Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1116: Dating two girls? Is he going for the hat trick?

Tengu city, Raizen High...


Wu Yan yawned once more. Shiori frowned when she heard him.

"Shido, can you psyche yourself up? Watching you is making me sleepy..."

"Nope, this isn't something I chose..."

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. He shrugged bitterly.

"We messed around too much last night so I didn't get much sleep..."

"Messed around too much?"

Shiori roamed her gaze over at Tohka who is munching on a bun on Wu Yan's left side. Then, she looked at Kurumi who is happily hugging Wu Yan's other arm. Her face turned red.


Still blushing, Shiori coughed as she gave Wu Yan a furtive glance.

"I can't comment on your private life but you should probably control yourself. It would be troubling for me as the sister if you kept this up..."

"I am not sure where I should begin retorting..."

Wu Yan's lip twitched.

"Is my private life so inextricably linked to debauchery?"

"Is it not?"

Shiori closed one of her eyes, she's giving a sideways glance.

"Okay, let's face it. Shido, what did you do that made you catch so little sleep?"


Wu Yan wanted to say something but he kept a lid on his mouth in the end.

Can anyone expect Wu Yan to say he spent last night installing Fraxinus back in the skies of Tengu city? Is he going to tell her he did that so the Ratatoskr members can go to work?

He doesn't mind bringing Shiori into this. But, Kotori adamantly refused to let Shiori find out about this. Wu Yan will get his butt handed to him if Kotori finds out he spilled the beans on Ratatoskr.

Wu Yan couldn't come up with a good explanation as a result.

This was interpreted by Shiori as a sign that Wu Yan cannot refute the charges laid against him.


Frustrated, Shiori sped up.

"Fortunately, you're Kotori's brother, not mine. I am going to tell Kotori everything..."

Shiori paced away from Wu Yan like she wanted some distance between herself and the pervert. Soon, she disappeared down the hallway.


Wu Yan slammed his palm into his face. He turned towards Kurumi who is hugging his arm.

"Do I look like my nightly activities involve women all the time?"


Kurumi's eyes widened slightly, she looked like she's genuinely confused.

Wu Yan's eyelids twitched. His shoulders sagged down.

"Okay.. fine..."

"Hey, Shido..."

Tohka tugged Wu Yan's sleeve. The previous topic piqued her interest.

"What are 'nightly activities'?..."

Kurumi giggled while Wu Yan's expression collapsed.

"If Shiori was here, you could have asked her. That would have cleared my guilt."


Tohka flinched. She shouted out loud after looking around.

"Right! Where is Shiori?!"

"Are your eyes filled with buns?!"

Wu Yan started retorting.

"She just ran away in front of you!"


Kurumi's greatly amused by her ditzy attitude. She laughed so hard her stomach started hurting.

As the trio fooled around, they finally arrived at the main door of their classroom.


The same instant they entered, everyone piped down. The whole class's eerily quiet.

Multiple gazes swept past them.

There are gazes of admiration mixed upon looks of intense jealousy.

Most common though, are the stares of critical judgment.

Those judging eyes are directed at Wu Yan.

A while back, Tohka shouted "I'm Shido's girlfriend, you're just Shido's fiancee." to Kurumi.

Just now, the trio clearly entered the classroom while flirting with each other.

Itsuka Shido, that name's already synonymous with dating two people at once. No, he's already ascended beyond that realm, he's openly dating two people. He's a legend among men but an absolute scum among the ladies.

It feels like he's attracting eyeballs no matter which world he entered.

It's like someone gave him the fate of the protagonist.

Wu Yan sat on his seat as he chatted the time away with Kurumi and Tohka. He ignored the nasty looks the other students are giving him. He continued teasing the two ladies, eliciting giggles from them.

The guys in his class are flaming inside their heads. They almost shot tears from their eyes.

Kurumi and Tohka are all extremely beautiful.

They are easily the crown jewels of Raizen high given their high appearance spec.

The goddesses in their hearts are talking with an unassuming man. Why wouldn't they be pulling their hair out?

"Hey, Itsuka-san..."

The ladies around Shiori started talking badly about Wu Yan.

"Your brother is openly dating two girls, aren't you going to say something about this?"

"Shido's not doing that..."

Shiori thinks Wu Yan is a total player but she still protected him in front of public eyes.

"Erm... How do I explain this, you see this a lot in TV, right? The man and woman like each other very much, but, a fiancee appeared out of nowhere to test their relationship. Something like how the fiancee was decided by their parents..."

Shiori continued explaining.

"Shido's in a similar situation. He's not really that intimate with Tokisaki-san, Shido likes Tohka too much."

Shiori supported Tohka.

"I see..."

The female students around her started nodding. Their eyes are less sinister now.

Shiori sighed in relief.


"Itsuka Shido!"

While Wu Yan is frolicking with Kurumi and Tohka. A monotone voice called out to Wu Yan.

Wu Yan froze up when he heard the familiar voice. Indeed, he turned around to see the individual he saw coming.

It's Tobiichi Origami.


Don't tell me she's thinking about starting something here?...

Origami looked into Wu Yan's eyes.

"I have something to say to you!"

The class turned silent once more.

Is he going for the triple kill?

The students had a premonition. They stared daggers into Wu Yan, chilling his back.

Wu Yan started bitterly chortling as he wiped away the droplets of sweat on his forehead.

"Erm, Tobiichi-san..."

"I have something to say to you!"

Origami used the same line to interrupt Wu Yan. She's not taking a no for an answer.

"Hey! Tobiichi Origami!"

Tohka shrieked at her.

"What are you doing to Shido?!"

Tobiichi Origami ignored Tohka. This only made Tohka angrier.

"Hey, you..."


Wu Yan patted Tohka's shoulder, he gave her a reassuring look before walking out of the classroom with Tobiichi Origami behind him.

The classroom exploded into loud clamors.


The female students were doubtful.

"Are you sure he only likes Tohka-san?"

Shiori slumped down on her desk in a lethargic manner.

"I don't care anymore..."

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