Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1099: You failed? Can try again next time?

Wu Yan spent three days wandering the Domain of Gods with Sylph. After that, they found the door to the core palace and successfully passed the trial given to them by the Guardian Tree.

Wu Yan then spent roughly 5 days in the bronze palace, absorbing the miraculous waters of the pool within the palace of the purple pool.

At the end of the eighth day, he completed all his tasks. There are still 2 more days before the Guardian Tree will send him out.

Since it's not yet time to exit the Domain of Gods, Wu Yan decided to try his luck with the green pool. He wanted to check out what's waiting inside.

Alas, he couldn't pass through the originally ethereal walls of the bronze palace.

This is reasonable. Everyone who passes the trial of the Guardian Tree gets a one-time reward. One trial, one reward.

Wu Yan couldn't enter the green pool because he already got the best reward possible when he went inside the purple pool. Naturally, the Guardian Tree's not going to let him wander into another place.

It would be unfair if Wu Yan made bank with this trip.

Wu Yan quietly stayed in the bronze palace. He passed the time by cultivating diligently.

At the end of his remaining 2 days, he felt something engulfing him while he's still cultivating. He lost all sense of direction and balance for a brief moment. When he steadied himself, he opened his eyes to see robust roots and ocean water around him.

"I am outside, huh..."

Floating in the air, Wu Yan sensed multiple gazes on him so he looked back. Raising an eyebrow, he confirmed the presence of imperial household members and Guardians down there. In a flash, he appeared near Kate & co.

Gurda, Weya, and Entel turned around with an astonished look.

When did he...

Kate recalled something.

"You just used your spatial manipulation magic, didn't you?!"

"Magic that can manipulate space?"

Gurda and Weya also remembered something as looks of realization spread across their faces.

"I see, that's spatial magic..."

"A magic that can interfere with space..."

Entel gasped.

"When did this incredible  magic appear in Silvaria?"

"That's a question I would like to know the answer to..."

Kate patted Entel on the shoulders. He glanced at Wu Yan.

"But, that mysterious young fellow chose to keep the lid on his secrets tight..."

Kate said so while Wu Yan blinked innocently.

"It's just a petty trick..."


The other four tier 9 cultivators exchanged speechless looks. Wu Yan also grinned mischievously.

He swept his gaze over everyone before finally looking at Sylph. He stopped on her.

Sylph was looking at Wu Yan so she nodded when he finally saw her. She remained as cold as usual. It's like she's just nodding towards a stranger.

It is hard to believe she's the one who serviced the lewd wolf's meat spear with various ungodly acts.

He didn't mind her curt response. He nodded back without another word, they are already past the point of pointless pleasantries.

The others were also observing Wu Yan.

The Guardians and the imperial families already know about Wu Yan.

They wanted to know if the super genius said to be unmatched by anyone in Silvaria's history got a reward in the Domain of Gods. After all, he is a super-genius treated as a peer by emperors of the world's three empires.

The moment Wu Yan arrived, almost everyone's attention was on him.

Even if they stared their eyes out, they couldn't discern a visible change in Wu Yan. The Guardians started snickering like they are enjoying his apparent misfortune.

Obviously, they were all mistaken when they assumed Wu Yan got nothing in the Domain of Gods.

Sylph saw the grinning people around her and she chose to close her eyes.

Excluding Sylph, everyone assumed Wu Yan failed.

Entel, Kate, Gurda, and Weya jumped to the wrong conclusion too.

They started consoling Wu Yan after exchanging a quick glance.

"Young man, don't beat yourself up..."

Kate tried to cheer him up.

"Just because you failed this time doesn't mean you're going to fail the next time. You are already so powerful at such a young age. You still have time, try your luck next time..."

Wu Yan flinched. He wanted to explain when the doors flashed once more. Three individuals shot out from within. They landed near Wu Yan & co in explosive booms.

"You're all out, huh?"

One of the three elders approached the tier 9 group.

"Esteemed demigods..."

Entel bowed in deference.

"All who entered the Domain of Gods have returned. Soon, the Guardian Tree will open a pathway to return us to the Emperor Island."

Markelnob and Linya nodded. Jarl beamed at Entel.

"You made it to the peak of the ninth realm?"

"Yes, Your Highness..."


Markelnob praised him.

"Now that you're at the peak of tier 9, you possess the right to challenge your entry into the demigod realm. I pray for the swift birth of the seventh demigod of Silvaria!"

"Yes, thanks for the wish Your Highness!"

Entel replied. Puzzled, he voiced his question.

"Wait, don't you mean the sixth?"

The three demigods shook their heads. Linya cast a look in Wu Yan's direction.

"The sixth demigod has already made an appearance. I don't think you will get a chance to meet said person though..."

The three demigods moved on to Wu Yan. They looked too tense for people their level.

"How did it go?"


Wu Yan shrugged.

"I succeeded..."

Opening a portal, he took out the floating Ring of Power. Then, he tossed it over to Jarl.

Jarl caught the Ring of Power in a fluster. The cold sensation of the ring made him frown.

"I think it's best if you guys keep that ring."

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes despite Jarl's confusion.

"The three empires are in control of the Silvaria continent. If anything happens, the three empires will be affected first. That ring should serve you well in your time of need..."


Jarl grasped the Ring of Power. Hesitation slowly faded away from his eyes.

"Didn't the Ancestor plan for the Ring of Power to enter the hands of non-imperials?"

Wu Yan wasn't sure how to answer them.

If he told them the Ancestor intentionally tried to sabotage his backup plan then Jarl would probably challenge him to a fight.

"It's the best move."

Wu Yan waved his hand.

"Do you want to see your empire in ruins?"


The three demigods accepted Wu Yan's gift after thinking about it.

"Very well..."

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