Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1107: Immediately rewarded upon return

It's darkening...

Inside the Giant Beast Forest Ailu forward operating base, in the isolated lake, the ladies were washing themselves.


Astrea swam around the lake like a champion. She's incredibly good at swimming, her speed is also superhuman!

Alas, after her wings soaked up the lake water, it increased her swimming resistance and decreased her buoyancy. She immediately sank into the lake as she squirmed in panic.


Hinagiku dragged Astrea out of the water while lecturing her.

"Astrea-chan, we are here to take a bath, we are not here to swim..."


Astrea started scratching the back of her head in embarrassment.

"It's so wide here, I subconsciously started swimming... kyah?!"

Astrea moaned all of a sudden.

The reason, someone grabbed her large melons...

"Haha! I got you!"

The hands on her jugs started massaging her divine meat sacks into various shapes. Astrea giggled while twitching in pleasure.

"Ahaha.... Ai-chan... not there... that tickles... ahaha...."


Kinuhata Saiai showed her an evil grin. She ramped up her intensity.

"In other words, Astrea's weakness is over here, right? Hehehe, take my super..."

"Ahaha.... Nooo.... Ahahah..."

"Look, ladies..."

Mikoto glanced at Astrea's blessed mountains, a hint of jealousy flashing in her eyes.

"Conserve some energy, don't come to me when you're too weak to even climb back on shore..."

"It's fine! It's fine!"

Kinuhata Saiai waved her off. A thought struck her before a mischievous grin climbed onto her face, she was eyeing Mikoto's body.

Feeling a chill, Mikoto stepped back.

"Wh-what are you doing? What's with that grin?"


Kinuhata Saiai released Astrea who almost fainted. Like a dirty old man, she slowly inched closer to Mikoto.

"Misaka-san, where is your weakness? I am very curious..."

Mikoto immediately knew what Kinuhata Saiai wanted, her face turned red as she tried to scamper off. However, a pair of tiny hands held her shoulders in place. Mikoto froze up in surprise.

"In the end, this seems interesting..."

Frenda's youthful expression entered Mikoto's vision. Like Kinuhata Saiai, she's snickering.

"Count me in..."

"Good job! Frenda!"

Kinuhata Saiai praised her accomplice. She pounced on Mikoto.

"Keep a super tight grip on her!"

"Hey! Kinuhata, knock it off... Frenda... stop.... Nnn... Nyaaghh..."

Playful giggles echoed across the lake. Astrea is still heaving in exhaustion, Tohka supported her lest she sinks into the lake again. Hinagiku watched on while chuckling in joy and frustration.

Looking at the other side, Ikaros, Shokuhou Misaki, Kurumi, and Takitsubou Rikou were enjoying the water with their eyes closed and their backs leaning against the cliffs surrounding the lake. Their bountiful jugs lined up as Hinagiku's lips quivered.

"That's an impressive line-up..."

Shokuhou Misaki and Kurumi opened their eyes when they heard Hinagiku.

"Ara ara..."

Kurumi started giggling with a tilted head.

"We are nothing compared to..."

Shokuhou Misaki jutted her chin at a spot somewhere not far away.

"That victor over there..."

Hinagiku also looked over. Her eyelids started twitching...

"Nn~~ This feels so good~"

It's like Yukari intentionally stretched her back, exposing those divine and demonic marshmallows for everyone to see. Those are some lethal weapons she's packing.

"Too bad this isn't a hot spring, there is also no booze to enjoy together with the bath..."

"Yukari-nee, incredible..."

Flan said with a half-stunned look. she's not jealous, more like, she's looking at her mammary glands like they were toys or sweets. Flan murmured while biting on her index finger.

"Truly... impressive..."

Yoshino nodded bashfully, she's red all over.

"If only I am as big as her..."

"Maa maa, Yoshino, don't be sad..."

The puppet on her hand started cheering Yoshino up.

"Small ones are good too, there are men who dig your figure, you know?~"

Yoshino widened her eyes. She nodded in a daze.

"Is that so?"

"She's probably right..."

Yukari chimed in, she revealed a mysterious grin.

"However, I think Yan-kun likes 'em big..."

"Onii-san, likes them big..."

Yoshino looked around in panic. She's clearly wavering. Near her, Flan stopped biting her index finger, she shot a question in excitement.

"Then, if Flan grows up to be as big as Yukari-nee, will Onii-chan love Flan too?"


Yukari gave her question serious thought.

"That should be correct."

"Yukari, what kind of example are you trying to set here?"

Hinagiku bitterly laughed.

"Don't teach them weird stuff..."

"Just telling the truth..."

Yukari took out her fan from somewhere. She covered her mouth as her eyes flashed with playfulness.

"Hinagiku, you are self-conscious of your own size, no?"


Hinagiku wanted to retort but her words got stuck in her mouth. Yukari also started laughing while Hinagiku dived into the water in embarrassment.


Kotori grumbled when she saw the ruckus the other ladies caused.

"Can't take a quiet bath at all, these girls..."

Kotori started making her way over to the shore, attracting the attention of Hinagiku who got an A-cup angst.

"Eh? You are done already? Kotori..."


She waved her arm.

"I wanted to stay just a while longer but my stomach's making a noise so I am heading out first..."

Tohka and Astrea's ears twitched. They immediately made a beeline for the shore.

"Ooooh! Us too! We are hungry too!"

With Kotori, Tohka, and Astrea making their way out of the lake, the pile of clothes lit up as the magic crystal throbbed for a second. A light orb expanded as a figure slowly materialized.

The ladies were surprised by the sudden burst of light. Before they can react, the light receded away to reveal the intruder.

Wu Yan opened his eyes, imagine his surprise to see the ladies' bath scene. His mouth turned into an 'o'-shape.



Because Wu Yan appeared in the pile of women's clothes, he got a good look at Kotori, Astrea, and Tohka's birthday suits.


Astrea and Tohka shrieked before jumping into the water again. Kotori hid her secret molehills with a handbra. She shot a look as sharp as a dagger in Wu Yan's direction. She wanted to bite off a piece of Wu Yan's meat.


The other ladies ducked into the water. Hinagiku and Mikoto roared at him. He looked in their direction...

Wu Yan saw the porcelain white skin of the various ladies in his entourage, his head started spinning.

"What's going on here?!"

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