Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1117: The hatred and an important position

It's almost time for classes.

Students in the long hallways and lounges are all heading toward their designated classrooms. Only Wu Yan and Tobiichi Origami are walking in the opposite direction to this general human traffic.

They didn't speak along the way. Soon, they departed from the populous halls of the academy. They went up the stairs to the door to the school's roof.

Anyone would be forgiven if they assumed a confession's going down. They went out of public view to an isolated place like this.

Except, the two had serious looks.

They could still faintly hear the sound of students behind them. However, they ignored the noise. They are just three or four flights of stairs away from the nearest student. However, the mood around them is deathly still.

Wu Yan felt a bit regretful that Tobiichi Origami couldn't find her smile, her exquisite appearance would have complemented her smile well. That task is destined to be harder than making Ikaros smile.

Tobiichi Origami is bearing a burden a high schooler like her had no business carrying.

It's hatred.

This hatred exploded when she saw Kotori in her Astral Dress.

Tobiichi Origami dragged him here, it's not hard to guess what she wanted out of him. With her immense hatred, it's already a wonder she acted chill when inviting Wu Yan out here. Hopefully, he can pacify her and prevent further attempts at harming Kotori.

Even if Kotori's way more powerful than Tobiichi Origami, Wu Yan doesn't want to see them hurting each other.

If possible, he wanted to erase the seething darkness within her heart.

Even if he can't do that, he's going to make sure Tobiichi Origami believes him, Kotori isn't the target she should be aiming for.

In any case, this is going to be tough as Tobiichi Origami will probably not buy what he has to say.

Wu Yan's going to do his best.

If she keeps aiming for Kotori then that would call for a stricter measure from Wu Yan.

That is reserved for a worst-case scenario.

As for telling Tobiichi Origami the real killer, Wu Yan gave up on the thought.

It's something harder than telling Tobiichi Origami to give up or smile.

If she finds out about the truth, it's highly possible she would lose all hopes of living, suffering a mental breakdown in the process.

Wu Yan just couldn't find it in his heart to reveal the truth. Even if he said it, Tobiichi Origami would probably not believe him. Revealing the truth at this juncture will probably earn him enmity and misunderstandings.

Wu Yan is just rolling with the punches for now.

Tobiichi Origami looked at Wu Yan. Despite the awkward silence, she didn't look annoyed. She cut straight into the core of the matter.

"Yesterday, what did you mean by that?!"

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Since you're here, I am assuming you believed me?"

"No, I don't believe you."

Tobiichi Origami refuted.

"According to my knowledge, there are two flames spirits who might be my parents' killers. Either one of you could be the killer, rather, you two might be conspiring killers!"

"I didn't expect that reply..."

Wu Yan closed his eyes.

"Since you don't believe me, then why are you still here?"

"If Kotori is your enemy then my familiarity with her makes me a biased source. If I am the killer..."

Wu Yan opened his eyes while staring back at Tobiichi Origami.

"Do you think I would admit my own guilt?"

Tobiichi Origami's face changed slightly. She balled her palms into fists with clenched teeth.

"Tell me!"

Tobiichi Origami raised her voice with him.

"Five years ago, who was the spirit that killed my parents?! You?! Or, Kotori?!"

"It has nothing to do with Kotori."

Wu Yan replied calmly.

"Kotori was originally a human, through an encounter, she obtained spirit powers. The great fire of Tengu City was indeed caused by her, despite the perpetrator's inability to control her own abilities..."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"I sealed Kotori's powers soon after she got her powers. Kotori was also immobilized so she couldn't have killed anyone."

"A human who got spirit power? You sealed her powers?"

Tobiichi Origami bit down on her teeth harder.

"You think I would believe something like that? I clearly saw a spirit in the sky..."

"Okay, let's ignore the question of whether or not you actually saw what you saw."

Wu Yan waved his hand, stopping Tobiichi Origami.

"What makes you so sure that was Kotori?!"


Tobiichi Origami flinched. She furrowed her brows.

"That day, I-I saw a spirit kill my parents, I saw a silhouette..."

"Just from that silhouette, you're so sure it was Kotori?"

"You can't even give a description of the spirit's appearance, what makes you so sure about your own theories?..."


Tobiichi Origami bit her lips with a dark look.

"Indeed, I didn't see the spirit's face. However, you still can't prove this has nothing to do with Kotori. Also, you are still a suspect in this case!"

"In any case, it sounds like you're making up stories to protect Itsuka Kotori!"

Tobiichi Origami pointed her finger at him.

"If you aren't the killer then provide proofs. Otherwise, i won't believe you."

The mood turned heavy after that declaration.

Tobiichi Origami bit down on her lips so hard it's possible she might injure herself.

Her parents' death must have tormented her.

If he revealed the true killer while she's suffering like this...

That would be too cruel...

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"True, I can't prove Kotori didn't kill your parents. On the other hand, you have no proof Kotori killed your parents, so there..."

He stared at her.

"Rather, you would rather be safe and kill us both just to make someone else go through the pain of losing loved ones?!"


Tobiichi Origami's face went pale, her bangs covered her eyes when she lowered her head.

Wu Yan also didn't egg on. He tried to analyze Tobiichi Origami's reactions. He can only see her trembling shoulders.

Clearly, Tobiichi Origami's struggling.

Wu Yan don't know what went down between Shiori and Tobiichi Origami. However, with Shiori's high position in Tobiichi Origami's heart, she must have done something great.

Tobiichi Origami sighed. She regained her composure.

"I will find out who is the real killer!"

Tobiichi Origami left him without saying anything.

Wu Yan looked up at the ceiling while sighing.

"Temporary peace, I will take this outcome..."

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