Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1101: A reply and asking for a beatdown

"Hence, I would like to invite the fiancée of Princess Sylph to participate in the tournament, how about it?"

Ensi's invitation silenced everyone.

The Domain of Gods opened up once a decade. It stayed open for 10 days each instance.

When the 10 days expired, it's a common custom to host a tournament with all the participants who passed the trial of the Guardian Tree.

The aim is very simple. It's to find out the growth of the successful participants.

The rewards one would obtain in the Domain of Gods varied. Some got pure talent upgrade while others got pure cultivation increase. Rare are the ones who received an improved talent and cultivation.

Similarly, the diverse upgrades and augmentations meant different results for successful recipients. A tournament is just the thing to gauge their new powers.

This is how the empires and Guardians sorted out who to nurture and who to ignore.

However, only those below tier 9 participated in the tournament. For high-level cultivators like ninth realm cultivators, it's beneath them to participate.

It's understandable. Why would tier 9 supers join a fight like this? Wouldn't that just amount to bullying?

Ensi invited Wu Yan the tier 9 mage fighter to a duel. The crowd wasn't sure what to make of this situation.

The others who understood his motivation returned to their senses faster.

Ensi's cold and malevolent look didn't bring Entel any joy, his ascendance into tier 9 notwithstanding. He sighed with frustration.

Entel looked at Wu Yan, he couldn't look at his own son anymore.

"Young Lord Yan, what do you think?"

Wu Yan sneered when Entel delegated the task to him.

"Well, I don't mind helping you out. I am more than happy to assist..."

More than happy?

What does that mean?

Ensi felt something fishy.

Ensi knew his father isn't someone who would go easy on his own son.

Even if he is strict, he wouldn't do something like agreeing to this potentially game-breaking change in custom.

Ensi didn't understand.

Entel already made up his mind. He gave Wu Yan a quick but thankful glance. He addressed the crowd.

"Young Lord Yan has agreed to the challenge. We shall now begin the tournament."

Entel changed his tone.

"However, ninth-tier cultivators shouldn't lower themselves to fight in a competition like this..."

"Relax, father!"

With a heavy heart, Ensi tried to persuade his father.

"Since I am in the ninth realm, I think the fiancee of the imperial princess should test my newfound power."

"Is that so?"

Entel already knew what his son would say before he opened his mouth.

"Very well, you two shall officiate this event by dueling."


Ensi didn't even protest. He shook off his puzzlement, revealing a sinister smile.

Wu Yan's nonchalant look only poured fuel on his already flaming head.

Wu Yan's indifferent attitude was taken by Ensi as disdain. He felt like Wu Yan didn't treat him with the respect he should.

Suppressing the explosive rage within, Ensi turned around with balled-up palms.

I will definitely beat you down a peg or two!

The possibility of defeat didn't even occur to Ensi.

To him, Wu Yan only defeated him because of the difference in powers between different tiers.

A peak tier 8 cultivator is no more threatening than the frailest kid in the playground when facing a tier 9 fighter. That is the same even if it's the weakest tier 9.

Ensi reckoned he's got a chance at victory now that he is in the same realm as Wu Yan.

Wu Yan is just a young twenty-something man. Meanwhile, Ensi is already over 40 years old.

He just couldn't respect this young up-start.

Rather, it's more accurate to say he hated Wu Yan for achieving the realm he aimed for before Ensi got there.

He's mad from jealousy.

Wu Yan can sense his immense jealousy. Wu Yan was amused by this clown who came back for a second serving of whoopass.

Guardian Tree, arena...

The crowd distanced themselves from the arena. They surrounded the arena while murmuring. Specifically, they were talking about the two duelists.

Entel, Kate, Gurda, and Weya looked down at the duelists from their elevated platform. Their eyes were brimming with worry.

"Is this fine?"

Kate asked.

"You know he's not going to hold back."

Entel & co didn't know about Wu Yan's miraculous encounters in the Domain of Gods.

However, they are aware of Wu Yan's power before he entered the Domain of Gods.

He fought against a mid-stage ninth tier despite his lower levels. Ensi is going to have a bad time as someone without any special abilities, his new tier 9 powers will also fail him.

Entel should have known better.

"It's fine."

Entel wasn't fazed. He coldly explained his motives.

"Only his strength grew, if he kept growing like this then he might as well have been a cripple. It's high time someone put him in his place..."

Kate, Weya, and Gurda agreed. They stopped asking him any questions.

Guardians are confined to the Emperor Island. It's only natural for their hearts to turn rebellious.

Entel picked on the three emperors before.

Ensi is also going down a dark path from his own dark emotions. It's not hard to see him turn into a villain if no one corrects him.

Entel looked unfazed on the surface. However, he's deeply concerned and that's why he didn't stop Ensi forcibly.

He secretly wanted Wu Yan to teach his son a lesson.

Wu Yan didn't turn Entel down.

Wu Yan already said it when Entel first tested him. Anyone who steps on him is bound to be taught a lesson they will never forget.

Now that Ensi gave him an engraved invitation to kick his butt, it would be unreasonable for him to turn Ensi down.

Ensi is still high on his newfound powers. He dreamed about the ways he is going to torment Wu Yan.

Ensi was going over multiple scenarios, he sifted through which one would best vent his frustration. Eyeing Wu Yan one more time, he saw Wu Yan's unfazed look. The guy looked like he is going to a tea party.

Ensi's anger grew once more. He coldly snickered.

"Hey, fiancée of imperial Princess Sylph, may I start?"

He kept referring to Wu Yan by his other title. It's clear he had no respect for Wu Yan whatsoever.

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow. He giggled in glee.

"I thought you would come attacking without warning. Giving a greeting is something I didn't expect, I underestimated you and for that I am sorry..."

Ensi's expression turned dark. An explosive douqi emanated outwards. It's dozens of times stronger than before.

"Let's see how long you can keep mouthing off like that!"

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