Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1123: Despair? Terror? Begging for mercy?

With metallic clings, the silver pipes got locked down by the purplish chains.

Miku got bound before she knew anything. When she felt her feet leaving the ground, it was already too late, her voluptuous body was already in the air.

Things took a drastic turn in a second.

"What is this?!"

Miku struggled against her bindings. She used Reiryouku to enhance her physical abilities. Her attractive figure immediately filled up with superhuman power.

Alas, this power isn't something that can resist the Chains of Commandment. The most she did was make the metal shake a bit. It's impossible to break loose.

"Save your energy..."

Wu Yan went past the silver pipes as he slowly walked over to Miku who is still struggling against the chains.

He stared into her beautiful silver eyes.

"It's impossible to break the bindings of the Chains of Commandment, not with your power."

Miku stopped squirming. She couldn't help but fear Wu Yan.

"Wh-who are you?!"

Wu Yan sneered.

"Isn't it too late to ask for my name?"

Asking for someone's name is something one would do at the start of a conversation, no?

She never saw Wu Yan as anything more than a target to get rid of. She attacked him the moment they saw each other. Another person would have been done in less than 10 seconds, she would probably not even remember the guy's face.

For Miku, Wu Yan was just another "guy."

Until now...

Miku still didn't feel anything out of place. She started struggling subconsciously. She wanted to distance herself from Wu Yan out of dread. It's like she's afraid Wu Yan would do something to her.

If the man she hated really did something to her, Miku would lose the desire to even kill herself.

Wu Yan's masculine scent made Miku want to vomit. It's not hard to imagine what would happen if Wu Yan touched her.

Wu Yan saw the disgust on her face before sighing.

Miku hates all men equally.

To be hated like this is still a first for Wu Yan. She's one of the spirits he has to seal so this is a cause of headache for Wu Yan.

"Looks like talking with you is going to be futile..."

Wu Yan tapped his earpiece.

"Anyway, I will let Kotori & co do the talking, you come with me."

"Come with you?"

Miku started struggling furiously.

"Who would want to go with you?! Just breathing the same air as you is already stressful enough! I am absolutely not going with you!"

"Well, I am sorry..."

Wu Yan gave her a quick glance.

"I don't like you too, not to the extent of hating the act of breathing the same air though. Don't think I will go easy on you just because you look pretty."

Wu Yan raised a hand and another wave of magic converged at his palm.

A black magic formation expanded outwards from Wu Yan's palm. His magic power infused the black magic formation like bees to honey. The magic formation is now the same width as Wu Yan's shoulder.

Vrm vrm vrm vrm

The magic formation split into four dark rings. The rings whirled around before heading for Miku.

The rings bound Miku much to her surprise. She got disarmed and restricted by the dark rings.


Gabriel collapsed at the same time Miku got disarmed. Miku can feel her Reiryoku being sealed.

She started screaming.

"What did you-!"

Her voice vanished.


Wu Yan was prepared for Miku to berate him. He looked at her only to find her staring back at him with astonishment.

"You... ugh."

Miku couldn't finish her sentence. She tried very hard to express herself only to emit groaning noises.

Miku's stunned look turned into one of absolute terror and despair.

She lost her voice!

Miku looked like she's experiencing the most terrifying event in the world. She started trembling while opening and closing her mouth.

It's a natural result.

She relied on her Reiryoku to talk. The dark rings sealed her powers so she can't even speak since her speech relied on her powers.

Wu Yan waved his hand and dispelled the Chains of Commandment around her. Miku fell to the ground in horror. She crawled over to Wu Yan before clutching onto the hem of his shirt. She's clinging to the man she hated the most.

"R-return it..."

Miku clung to him like she's afraid of drowning. Her hands trembled but those grips were firm. Terror, despair, fear, and desperation filled her begging voice.

"R-return my... sound... to me..."

"Return... it..."

Wu Yan's expression darkened when Miku begged him desperately like this.

Izayoi Miku lived for singing, she can do nothing else.

This isn't a remark of sarcasm. It's a fact.

She's bad at sports and academics.

She's bad at making food, cleaning, she can only do the bare minimum to maintain herself.

The only outstanding talent she had was singing, that's the only thing people praised her for.

Her voice is her most important asset. It is everything to her.

Yoimachi Tsukino leveraged this ability to reach stardom at the age of 15. She had a large fanbase, males made up 90% of her fanbase at the time. She achieved success in her artistic career. That is until she turned down a shady offer from a dodgy producer. Everything changed...

A scandal.

It was a fake scandal but that destroyed her reputation.

Her fanbase turned on her. She developed mentally-induced dysphonia. Her voice was gone...

Miku lost the thing most important to singing, her voice... now she has nothing.

She derived her value from her singing ability, without it, she's nothing.

Her voice is more important to her than her life.

Naturally, losing something like this dropped her into the pits of despair.

After that experience, she also developed extreme distrust in people, especially males. Turning into a spirit, she decided to hate all men.

Men are just slaves to her.

Women are just her playthings.

With her spirit powers, she do whatever she wants to the people around her.

In the end, she's nothing but a victim, a sorry victim...

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