Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1104: A gift, you reap what you sow

The place went silent.

On the ground is Ensi who is bleeding from all the orifices on his face. His eyes were opened like someone who died with unfinished matters. The Guardians and imperial family members looked on with pity and sympathy.

In a way, Ensi is truly pitiful...

He was born as the son of the Guardian's patriarch. He also has excellent powers as a cultivator. However, he is doomed to spend the entirety of his life on this island.

He waited for the Domain of Gods to open up in order to bully imperial family members with his Guardian identity. Alas, he encountered Wu Yan instead.

He went through the trial of the Guardian Tree and braved challenges to become a tier 9 fighter. It was supposed to be his chance to avenge his previous defeat. In the end, he still got trounced, this beating was worse than the one he got from Wu Yan before.

He had his faults despite his pitiful circumstances.

This proved to be his downfall.

Of all the people he could have picked on, he just had to pick on Wu Yan. It didn't help that he didn't learn his lessons.

While the crowd pitied Ensi, they still found gave Wu Yan his due respect.

They can confirm one thing: This twenty-something young man is not only a tier 9 super, he is also an anomaly within tier 9 fighters.

He made short work of someone who just ascended to the ninth realm. Wu Yan basically chose when to end the fight, namely, when he finally started striking back.

Isn't that enough to prove Wu Yan isn't an average tier 9 fighter?


Entel sighed bitterly. He turned towards the emperors.

"Sorry for this pitiful display..."

"It's okay, Ensi can still change..."

Weya tried to cheer Entel up.

"Ensi should be humbled by this defeat. As for whether or not he can really change, that will have to depend on you..."

Entel nodded, he looked slightly better. He helplessly laughed.

"I just didn't think that young fellow hid such formidable close-quarters combat skills, how did he do it?"

Even if they are confined to the island. They know magic and douqi cannot exist in the same body at the same time. Even the Guardians knew something as simple as that.

Entel didn't detect douqi fluctuations from Wu Yan. How is a mage so adept at close-range fights?

"Yeah, look, it's like we said, we all want to know the answer..."

Kate joked about the situation.

"There are so many secrets in that young fellow, if you keep getting shocked by every bomb he dropped then it's just not good for your heart..."

"Without a doubt, he is good."

Gurda praised Wu Yan after assessing him.

"I am afraid that young fellow succeeded the trial by the Guardian Tree. It seems he got quite a haul from this trip..."

Entel, Kate, and Weya thought about it. They concurred.

Before entering the Domain of Gods, the emperors can still sense Wu Yan's power.

However, even Entel who stood at the peak of tier 9 had trouble sensing Wu Yan's power. He can only gauge Wu Yan's ability when he fights.

This is the only explanation for their inability to properly measure Wu Yan's power.

Wu Yan wasn't aware that his charade had been seen through. He stretched his back before turning towards the elevated platform.

"There, now that we have decided who won. Please excuse me from the ensuing game..."

Entel & co bitterly laughed. The duels after this will only look like children fighting to Wu Yan. He had no reason to stay or participate.

"Very well, we won't chain you here..."

Entel beamed at him.

"Let us meet again in a decade's time, my friend."


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow. He responded with a friendly smile too.

"I hope the next time we meet, I will be talking to a demigod elder."

Entel guffawed.

"Your good wishes are well received."

Gurda, Weya, and Kate also bade Wu Yan goodbye.

The joyous departure sounded like someone scratching the blackboard to Ensi's ears.

With Wu Yan's ringing laughter, Ensi slowly returned to his senses, his empty eyes started trembling.

Once Wu Yan leaves, it will be 10 years before Ensi can get another opportunity to exact revenge.

I have to wait 10 years?

No, he can't wait.

Wu Yan is just over twenty years old, he did really well by becoming a tier 9 cultivator at such a young age. Also, he's not a low-level tier 9. He is someone who can defeat a beginner tier 9 like he's taking a stroll in the park.

With Wu Yan's OP talent, the next time they meet, Wu Yan will have most likely arrived at the apex of the ninth realm.

Ensi asked himself, can he do that in 10 years?

Ensi couldn't be sure if he could do that in four decades, forget about doing that in a decade.

In other words, if Wu Yan left now, he will never get his revenge on Wu Yan.

Ensi's eyes turned bloodshot. While everyone's distracted. He suddenly jumped up, he grabbed the broken sword before charging towards Wu Yan at the fastest speed he can muster.

"I will kill you!"

The roar filled with malice shocked everyone. They couldn't believe their eyes.


Kate, Entel, Gurda, and Weya shouted at the sore loser. The whole ring reverberated with their angry shouts.

Wu Yan's deep red eyes finally flashed with killing intent.

In response to Wu Yan's cold-blooded intent to end the life of this bug, his tremendous magic power surged forward like a great tsunami. Ensi smashed into this plume of magic power.


It felt like somebody batted Ensi with an entire mountain range. He spat out the third mouthful of blood today. He got catapulted backward faster than when he charged over. Purple chains immediately strung Ensi up and back.

Wu Yan pulled Ensi over. He positioned his iron sword for a strike to the heart. This will be a powerful and deadly blow.

"Young Lord Wu Yan! Please have mercy!"

Entel begged Wu Yan to stop. Wu Yan halted with a snort. He raised his left index finger. He tapped Ensi's forehead.

His index finger burned with magical flames. A dark magic formation formed on Ensi's forehead.


Ensi started shrieking in agony when the formation appeared.

"Young Lord Wu Yan!"

Entel gasped in shock.


Wu Yan waved his hand, he stopped Entel in his tracks.

"It's just magic to instill pain in the victim. It won't cause any harm..."

Wu Yan coldly laughed.

"Of course, if he can't even handle the pain then there's a possibility he might go insane..."

"Please, Young Lord..."

"This magic will only be in place for 3 days."

Wu Yan cut Entel short again. He narrowed his eyes at the patriarch.

"This is my version of mercy for someone who tried to kill me. If you can't deal with this then don't blame me for executing Ensi right now."

Entel held his breath. Ensi is still screaming in pain but Wu Yan looked like he would carry out his threat should he try anything funny.

Finally, Entel accepted this outcome with a long sigh...

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