wu Yan beamed at her while staring at the set of doors neatly stacked there.

"The correct door is over there."

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