Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1128: The secret meeting between the Spirits

Tengu city, Itsuka residence...

"Ah~ I am so full..."

Tohka slumped down on the table with a satisfied look. She stretched in bliss.

"U~~~ Shido's really good at cooking..."

Yoshino rubbed Yoshinon's head. She nodded in satisfaction too. She's still a bit timid but her condition has improved greatly. She can now express her own feelings in a relaxed setting.

"I think he's good but..."

Shiori rubbed her stomach while sighing.

"Losing a culinary battle to a man, I am not sure how I feel..."

"Ara, Shiori-san, hubby-sama's dishes aren't something average people can touch..."

Kurumi sipped her tea elegantly.

"He's incredibly lazy. Despite his proclivity for sleeping, he still spent time cooking for us, isn't that just touching?..."

Yoshino blushed after listening to Kurumi. Shiori stiffened as she glanced at Tohka who is still blissfully napping. She took another look at the tea-sipping Kurumi before gazing at Tohka in frustration again.

As for Kotori, she recalled that she has to act like an obedient girl in front of Shiori so she gave up on retorting...

"Alright, now that you are all done eating, go do your own things."

Wu Yan shook his head, he shooed the girls away.

"I need to clean up. Go take a bath, girls."


Tohka, Yoshino, an d Kotori replied. Kurumi also went out of the living room while giggling.

"Let me help you, Shido!"

"Yeah, that would be nice..."

Said the wolf who saw his chance to slack off.

"Wait! Guys!"

Kurumi called out to Kotori, Yoshino, and Tohka. She licked her lips while spotting a suspicious grin.

"I have something to discuss with you all..."

The three ladies stopped. They looked at her in puzzlement.

"Something to discuss?"

Kotori gasped.

"That's so rare of you to consult us like this..."

"Is something wrong? Kurumi..."

Tohka is the first one to offer her help.

"Just say it, we will do whatever we can to help you."

"M-me too..."

Yoshino feebly nodded.

"I will also do my best to help..."

"Ara, thanks, you all..."

Kurumi beamed at them.

"It's nothing big, I just wanted to decide on something beforehand..."

Kurumi started addressing the confused ladies.

"I wanted to talk about the arrangement for tomorrow night's Tanabata Festival..."

"The festival?"

Kotori and the others said at the same time. Their bewilderment hadn't decreased.

"Ara, you three don't have any ideas?"

Kurumi widened her eyes slightly. She giggled while expressing her thoughts.

"Tanabata's a special day for lovers, don't you girls want to monopolize hubby-sama on that day? Imagine spending a wonderful night with hubby-sama, how does that sound?"

The air froze.

"Shido all to myself..."

Tohka's thoughts wandered.

"Together with Onii-chan..."

Kotori wavered...

"A wonderful night..."

Yoshino's red as a tomato.

Kurumi grinned like a victor.

"It's Double Seven. We always hung out together, I imagine we will continue doing so. But, today's special, I want to spend some quality time with hubby-sama during Tanabata..."

"Looks like we have to discuss who gets to go first..."

"Shido already promised to go buying fried octopus with me!"

Tohka snorted like a haughty princess.

"Ara, is that so?"

Kurumi twisted her words.

"When you're done that means hubby-sama's free game?"

Tohka choked.

"Onii-chan isn't familiar with Tengu city's layout."

Kotori tried to weasel her way into this.

"I-I need to be there to guide Onii-chan..."

"Kotori-chan, I've you covered."

Kurumi continued smiling.

"I've been in this town for quite some time now, I am also familiar with the streets here..."

Kotori's stumped...


Yoshino turned redder by the second until she finally pulled her hoodie over her face. She hid from view while staying mum...

Yoshino gave up...

Kotori saw Tohka and Yoshino bowing out after Kurumi won verbally. She narrowed her eyes at Kurumi.

"Do you really want to monopolize a guy like that?"

"Ara ara, I do like to keep him to myself..."

Kurumi giggled like a minx. Before Kotori can say anything, she changed her tone.

"But, that's too selfish of me, I wouldn't want hubby-sama to get upset..."

Kurumi finally voiced her real aim.

"Why don't we settle our claims here?!"

"You want to settle it here?"

Tohka lifted her fist.

"Fine! I won't lose!"

"Wait! How are we doing this?!"

Kotori frowned.

"I am going to say it first, no Reiryoku. Even if we can control our powers, AST will still detect our Reiryoku signatures and come flying!"

"Moreover, Onii-chan wouldn't want to see us fighting..."

Kotori laid down the rules.

"You better think carefully..."

"Relax, I wouldn't do something that goes against hubby-sama's wishes..."

Kurumi lowered her head to think of an idea.

"That's enough, you can stop your acting."

Kotori pursed her lips, she waved her hand like she's already tired of this charade.

"Since you suggested that idea, you must have already thought long and hard about this, right? Just say it."

"As expected of hubby-sama's sister. Alright, I will do just that..."

Kurumi winked at her as she revealed a devilish grin.

"It's rather simple. Whoever seduces him gets to spend three hours with hubby-sama at Tanabata Festival, how does that sound?"

"A duel of seduction?"

Kotori looked around. They spotted different looks.

Kotori sneered.

"Is this your first time meeting your 'hubby-sama'?"

Kotori started ripping on her.

"If the girl's cute and she so much as curled her finger at him, that guy would pounce without thinking. This isn't even a duel."

"Ara, Kotori-chan, are you worried I am going to use tricks?"

Kurumi grinned.

"If you're that worried then you can go first..."


Kotori couldn't say anything. She snorted before turning her head the other way.

"I don't need a handicap like this. We can use rock-paper-scissors to decide the turn."

Tohka looked like she's very confused.


Tohka asked Kurumi and Kotori.

"What is seduction?"

Kotori's expression froze while Kurumi stored her smile away. They sighed at the same time.

"It's when you get hubby-sama in the mood to do whatever he wants..."

"I see..."

Tohka hammered her palm. The ladies' shoulders sagged at the same time. They couldn't believe Tohka's innocence.

Yoshino is also not sure what she should do.

"D-do I need to participate as well?"

Yoshino shook her head like an intimidated hamster.


"Don't worry."

Yoshinon the puppet giggled.

"Yoshino, I've got your back We will take down Wu Yan-kun together!"


Yoshino gave Yoshinon a thankful look.

Kurumi laughed.

"Okay, then it's settled!"

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