Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1121: Distorted heart, Miku's worldview

Inside Fraxinus's command room, everyone can see the two individuals standing there menacingly, Miku's dropping familiarity bar also sparked anxiety within the members of this organization.


One of the operatives shouted in panic.

"Diva's very unstable, a spacequake is imminent at this rate!"


Mana clenched her fists. Her serious look also had signs of tension on it.

No, it's not just her. Kotori and pretty much everyone in the room started feeling worried.

"Things don't look good..."

Kotori crunched the Chupa Chups in her mouth. She's trying to use the sweet to calm her uneasy nerves.

"At this rate, it's impossible to start on her route. This operation cannot continue anymore!"

"Captain's not going to fight with Miku, right?"

Yatsuki mumbled nervously.

"Captain's not so twitchy, am I right?..."

"I don't know..."

Kotori frowned.

"She took out her anger on normal humans. She injured her own fans, that's going way too far. Knowing Onii-san, he's probably really mad..."

"What are we going to do?"

Mana asked.

"If Captain engages Diva in a fight, the AST will definitely come..."

"Indeed, meeting Her isn't ideal right now..."

Kotori recalled Origami's doll-like face. She bit down on her lips.

"I can only trust Onii-san knows what he's doing."

Kotori ordered Mana and Yatsuki.

"Mana, Yatsuki, you two are to mobilize and intercept any AST approaching the venue."

Yatsuki and Mana nodded at the same time. They ran out of the control room. Kotori faced her subordinates.

"Everyone, get into battle positions. Prepare the spacequake alert systems, have it ready to go off at the first sign of spacequakes."

"Yes, Madam!"


Kotori lowered her head.

"Onii-san might start fighting with Miku, please evacuate the fans as soon as possible."


Kyouhei bowed before running out of the control room too.

Done with the controls, Kotori slightly unfurred her brows. Watching her brother who is smiling on the screen without a hint of amusement, she mumbled.

"Onii-san likes to create a mess a bit too much..."

At the concert, on the stage...

Wu Yan looked around to see Miku's fans struggling in pain and moaning in anguish. He asked her.

"Do you have any idea what you just did?"


Miku knitted her eyebrows. Her sweet voice echoed across the hall.

"I don't understand what you're talking about. Also, please don't address me so casually, it feels disgusting!"

"Are they not your fans?"

Wu Yan continued speaking despite Miku's venomous remarks.

"As an artist, is that how you treat your fans?"

Miku's brow twitched for a second. She looked around before flinching slightly. She had finally noticed the girls who were incapacitated by her. She chuckled.

Miku said something that made Wu Yan's face go dark. She started giggling with that angelic voice of hers.

"Are you kidding me? Since they are my fans they should be able to take what I dish out. I can do whatever I want!"

Miku's smile suddenly froze.

Her sharp senses picked up a change in the area. It's like she's suddenly placed in the heart of a bog, even breathing became a difficult task.

"Because they are your fans you can do whatever you want to them..."

Wu Yan started chortling.

"Even if you hurt them, they should graciously accept this boon from you, is that what I am getting?"

Wu Yan's grin should have made Miku vomit. However, his smile only created a sense of dread within Miku.

Miku nodded.

"They like me so much. They willingly got hurt for me, didn't they?!"


Wu Yan stared holes into Miku.

"You're saying they agreed to this?"

"That's right."

Miku declared.

"Everyone is obedient to me!"

Miku spread her arms, she emitted a ripple of power. It expanded outwards rapidly.


The iridescent glow underneath her suddenly materialized a large metallic construct that looked like a mini-castle.

It's a silverish-golden gigantic organ that's almost the same size as the stage.

"Is that..."

Kotori shrieked.

"Her Angel?!"

Wu Yan also recalled something. The commotion from Fraxinus also interrupted is thoughts, he stared at Miku.

The audience who are just getting back up also noticed this anomaly. They exchanged looks while Miku moved her fingers.

It's like she's tapping on keys, trails of magical keys followed her fingers. She tapped on the keyboard.

With her hands firmly on the keyboard...

"Dance and sing, Gabriel!"

The organ emitted strange tunes.

The silver pipes started emitting waves of magical sounds.

The entire hall shook as the sounds entered the audience's eardrums. After dozens of seconds, the storm of sounds stopped.

The crowd stopped moaning in pain at the same time the magical sounds died down. Nobody's talking or moving.

No, it's not just that.

The audience turned into mindless dolls. They stood without any other movement. They also lost their expressions, even the light within their eyes is gone.

Wu Yan predicted this outcome. The audience turned into an orderly legion of mindless robots. He glanced around casually before looking at Miku once more.

Miku saw Wu Yan's cool look so she started bouncing her fingers along the keys.

"Catch him!"

The audience members started climbing on top of the stage with glow sticks ready.

He can hear the clamorous footsteps. Finally, he moved as well.

Wu Yan inhaled deeply. He roared out loud immediately.


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