Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1100: Standing on top, an invite, intentional antagonization

Emperor Island, under the Guardian Tree, on the elevated platforms.


A green light lit up this area. The sound wave swept outwards. In an instance, the platform's silence got destroyed.

After the light dissipated, a spatial storm started whirling in place. The fireworks-esque effect allowed the spatial anomaly to stay in place.

Soon, multiple figures rushed out from the portal. Several individuals jumped onto the elevated platforms.


The returning squad was welcomed by the gasps of the citizens of Emperor Island city.

The citizens were waiting for the participants to return from the Domain of Gods.

It's not immediately clear if they were cheering for the returnees.

The crack in space slowly healed. The returned Guardians and imperials slowly watched the portal close with different looks.

Frustration, remorse, disappointment, satisfaction, mostly frustration.

So what if they are frustrated, they still failed the trials so they didn't get any rewards.

They can only wait until the next time the Domain of Gods open up. In other words, they have to wait a decade for another shot at it.

The ones who succeeded entered the eyes of leaders of their respective clans. Regardless if they were geniuses or talentless hacks, they transformed themselves in the Domain of Gods.

They are going to get the focused nurture of their respective factions from now on.

Wu Yan and the demigods looked on with relative indifference.

Other than empire-destroying events, the demigods don't really care. Their own cultivation took priority over almost anything else.

Let the emperors worry about the nurturing of talented scions. The only thing that can attract their attention would be the birth of a twenty-something tier 9 practitioner.

Markelnob, Jarl, and Linya addressed Entel, Kate, Gurda, and Weya.

"The Domain of Gods is now closed. You guys should be able to take it from here."

"Noted, Esteemed demigods!"

The three demigods gave them satisfied nods. They loosened up before turning towards Wu Yan.

"Yong man, say hi to Yukari-san for us..."

Wu Yan was still confused over how they met Yukari but he said yes nonetheless.


The three demigods took flight and disappeared into the horizon.

Wu Yan looked back at Kate & co.

"Alright, I am taking my leave."

Kate & co flinched out of surprise.

"So soon?"

Wu Yan nodded.

"I accomplished my objective. I also returned what should have been yours. There is no reason for me to stay..."

"I see..."

Kate & co exchanged a look. They couldn't find a reason to keep him here so they helplessly acquiesced.

"If that's the case, then..."


A sudden shout interrupted them, the unanticipated shout, rather, the expected interruption cut their conversation short.

The interruption came from someone standing below the platforms.

Before they can identify the rowdy guy, the perpetrator jumped out from within the crowd. He jumped onto the platform much to everyone's surprise.

That's not a place anyone can stand on.

Aside from demigods, only emperors and the Guardian's patriarch can stand on it.

Other than them, who else can stand on that platform?!

Wu Yan earned the right to stand there since he possessed powers far surpassing those below the platform.

This uninvited cultivator better have a very good reason or his life might be forfeited.

Ignoring the murmuring crowd, the emperors and Entel weren't pleased to see the uncouth individual. Wu Yan is just as stunned as the emperors.

Entel turned grim after identifying the intruder.


Entel's voice sounded frosty, he stared at his own son who stood on the platform.

"Explain yourself. You know full well I won't have mercy on you if you don't..."

Ensi looked afraid for a brief second. Then, he recalled why he jumped out. He puffed his chest out.

"Father, you said it yourself."

Ensi started giggling.

"Anyone can come on stage if they are in the ninth realm of power!"

Forget Kate & co, the others were also shocked by this revelation.

"You're saying..."

Entel examined Ensi in detail. He can feel the faint aura coming from Ensi. His eyes lit up with excitement.

"You achieved a tier 9 breakthrough?!"

Ensi grinned. He raised his volume.

"That is correct, father."

Ensi's voice echoed throughout the area. Loud murmurs drowned out his voice.

Ensi took everyone's shock and awe with glee, he showed them a disgusting grin.

He intentionally stayed low-key after exiting the Domain of Gods. He hid within the crowd for this glorious moment.

His father reached the zenith of tier 9. To advance into the next stage as the first demigod Guardian, he needed to pass the reins in order to focus on training.

He is the most likely candidate to receive authority from his retiring father.

The patriarch always held the highest authority within the Guardians. However, only tier 9 cultivators can receive that post. His father will most likely on give him the title while retaining authority as the patriarch.

Within the Guardians, Entel is the only tier 9 cultivator.

Finally, his son became the only other ninth-tier guardian. At this point, it's almost guaranteed that he's going to become the next patriarch.

Ensi chose this opportune moment to show up because he wanted everyone to see his capabilities.

As for the other objective...

He turned his attention towards Wu Yan. Ensi doesn't need to say anything, Wu Yan already knew what the guy wanted...

He changed from the look of slight astonishment to the look of a cheeky kid.

Ensi felt like Wu Yan had read him like a book. His smug grin disappeared, revealing an angered expression.

With flames in his head, he ignored the crowd and the emperors' cautious gaze. He coldly snickered after glancing at Entel.

"Father, anyone who is tier 9 can stand here, right?"

Entel noticed something about Ensi's malicious look. His joys were replaced with disappointment.

"I did say that..."

Entel uttered in a low tone.

"Even so, state your reason..."

"Has your memories failed you? Father?"

Ensi turned towards the crowd.

"Every time a trip to the Domain of Gods finished, we would always hold a tournament with participants from the Guardians and the imperial families."

Ensi leered at Wu Yan one more time. His mischievous grin only served to enrage Ensi further.

"I want to invite the fiancee of Princess Sylph to this tournament, how about it?"

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