Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1129: Blocked in more ways than one


Wu Yan sighed while washing the dishes, his eyes were blank with boredom.

"Cooking is one thing, doing the dishes is so boring..."

"You're just thinking about how to slack off..."

Shiori rolled her eyes at Wu Yan. She's also helping Wu Yan with the dishes.

"It's your turn to do the dishes. Since you cooked so many dishes for us, I decided to help. If you keep grumbling like this I am going to ditch you..."


Wu Yan continued washing after stretching his body.


Tohka slammed the door open. She rushed over without a semblance of elegance. Wu Yan and Shiori almost dropped the dirty dishes.

Tohka didn't give the two any chance to say anything.

"You can do whatever want to me today! Anything is okay!"


The dishes finally fell despite Wu Yan and Shiori's attempt to hold them. They couldn't believe their ears, what is this girl saying? They didn't even pay attention to the shards of broken plates on the ground.


Wu Yan sized up Tohka's voluptuous body and those impressive knockers. He thought about Tohka's offer while swallowing the saliva in his mouth. Then, he felt it...

The cold, judging, and ominous gaze piercing him...


Shiori laughed like a banshee.

"You didn't teach Tohka some weird or unnecessary knowledge, right?..."

"No! No! No!"

Wu Yan shook his head, the cold sweat flew off his face.

"I would never do that! I didn't do anything!"


Shiori doubted Wu Yan. She turned around to give Tohka a gentle smile.

"Tohka-chan, this isn't right. Even if you two are an item, saying something like that will just make Shido do outrageous things to you. You should refrain from saying something like this in the future..."


Tohka started complaining.

"But, Shido's and I..."

"Enough, Tohka-chan..."

Shiori's smile had a compelling force behind it, she placed her hands on Tohka's shoulder before pushing her out of the kitchen.

"I know you want to move to the next level with Shido but anything lewd is out of the question. I will not allow Shido to sully the purity and cleanliness of our home."


Tohka continued protesting even as Shiori pushed her out of the room. Shiori came back with a menacing look.

"If you do anything impure to Tohka, you will be subjected to the sanction of the Itsuka residence, you got that?"

Wu Yan nodded while in a stunned daze.


Tohka returned to Kotori, Kurumi, and Yoshino with a dejected look.

"I-I failed..."

Tohka leered at kurumi.

"Kurumi, you meanie! You said seduction's getting Shido to do whatever he wants to me, didn't you? Why didn't it work?! You tricked me!"


Kurumi placed her palm to her face.

"It slipped my mind, I forgot Tohka's totally not suited for feminine charm tactics..."

"Anyway, Tohka failed."

Kotori blocked Tohka. She's not giving her any chance to protest. She raised her voice.

"Who's next?!"


Yoshino raised her hand meekly. Kotori and Kurumi smiled at the same time.

Those are some pretentious smiles...

Looks like they're not banking on Yoshino's good fortune...

"Good luck..."

Kurumi and Kotori wished Yoshino well. Yoshino's shoulder sagged while she shifted her gaze away.

"It's okay! Yoshino!"

Yoshinon started dancing on Yoshino's hand, that's her cheerleading routine.

"Yoshinon will be here to help you! If I am here, everything will be alright!"

Yoshinon gave Yoshino the courage to go forth. She started making her way into the living room.

"Shido, did you really not implant weird thoughts in Tohka-chan's head?!"

Shiori started questioning Wu Yan, driving him into the corner with a very unfriendly look.

"That wasn't the usual Tohka. Shido, she's too innocent for her own good, you absolutely must not lead her down the wrong path!"

"I really didn't do anything..."

Wu Yan wanted to cry.

"I've been washing dishes with you since the beginning. She ran over to say something like that, even I am shocked..."


Shiori still doubted Wu Yan. She's trying to see if Wu Yan's lying through her intense gaze. She sighed after failing to spot anything.

"Fine, let's leave it for now..."

Shiori lowered her head.

"Seriously, I need to have a little chat with Tohka-chan, I need to fix her mindset..."


Wu Yan awkwardly laughed.

Then, the door creaked open as a slightly shy girl peered into the living room. The lovely blushed maxed out her cuteness.

"I-I am sorry for disturbing you guys..."


Wu Yan and Shiori were about to get back to doing the dishes when Yoshino's weird behavior piqued their interest. Shiori was immediately charmed by Yoshino's timid look. Wu Yan also got dazed by her.


Wu Yan recovered from his moe-dazed state. Wu Yan touched the plates near him.

"Aren't you supposed to be in the bath? It's your bath time, you know..."

"I... I..."

Yoshino stopped hiding behind the door while blushing like mad.

Wu Yan placed the dishes down after noticing something weird. He squatted down in front of Yoshino.

"Is something the matter?"

Wu Yan's radiant smile dazzled Yoshino, she couldn't speak, red like a tomato, she stood there.

"That's so unfair of you, Shido-kun..."

Yoshinon giggled while placing its puppet hands over its mouth.

"Didn't you say it's time for her bath?"


Wu Yan is curious as to why Yoshinon brought this up.

"Anything wrong with that/"

"Gosh, she's here to see you when it's her bath time, do you still need anything more than that?"

Yoshinon waved her tiny little hands.

"She's here to invite you into the bath~"


Wu Yan looked at Yoshino. It's no good, she's already giving off steam and her eyes are whirling around.

"Oh, if that's the case then wait until I..."

"No need!"

Shiori cut him short. The next instant, Yoshino's already in the air.


Shiori rubbed her face against Yoshino's cheek.

"Let me accompany Yoshino!"


Yoshino gasped. She didn't think this would happen. Shiori took this as a "Yes" signal. She hugged Yoshino before waving at Wu Yan.

"That's that, Shido, you do the dishes by yourself. I am going to take a bath with Yoshino-chan!"

Shiori grabbed a shrieking Yoshino as she dashed over to the bathroom. Yoshinon can't say anything because Yoshino's screaming. Her tactic to hide her embarrassment with her puppet will be exposed if Yoshinon spoke while Yoshino is shrieking.

A talking puppet would probably make Shiori faint in shock.

Yoshinon faked her silence as Shiori dragged Yoshino into the bathroom...

Wu Yan's lip twitched when Shiori disappeared into the bathroom.

"Why does something feel off about this?"

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