Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1124: A small crutch, not a man?

Losing her voice is like losing her identity.

This is a firm perception in Miku's mind.

After experiencing the loss of her voice, the fear of losing her voice is even greater now than ever before. She thought about how humans might betray her again before her face paled in horror.

Please, return my voice!

Miku couldn't utter a coherent sentence. She clung to Wu Yan with a face as ashen as a corpse. She begged him over and over again. Her hoarse but pitiful voice echoed throughout the hall.

"R-return... it... I..."

He lowered his head to see Miku begging near his knee. The flames of anger that sprouted after watching her prideful and selfish behavior died down. He bitterly laughed...

Tragic victims usually played a role in their own downfall. She's a clear example of this...

He squatted down. He got to eye level with her, she's still looking at him with horror and asking for mercy. He lost the motivation to punish her. Using a softer tone he continued.

"I bear you no ill will. I just need to talk to you about something..."

Miku didn't listen, she's still looking at him with moist eyes and a fearful look.

To her, Wu Yan's intention is at the back of her mind. Her voice is more important.

She knows this man took her voice away.

She can only beg Wu Yan to return it. She must get it back from him.

Without her voice, she's nothing.

"I... Return... It..."

Wu Yan sighed after listening to the sentence she somehow pieced together.

"If you agree to follow me, I will release your seals and return your voice, how does that sound?"

Miku didn't even think about the offer. She vigorously nodded her head without her prior hesitance and resistance. Wu Yan pitied her...

He rubbed her head. Miku endured her fear, shivering as she allowed Wu Yan to do as he pleased.

"Don't worry, I won't do anything to you. Look, I won't take your voice again. Even if you lose your voice, you aren't lesser because of it..."

Miku's stunned. She couldn't believe her ears. Her heart started wavering.

No voice, no me.

I am nothing without my voice.

If I can't sing, nobody will love me...

Without my voice, nobody will protect me...

Without music, no one will believe in me...

Wasn't that how it was?

What is this guy talking about?

Why is he like this when I already lost my voice?

I am not worthless?

Is this how it is?

She looked Wu Yan who dropped his cold altitude, his warm smile blew her mind.

She had her voice and he was disinterested, he looked like he's annoyed whenever she spoke, why now?

Why is he kinder to her now after she lost her voice and herself.

Who is this guy?

This is the first time she had thoughts about another guy.

Wu Yan couldn't read her mind, he assumed she's just zoning out because of she couldn't process her hate for men and someone touching her. He lifted his hand.

Suddenly, a pair of soft hands grabbed him.

This didn't just surprise Wu Yan, Miku flinched in shock too.

She's puzzled by her own move.

I grabbed another man's hand?

Miku didn't let go, She tightened her grip while looking at him with those big beautiful eyes of hers. She's like a helpless kid asking for someone's help.

Indeed, without her voice, she's as helpless as a newborn.

Losing her self-worth and then being given a lifeline like that made her gravitate towards Wu Yan.

Even if he's the one she hated the most.

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. He grabbed her hand and helped her to her feet.


Two individuals called out to him from the entrance. Mana and Yatsuki came to Wu Yan's rescue. They dashed over to him.

They jumped onto the stage and their eyes widened when they saw Miku near Wu Yan. They raised their guards instantly.


Mana stared at Miku while asking Wu Yan if he's fine.

"You alright?"

Wu Yan chuckled.

"I am fine, you two came at just the right time..."

He looked at the fans trembling in horror after having their movements sealed with Kotodama spells. Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"The people here saw Miku using her Reiryoku, I need you guys to wipe their memories of today by using Realizer units."


Yatsuki and Mana finally noticed the frozen crowd.

"What happened to them?"

"I temporarily froze their movements after Miku controlled them with her powers..."

He glanced at Miku who isn't sure how to react to Yatsuki and Mana's sudden appearance.

"Miku's powers are sealed so they woke up from her mental manipulation."

"What about her?"

Mana frowned at Miku. Miku subconsciously shrunk back.

Without her voice, she lost any capability to defend herself. With Mana and Yatsuki on guard around her, she wasn't bold enough to be cocky around them.

She can hate someone over a little thing and she can like someone over a small thing.

Without her powers, she learned to avoid danger.

Miku is behaving like a kid. Although her methods are extreme, she's still cute.

"I think we should be fine over here..."

Wu Yan helplessly replied.

"I will bring Miku back to Fraxinus, you guys clean up after me..."


Yatsuki and Mana nodded. They started wiping the memories of the concert attendees.

Wu Yan started heading for the exit while holding Miku's hand. He restarted the audio feed. A worried scream immediately assaulted his eardrums. Wu Yan almost fainted from the sheer volume of the screamer.

"Hey! Can you hear me?! Onii-chan!"

"Yeah, I hear you..."

He rubbed his aching ear before grumbling out loud.

"Stop screaming. You almost broke my ears..."


Kotori roared.

"What did you say to Miku, her familiarity with you just shot through the roof!"


Wu Yan stopped.

"For real?..."


Kotori sounded very puzzled.

"She's treating you better than average, we are not there yet but you just turned her points from the negative area into positive. How did you do it?! I thought she hated men!"


Wu Yan tilted his head. He took another look at the meek Miku before puzzlement gripped him. He had a dangerous idea.

Could it be that Miku's not treating him like a man?

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