Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1102: You better start getting serious

Ensi lost control as his anger and hatred took over.

His douqi exploded like a raging volcano. The douqi burst swept outwards.

He clenched his fists as a Rare Armament-grade arming sword appeared in his hand. The sword shone brilliantly with dou qi lights.

Wu Yan snickered. He took out Nietono no Shana from a red portal.

The flaming sword spewed out a copious amount of blaze. The arena immediately rose in temperature.

"A Gold Armament!"

The crowd gasped while Ensi's face turned red.

He didn't blush because of the heat. He is ashamed...

Gold Armaments are reserved for tier 9 cultivators.

Sylph is an exception due to her stellar talents, incredible background, that's why she's strutting around with a Gold Armament. Kaya and Jaafar weren't so lucky.

It's something accepted as common sense. Only ninth realm cultivators had the ability and right to wield Gold Armaments.

The crowd wasn't shocked by Wu Yan taking out his Gold Armament. They just felt something off.

Wu Yan is wielding a Gold Armament while Ensi brandished a Rare Armament.

It felt like Ensi's a poor noble or a beggar who struck it rich.

Ensi detected this change in mood and he's not too happy about it.

If he waited some time, Entel would have given him a Gold Armament.

Alas, he lost control of himself and challenged Wu Yan, he created this mess himself.

He started questioning himself over the timing of his challenge.


He resisted the urge to chug his sword away. He growled with a dark look.

"I only need a Rare Armament to take you down!"

Wu Yan started laughing out loud. He tossed Nietono no Shana away.

A red portal opened up to swallow the discarded flaming sword. Then, a stream of iron sand flowed out of the spatial opening.

He formed an iron sword with the stream of iron sand.

With his sword pointed at the ground, Wu Yan didn't say anything. He just beckoned Ensi with a finger gesture.

That blew Ensi's mind.


Ensi lunged at Wu Yan with his dou-qi clad blade.

Wu Yand didn't move out of the way or make any defensive maneuvers. He waited until the blade's dangerously close before parrying it with a mighty flick of his sword.


He parried the attack in an instant. An intense gust exploded outwards.

With another collision, Ensi appeared from within the fray.


The ensuing force acted on two duelists' bodies. They had different reactions.

The shocwave staggered Ensi while Wu Yan grinned. The hand holding his sword actually trembled.

It was obvious who was stronger between the two duelists.

Wu Yan didn't only get a boost in levels.

His body also strengthened tremendously with the help of the miraculous pool.

"This bastard..."

Ensi clenched his teeth.

He flexed his arm to steady his shivering hands.

"You have barbaric strength..."

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow. He hooked his index finger, gesturing for Ensi to try again.

Oh, he's definitely telling Ensi to bring his a-game.

Laughing in seething rage, he disappeared in a blur. The next moment, he was already in front of Wu Yan.

He started a slashing storm, each slash was aimed at Wu Yan's vital parts.

Swish swish swish

Looking at the slashes, Wu Yan narrowed his eyes. He stepped backward, dodging all the slashes with razor-thin margins.

Ensi was mad with hatred. He smashed down on his hilt, sending his sword slicing towards Wu Yan's chest.

When the blade almost touched his chest, a hand arcing with lightning grabbed the blade.

Ensi let go of the sword, he raised his fists overhead, charging them with douqi. He smashed down at Wu Yan's chest.

He's planning to kill Wu Yan with each attack.

Wu Yan's eyes went cold. A magical force rippled outwards. The ripple stopped Ensi for a brief moment.

Wu Yan struck...

He didn't use a teleportation spell. Instead, he used pure speed to close the distance between the two duelists.


Ensi quickly recovered. He unleashed a right hook.


Wu Yan mirrored his attack. His magical powers overwhelmed Ensi's douqi enhancements.


Ensi groaned, he definitely heard something cracking in his fist.

A drop of cold sweat flowed down the side of Ensi's head. The intense pain told him that crack wasn't a hallucination. He tried to punch with his other fist. Douqi poured out from him.


To this, Wu Yan just grabbed his fist without using magical enhancements. He stopped the attack dead in its tracks.

Wu Yan's cold and scornful look turned Ensi pale as a ghost. The vice-like grip really reinforced Wu Yan's slow head lift.

"Please, bring out more of your true power..."

His playful smile went against the tightening fist grab, Ensi's fist started cracking again.

"This is starting to get unsightly, my dear ninth-tier fighter..."

The crowd gasped when they heard Wu Yan's taunting comment.

They couldn't catch the attacks since it all happened too fast. However, they can see the trend of the fight.

Ensi is the inferior fighter despite being in the same realm as Wu Yan.

Wu Yan didn't use a battle skill or magic. He used simple moves to suppress Ensi.

How can the gap between tier 9 individuals be so huge?

Didn't Princess Sylph's fiancée just enter the ninth realm? Maybe he's even stronger?

They exchanged confused looks. They could see the puzzlement in each other's eyes.

A twenty-something tier 9 cultivator, that's already unheard of in all of Silvaria's history.

You're telling me he's not just a low-stage tier 9 cultivator? How monstrous is his talent?

The crowd watched in bafflement. Finally, they started looking at Wu Yan like he's a freak of nature.

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