Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1125: A troubling issue, the spirit who can't lose her Reiryoku

Above Tengu City, Fraxinus...

"If you have any explanations, now's a good time to say it..."

Kotori said with a look of displeasure on her face. The Imouto-chan isn't amused and she's showing it on her face.


Wu Yan tried to laugh this one off. The other Ratatoskr members also felt uncomfortable standing here. Kotori's anger rose in intensity.


"We aim to resolve conflicts with Spirits and spacequakes through peaceful means. That is Ratatoskr's vision and cause of foundation."

Kotori pointed her candy at Wu Yan. She started scolding him.

"What did you do? You picked a fight with a spirit! How's that different from the AST?!"

Wu Yan gulped, he started mumbling.

"When I first met Kurumi, didn't we also fight? I think I recall you fighting up quite a storm too..."

"Ha? What was that?..."

Kotori grinned at him, she menacingly looked at him.

"My ears went bad for a moment there, care to repeat yourself?"

"I was saying, this was inevitable..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"You want me to just take beatings from her?"

"What's wrong with that?!"

Kotori didn't notice how unreasonable she sounded.

"It's not like you will die!"

"Now that just rubs me wrongly..."

Wu Yan's eyelids twitched.

"Because I am immortal I should stand there and get hit?"

"Fortunately, you subjugated Miku quick enough. Otherwise, her unsteady mind would have caused a Reiryoku rampaged that can summon spacequakes."

Kotori glanced at Wu Yan.

"You were so close to causing the death of thousands, are you happy about that?"

"D-don't put it that way... There are always ways to get out of the situation..."

Wu Yan forced himself to smile.

"Didn't it all end well?"


Kotori retorted.

"Almost a thousand humans got controlled and the stadium suffered damage. We also had to wipe memories from civilians. Aside from ringing the spacequake alert, how would you frame this as 'well'?"

"Why do I feel like you're getting really good at mocking me?"

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"Well, I brought Miku back, didn't I?"

Kotori's expression finally changed for the better. She looked at Miku who is holding Wu Yan's sleeve. She stood meekly behind Wu Yan. Kotori raised an eyebrow.

"She's the same Miku who attacked you without warning?"

Kotori asked Wu Yan.

"She's not as intimidating as she looked on the screen. In fact, she looks like someone just bullied her, you sure you didn't do anything to her?"

"Do I look that thirsty?!"

Wu Yan endured the urge to drag Kotori down from her seat and spank her butt red as a tomato. He sighed after giving Miku a quick look, it seems she's not used to being stared at by so many people like this.

"She has a story behind her. She needs her Reiryoku. After I sealed her powers, this is what she became..."

"A story?"

Kotori eyed Miku. There was a flash of anguish within Miku's eyes, Kotori caught that with her sharp senses.

"Well, let's put aside that for now. We have to discuss how we will deal with her..."

Kotori looked at Wu Yan.

"How are you going to seal her powers?"

"Seal her powers..."

Wu Yan turned back. Miku quickly shook her head like mad while giving a look that said: "Please spare me."

He bitterly laughed.

"At present, she's still very reluctant to let her powers go. Sealing her is impossible for now."

"It seems so..."

Headache hit Kotori.

"Okay, what now? We can't let her loose like this. Do we have any other method?"

"Well, there are multiple ways to seal her powers..."

Wu Yan saw Miku's face turn pale when he said this. He shrugged.

"If we just sealed her powers like this then it still makes us no different than AST. That's because we still wouldn't have dealt with her peacefully."

"Moreover, she relies heavily on her Reiryoku. Forcefully sealing her like this will only make her think about suicide. I can't do it..."


Kotori's face turned grim.

"That serious, huh?"

Wu Yan shrugged. He passed Reine information gathered by Yatsuki and Mana on Izayoi Miku and Yoimachi Tsukino. Reine compiled it and she passed it to Kotori...

Kotori turned taciturn when she read the documents. The mood also turned heavy. After she placed the documents down, she helplessly looked at everyone.

Miku can guess what Kotori just read. She clenched her teeth as her heart thumped.

Her past is painful...

She got framed by the dodgy producer who tried to hit on her.

After that, her fans betrayed her.

She lost hope in humanity and life, losing her voice in the process...

The event transpired when she's still a teenager. It's so cruel what happened to her...

It happened to a fragile girl who had nothing to live for except her singing career.

Reiryoku is more of life support than power for her.

Why would she willingly give it up?

When Spirits are unstable, they tend to cause spacequakes, bringing calamities upon the world.

She's like a walking time bomb, it's too dangerous to let her roam around like this. Kotori & the others also had their powers sealed, didn't they?

How are they going to seal the powers of a spirit who can't afford to lose her powers?

This is a conundrum for the Ratatoskr.

"I didn't think we would face a puzzle as hard to solve as this..."

Kotori frowned. She chewed on her candy.

"I only suppressed her Reiryoku, it's not a seal. She still has her Reiryoku, she just can't use them..."

Wu Yan pointed his lips at Miku.

"This is why Miku's still in her Astral Dress. I couldn't decide whether to proceed or release her..."

"Can you cure her condition?"

Kotori asked Wu Yan.

"Curing her mental dysphonia would solve the problem, right?"

"Yeah, but we would have to solve her mental issues..."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"She has to walk out of this herself, I can't cure her with a snap of my fingers."

Everyone fell into silence, including Miku.

Wu Yan slapped his cheeks just as everyone's anxious over this situation.

"Let's put aside sealing her powers for now."

Miku's eyes lit up. Wu Yan looked at Kotori.

"Kotori, can you give me some time?"

Kotori hesitated before acquiescing.

"I am counting on you, Onii-chan..."

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