Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1110: Advent once more, still the same event?

Tengu City…

The streets are still as noisy as ever, various sounds mixed into a vibrant melody of liveliness. Although it’s noisy, the city exuded a sense of peace like no other.

The honks of cars, the smell of exhaust, the brushing of shoulders in the busy street, although not everyone’s smiling, the general mood is one of serenity.

Tengu City is not like Itogami city from Strike the Blood. The summer here isn’t unbearably hot. The demography here is also very normal, you won’t see vampires, beastmen, and attack mages moving around among humans.

There are only humans here…

At least, that’s what it looks like on the surface.

In the next instant, something that went beyond the definition of normality occurred.


A siren started blaring. The windows vibrated with the loud noise. Birds flew into the sky in fright.

The pedestrians were petrified by shock and fear. Their eyes widened before the public address started kicking in.

“Spacequake signs detected, please evacuate to the nearest shelter. This is not a drill. This is a real warning, please evacuate to the nearest shelter.”


The icy cold voice echoed across the street. Everyone started panicking.

"It's a spacequake! Spacequake!"


"Get to the shelter! Go now!"

It's like a monster is coming to town, everyone started scrambling to the nearest shelter. The thick steel gates came down the same time buildings started descending into the ground. It's like a military exercise out of a movie, chaos can be seen everywhere.

The atmosphere became very different.

The cars are empty...

Trash everywhere with no one around.

The streets, parks, and shops are empty...

Just a while ago, humans could still be seen. With nary a human in sight, the traces left by human activities made for a very good horror background.

A brilliant bud of light enveloped a certain part of the commercial district.


In an ear-deafening explosion, a shockwave leveled everything there.

Buildings were destroyed, rocks flew everywhere, a frightening shockwave reminiscent of a nuclear strike assaulted the district, turning that place into a hell on earth.

A large crater remained after the dust settled.

In the crater, a few individuals stood as they gasped at the demolished area. Exchanging looks, the dead silence caused them to stay mum.

After a while, a young lady with twintails and bangs covering one of her eyes giggled.

"Ara, what an interesting event..."

"No, it's not!"

The red-haired girl by her side shrieked.

"We just caused a spacequake! I never initiated spacequakes! This is bad!"

The guy standing with the four beautiful ladies started scratching his head in stress.

"Why is it spacequake again?!"

Wu Yan, Kotori, Kurumi, Yoshino, and Tohka started a spacequake when they returned.


Wu Yan is utterly confused.

"Well, our spirit powers are unsealed. We are not in the Neighboring world so this much is expected."

If a spirit materializes in this world, a dimensional rupture occurs.

When they return to the other side, it's called vanishing.

Materialization comes in two forms.

Normal materializations with spacequakes and peaceful materialization.

When spirits vanish, they will enter a sleeping state in the other world. They will wake up when they appear in the real world again. It's like they are forcibly awakened.

In other words, materializations usually have nothing to do with the Spirits' will.

When spirits are forcibly brought into this world, spacequakes will manifest.

When spirits willingly appear in this world, a spacequake will usually not occur.

A spacequake can be prevented if a spirit consciously controls the event.

Wu Yan, Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, and Yoshino materialized in this world from Silvaria, with four spirits among them, they forgot to seal their own powers and they didn't consciously control their powers. Thus, they sparked a spacequake.

Wu Yan understood Kotori's statement. However, one question never left his mind.

Why did a spacequake occur when he first descended in this world.

He isn't a spirit, he didn't control his powers...

Tohka and Yoshino exchanged a look. Tohka asked Wu Yan while sporting an anxious look.

"Shido, did we do something wrong?"

"Probably... I am not sure..."

Wu Yan scratched his cheek.


"Forget about it, at least nobody got hurt..."

Kotori sighed.

"Let's get out of here before the AST arrives..."

Wu Yan & co nodded. However, a noise from the sky interrupted them, they stopped...

"Ara ara..."

Kurumi licked her lips like she's enjoying this situation.

"They are already here..."

A few figures in futuristic combat suits of armor flew over at an extremely fast speed.

Wu Yan rubbed his temples. He looked at the four spirits near him.

"I don't care anymore. Everyone, use your Astral Dresses. Don't let the AST see you in casual clothing, it will lead to more problems down the road."

The four spirits nodded. Then, flames, dark energy, purple light, and ice mist covered them.

The spirits got into their dazzling Astral Dresses.

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