Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1093: The mess they created? The melancholy of the gods

Inside this softly glowing space, the faint figure slowly materialized from the ancient tree. Unaffected by the gravity, the faint figure looked like he belonged there. He's at one with the environment.

Wu Yan's eyes widened when he saw the faint figure. He also clenched his fists harder.

This isn't the first time he saw that figure.

It's a familiar person he once met in the treasury of the Ailu empire.

The god-tier being known as Ailu.

Although he couldn't make out the figure's exact appearance and form, Wu Yan was sure, this silhouette belonged to the founding god, Ailu.

He's not working purely on available information. For one, the figure emanated a sort of formless presence that can suffocate anyone gazing at the unassuming silhouette. Wu Yan only experienced that once.

This is the same feeling he got when he first met the deceased god.

Wu Yan inhaled deeply, his eyes were still on the floating silhouette. He resisted the overwhelming aura. The silhouette also sensed Wu Yan's gaze, it stopped for a moment.

Slightly tilting its head, the figure looked down at Wu Yan.

An ancient voice boomed in the bronze palace.


The projection conveyed multiple feelings really well, almost abnormally well for what was supposed to be just a mimicry of the original. Wu Yan also felt something from this brief exchange.

This god is pitiful...

Wu Yan wasn't sure why, it's just a feeling he got after listening to the god moaning.

After Ailu's projection was done with sighing, it spoke up.

"Finally, this day still arrived..."

Ailu sounded oddly sad.

"I knew this day would come but I really wished it wouldn't. We were the ones who created this mess. It's unfair for the future generations to pay the price...."

The gods created this calamity?

Wu Yan raised his eyebrows. He slowly pondered the possibilities.

Did Ailu and the other gods create this calamity?

Before Wu Yan can voice his question, the projection interrupted him.

"I don't know who entered this place. Maybe you're a descendant of one of the three empires, maybe you're the lucky one who met my other projection. Your presence here means Silvaria isn't far from great danger..."

The ancient voice sounded self-deprecating.

"At first, I thought long and hard about where to put the Ring of Power. I really didn't know where I should stash it..."

"In the end, it was a pointless task. With my powers, if I wanted the Ring of Power gone then nobody other than fellow gods can find the ring."

The sarcastic voice hid the aloof attitude of one who once stood at the top.

"In the end, I chose to seal the key of the Ring of Power in the Domain of Gods. Maybe I thought the Guardian Tree and the Domain of Gods can keep it safe?"

Ailu shook his head. He started laughing at himself.

"No, I sealed the key here because I wanted to fool myself."

"Other than imperials and Guardians, no one can enter the Domain of Gods. I also sealed the three rings outside of this place, Guardians can never get their hands on the rings."

"The choice I made, from how I stashed it away from the other three empires to how the key is in a place only imperial descendants can enter, it was all a misguided attempt to trick myself..."

"Pathetic... How regretful..."

Wu Yan was stunned, he bitterly laughed.

Isn't it absolutely unthinkable? He predicted this outcome, he could have told his descendants about this and laid down the foundation to handle this crisis should it materialize.

Isn't that the most effective method?

But, Ailu didn't do that. He sealed the countermeasure in a god-forsaken place. He also placed the key in a place where only Guardians and imperial descendants can access it. This is as dangerous as it is inefficient.

How can Ailu be sure that someone will get all the components together before the calamity strikes? For instance, what if nobody ever made it out of the secret stash spot with the three rings? What if that person never got a chance to meet his projection in the Ailu treasury? What if that person never got the chance to enter the Domain of Gods?

Even if Ailu is a god-tier being, this outcome seemed like it wouldn't have happened under any other ordinary scenarios.

Ailu still chose to use these ineffective measures. Subconsciously, Ailu must have wanted to sabotage any attempts at obtaining the anti-calamity stop-gaps.

He doesn't desire the demise of Silvaria. He just wanted to delude himself into thinking the calamity will not strike if no one ever got to unlock his rings.

This is vain and ultimately futile to stop something he saw coming.

It is also a fallacy to assume that if no one got the measure then the calamity will not come.

Ailu isn't dumb enough to admit his folly.

Ailu said it himself, he tried to fool himself.

Wu Yan wasn't sure why someone of his power level would fall to such a low level. This is just unthinkable. He finally understood one thing...

Why he felt pity when he saw the Ailu projection.

"This tree, it's the sapling of the Guardian Tree."

Ailu changed the topic. Wu Yan also turned towards the ancient tree.

"This sapling wasn't infused with our divine godly powers, that's why it doesn't have the same abilities as the Guardian Tree."

"The Guardian Tree is essentially a treasure that can open spatial pathways, illusions, dreams, and ward off enemies. This sapling is not as powerful. It stands out, however, since it carries an extra ability, the power to open seals and break barriers."

"With this sapling's help, it should take three days to break the seal on the Ring of Power."

Ailu turned around, he pointed at the pool in front of the sapling.

"That pool of water is also a treasure. As for its effects, well, you'll know once you enter the pool. Take it as insufficient compensation for the sins we have saddled on you..."

Ailu's projection turned his back towards Wu Yan, with his hands behind his back, he looked longingly into the sky, it's as if the projection was lost in its own thoughts.

His sigh suffused the space once more.

"God-tier cultivators, in the end, that's just another name for humans who maxed out their powers. If there is an omnipotent god, may Silvaria be in His protection..."

His tiny prayer became the last trace of Ailu to ever exist. The figure blurred and dissipated into tiny lights.

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