Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1094: The pool with miraculous effects

After the astral lights dissipated, the soft glow of the Guardian Tree sapling remained.

Inside the trunk, the Ring of Power hovered in the middle of wisps of powers, the ring looked like the sapling's core. It also throbbed like a heart. The faint throbbing sounds filled this palace.

Wu Yan watched Ailu's projection disappear into droplets of astral lights. Wu Yan reflected on the projection's final prayer.

Ailu prayed for Silvaria, Ailu probably wanted Silvaria to stay safe, right?

Why did he do something so foolish as to make the countermeasure so hard to get?

What did the Gods do to make a god fall into such a deep state of pessimism?

More importantly, just what did the Gods do create a calamity that will threaten Silvaria?

Questions piled on inside Wu Yan's mind, he shook his head after bitterly running through various options.

He decided to shelves his thoughts since he's getting nowhere with them.

He calmed himself down. Then, Wu Yan checked on the Ring of Power.

"I need three days for this?"

Wu Yan mused out loud. He looked at the pool of water in front of the Guardian Tree sapling.

"A pool of miraculous water?"

He examined the pool with intrigue. It just looks like normal water to him. If there's anything special about the pool then it would be the clarity of the pool of water.

Wu Yan decided to try out Ailu's suggestion.

He's the only one in this castle, he tossed his clothes aside and dipped his toes into the water.

The pool isn't particularly deep. The water level of the deepest area only reached his chest. Wu Yan looked around, he rubbed his chest, visibly confused...

"Where's the special effect? This just feels like an ordinary bath?"

He said that line too early. His puzzlement went away suddenly.

The calm waters started rumbling violently.

Like boiling water, the water swirled around while bubbling loudly.

Then, the bubbling and boiling water entered Wu Yan's pores as if Wu Yan absorbed water through his skin.

Wu Yan inhaled deeply as he closed his eyes to do an assessment of his condition.

The water continued rumbling around him. The liquid actually climbed onto Wu Yan, seeping endlessly into him through his pores.

Wu Yan's skin started turning red. His face also turned as red as a tomato. It looked like he's being boiled alive or someone tossed him in a hot water spring. Wu Yan was slightly shocked.

His astounded look changed into one of elation.

The water cleansed him, it felt like somebody's power washing his innards.

The flowing water coursed throughout Wu Yan. Everything slowly changed within Wu Yan.

His organs became stronger. His physique improved tremendously, even his senses sharpened.

Moreover, Wu Yan's bloodline and magic power also transformed under the pool's effect.

If someone had the ability to examine Wu Yan on a cellular level, one would see the weird water merging with Wu Yan's body. It seeped into his organs, muscles, it even integrated with his blood and magic power.

Wu Yan's tremendous magic power started moving on its own. It throbbed, contracting and expanding rhythmically

Every contraction raises his magic power purity to another level. Every expansion fortified his magic power.

His magic power became even more condensed, his mana pool also increased to a scary degree.

This scene continued.

Compared to his magic power, his blood's transformation is more apparent.

His True Ancestor blood pressure rose and fell. It would rage like a tsunami before slowing down to a peaceful trickle like that of a gentle stream.

The water diffused out after merging with his blood, the diffused water seemed slightly dirty.

The same couldn't be said of his blood.

As the water slowly grew muddy, his blood deepened its shade of red. His veins and arteries also glowed faintly.

The washing motion continued.

The water from the miracle pool cleansed Wu Yan. After the water turned dark, it immediately vaporized, leaving his nostrils in plumes of dark smoke.

His body grew stronger, his magic power also strengthened, even his bloodline got an upgrade.

If pressed for a simple description of Wu Yan's current state then...

He's evolving.

He's transforming.

All the components making up his existence changed.

This isn't like the shallow miraculous encounters or boons known to the imperials and Guardians.

The rewards they got were either augmentation of cultivation talents or direct improvements to their strength.

This is the original purpose the founding gods had in mind when they created the Domain of Gods.

What Wu Yan got isn't just talent augmentation, strength improvement, he got the whole package.

Ailu was right, the water was magical.

While Wu Yan is celebrating his gains. His blood surged when different voices rang in his mind.

Before he can react, his magic power turned into a bloody mist. Three individuals materialized from his magic power expulsion.


The shrieks were followed by splashing sounds, the individuals dropped into the pool.

"Argh, what happened?!"


The soaked girls popped out from the water. Wu Yan identified the individuals at first glance.

"Natsuki! Nagisa! Kanon!"


Nagisa and Kanon clung onto Wu Yan for dear life. They sighed after calming down. They exchanged looks of utter confusion.

They were slumbering peacefully when they suddenly got tossed into a pool of water. Anyone would be shocked.

Natsuki is the only one who remained level-headed. She furrowed her eyebrows after taking a look around.

As for Wu Yan, he had already turned into a statue.

The reason? The jaw-dropping beauties around him weren't wearing anything.

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