Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1098: Those who returned victoriously and those who failed

Out in the middle of the ocean, Emperor Island City...

It's been 10 days since the Domain of Gods opened up to Imperial family members and Guardians.

Since the Guardians also entered the Domain of Gods, the island's defense weakened greatly.

Those who are not qualified to enter the Domain of Gods are talentless and/or feeble individuals. With mortals and low-level cultivators, the defense on the Island during this period is negligible at best.

With the Guardian Tree here, nobody would try anything funny. However, since the core Guardians are gone, the mood is indubitably heavy on the island.

Moreover, there is a cap on how many Guardians can enter the Domain of Gods. There is no limit on imperial family members, as long as they have imperial blood and are strong enough to enter. It is only natural that they selected the best of the best to enter the Domain of Gods.

The Guardians would probably be itching for fights if the imperial family members are still on the island.

Luckily, this heavy mood didn't persist for long.

With 10 days gone, the people who entered should be returning soon.

Countless individuals in the town looked in the direction of the Guardian Tree to watch the return of the ones who entered the Domain of Gods...

Deep in the sea...

With giant roots and tendrils sprouting everywhere, this place looked very nice. The illusory palace glistened in the middle of this root complex. The walls also seemed to resonate with the gentle waves touching them, the walls lit up rather exquisitely.

The gates to the shining palace are open. It's like the palace master forgot to lock up the place. The inside of the palace looked dark.

The dark void within the palace looked fleeting and powerful. Anyone with a sufficient achievement in the way of cultivation will notice that kind of presence isn't something even a demigod can emit.

For 10 days, the door stayed open.

Suddenly, the gates released a giant and powerful shockwave.


The shockwave reverberated between the walls and gates, creating a gigantic array of light rays.


An explosion occurred.

The gates expanded and contracted rhythmically like it's trying to eject something. Soon, various individuals were shot out from within the intense light. They were thrown in front of the castle like sacks of potatoes.

It looked painfully obvious that the participants were removed against their wills.

Soon, there is a host of figures in front of the castle. When they recovered, the place started heating up as people started talking loudly.

"Haha! I am finally out!"

Only a minor subset of the ejected individuals was cheering in joy.

They also looked more powerful than when they entered. Either that for they had a different aura around them.

In any case, it's obvious they passed the trial and got rewarded by the Guardian Tree.

Sylph, Kaya, and Jaafar were among these successful participants.


95% of the participants looked dark. They clenched their fists in frustration. These people failed the trial and got nothing to show for the 10 days they spent in the Domain of Gods.

Near the gates, a flash occurred much to everyone's surprise. Multiple individuals flew out of the light before landing near the crowd.

The emperors: Kate, Gurda, Weya, and Entel returned.

The crowd started examining the four leaders. They wanted to see what changed in them.

Soon, they noticed something...

Kate and Entel looked like they changed slightly.

Gurda and Weya looked exactly the same as they did 10 days ago.

It didn't take a genius to figure out who passed their trials and who didn't.

Naturally, the leaders can tell who got the rewards and who didn't

Weya sighed after glancing at Gurda. Gurda is looking rather dark.

"I didn't think you would fail too..."

Gurda nonchalantly gave Weya a look. He calmed himself down.

Gurda and Weya are emperors. They have solid mindsets. They also participated in the Domain of Gods during previous openings. They knew better than to behave inappropriately in front of others.

Gurda snorted.

"I will definitely succeed the next time."

"You're right..."

Weya nodded. He turned towards Kate who was all smiles. He tried to knock him down a notch.

"Why are you so happy?"

"Of course I am happy!"

Kate started laughing out loud.

"You're the strongest one among the three of us, it's about time we switched places. Naturally, I am glad to see this change..."

"Don't be happy just yet."

Weya curled his lips.

"Even if you got a one-up on us, that doesn't mean you're stronger than me."

While Kate and Weya bickered, Gurda looked at Entel.

"You, did you reach that stage?"

Weya and Kate stopped fooling around. They also looked on with serious looks.

Entel grinned slightly, he nodded.

"The trip to the Domain of Gods led me to the peak of the ninth-tier realm. I will be making preparations to reach that tier..."

"As expected..."

The emperors exchanged a look.

They expected this outcome. Before he entered the Domain of Gods, Entel was already near the peak of tier 9 in power. It shouldn't come as a surprise that he made it to the peak with the help of the Domain of Gods.

The three emperors bitterly laughed.

The zenith of tier 9, they are all in the same realm but the difference between them is like the distance between heaven and earth.

At this stage, he's ready to attempt the breakthrough into that higher realm.

Entel already possesses the qualification to try and breakthrough into the next realm. Should he succeed, they won't be sitting at the same level the next time they meet.

Kate, Weya, and Gurda are emperors. If someone wanted to give them demigod powers in exchange for their thrones, the emperors will trade at the drop of the hat.

For demigods, authority and social status aren't worth anything.

Kate started musing out loud.

"If you make it then you're going to become the first demigod of the Guardians..."

"I hope so..."

Entel wasn't particularly motivated.

He has no confidence in himself, he doubts he can reach the demigod level.

Next, the door started flashing. Someone flew out of that opening as everyone watched.

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