Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1105: Fighting over him, let me have him if you don't want him.

In the end, after Ensi got wrecked for trying a sneaky ambush, Entel wasn't in the mood to preside over a tournament. They pushed back the tournament by a few days.

It's basically a tradition to hold a tournament after the Domain of Gods closed, however, it's not explicitly written down. It's up to the host when to organize the event. Nobody opposed his announcement.

The imperial family members also read the mood. They returned to their hostels to rest. That's how the trip to the Domain of the Gods ended.

Naturally, there are winners and there are losers.

When the imperial guests go home, it's almost certain that there will be various changes to the established rankings among imperial families.

However, there is one constant among all this chaos, the impression Wu Yan left on them.

Wu Yan's name and figure finally entered the spotlight. The empires are going to take him seriously from now on. He's not just a super-strong cultivator known only to those within the higher echelons of society.

His name will reverberate throughout the land of Silvaria.

While the participants all went back to their homes, there's someone writhing in agony within the lavish room of a certain castle-like building.


Ensi is already more or less healed up after herbs and treasures were used on him. However, he's still spasming in pain.

There are no visible injuries on him. However, his expression is still twisted in anguish. The guy roared like a mad man.

There is a vague magic formation near his forehead. It's imbued with dark magic that caused extreme pain in Ensi.

Ensi rampaged from the agony inflicted upon him. He destroyed almost all the furniture in his room except for the bed.

Even so, his hatred and killing intent didn't diminish with this. Only when the magic formation receded did he get a brief respite from the hell of pain. Ensi started panting as he tried to rest his weary mind.

Wu Yan designed this into the magic formation. If he didn't, it's highly likely Ensi would commit suicide or go insane in less than 3 days.

That would be an ending all too easy and peaceful for someone like him.

The pain died down, Ensi came back to reality only to feel the bed drenched from his sweat and his stinging nerves.

However, this brief moment of clarity was wasted. He thought about Wu Yan's disdainful look and distant deep red eyes. He just couldn't get Wu Yan out of his mind.

Even more than that, he feared Wu Yan...

Even when he ascended into the ninth realm, that youngster still beat him within an inch of his life like he's fighting a baby. He even gave him this cruel punishment. He feared Wu Yan more than he hated him.

At this point, Ensi had to admit it.

He dreaded Wu Yan.


Ensi's terrified and anguished screams entered Entel's ears. He was outside his room, he sighed once more.

"It's going to be okay, don't beat yourself up..."

Kate, Gurda, and Weya tried to cheer Entel up.

"A setback is the medicine he needs..."

Gurda glanced at Ensi's room.

"I don't think you can hand over the clan's management to him if he keeps acting like that."

"I hope he learned his lesson..."

Weya nodded.

"If this doesn't teach him a lesson then we are truly in trouble..."


Kate started rubbing his forehead.

"That guy tormented Ensi, I think there's a high chance Ensi will remember this forever..."

"Your Majesties, be at ease..."

Entel shook his head. Turning away from his son, he assured the emperors.

"He's my son, I know how to guide him..."

"I hope so..."

Kate sighed, he is still troubled.

"Gosh, I hope their confrontations won't turn into a fight between imperial families and the Guardians."

Gurda and Weya agreed. Wu Yan is Sylph's fiancee. He's technically a part of the imperial families. With Ensi's status as the son of the Guardians' patriarch, it's easy to see how this can turn into a war if they aren't careful.

"Seriously, He's got the talent, power, and personality, why can't he just learn some tact?"

Kate bitterly laughed.

"As expected, I shouldn't have betrothed Sylph to him. If he uses that kind of attitude to bully Sylph then there's nothing she can do against a brute like him. Maybe she won't even blow the whistle on him because she's so scared. In the end, my beloved daughter will be crying in a corner, out of my reach or sight."


"No! I must find a loophole to dissolve their engagement."

Kate is going off on a tangent while Entel, Gurda, and Weya listened with cold sweats flowing down the sides of their heads.

"He doesn't look like someone who would bully a girl..."

Weya retorted.

"Moreover, I don't think Sylph is the type of girl to cry in a corner..."

"You guys don't know the fragile interior beneath my daughter's cold exterior. She's very feeble deep down inside, you know?!"

Kate started making his case. Weya rolled his eyes.

"Ah, I take it this means you don't want Wu Yan to become one of the Ailu imperials? I've got an idea, give him to me, that bastard stole the hearts of many princesses in my empire with his ridiculous powers and achievements..."

"Ah, me too..."

Gurda chimed in with a grin.

"Anyway, regardless of his current status. The young ones are aiming for him, make it easy for them and give Wu Yan up."

Kate felt conflicted.

Wu Yan is both powerful and incredibly talented. His future is limitless, who wouldn't want someone like that in their factions?"

Plus, there are multiple freakishly strong tier 9 individuals near Wu Yan. He also has the backing of a demigod.

People would kill to get on Wu Yan's friend list.

Kate wants Wu Yan to be on friendly terms with the Ailu empire. He borrowed Sylph's help to superficially tie Wu Yan to the Ailu empire. Although they are just engaged, it beasts having no relationship at all.

The problem lies in the fact that Kate actually doesn't want to go through with this, he didn't want to see Sylph get hitched to Wu Yan.

He's banking on getting Wu Yan to marry other princesses. This way, Sylph won't have to marry Wu Yan.

But, those princesses aren't even worthy of holding Wu Yan's shoes.

Only Sylph had the looks, power, and personality to at least stay near Wu Yan.

Kate is at his wit's end.

Kate's worried about his daughter's engagement. Fortunately, he's not aware that a certain wolf already gave Sylph the squid cream treatment.

Emperor Island, the edge of the island.

Wu Yan took another look at the Emperor Island City. He stayed here for close to half a month already. Next, he beamed at Sylph who stood by his side.

"Well then, I am heading off now..."

Sylph nodded slightly, she stared straight into Wu Yan's eyes.

"I will find you!"

Wu Yan chuckled. He patted Sylph's head.

"Well, see you then..."

Wu Yan stepped back. He took out a crystal scroll before tearing it to shreds.

An intense light covered Wu Yan. In a flash, Wu Yan disappeared.

Sylph stood there as the sun slowly set into the seas, looking longingly at where Wu Yan once stood.

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