Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1130: Simple and effective approach


"Is something wrong? Yoshino-chan..."

"E-erm, can you please put me down?"

"Ara, Yoshino's shy?"

"I-It's not like that..."

"Oh my gosh! She's going red! That's so cute..."


It felt like Shiori got a shot of adrenaline, she brought Yoshino who is on the verge of tears into the bathroom while spotting an ecstatic look. Kurumi, Kotori, and Tohka exchanged looks with one another.


Kurumi shrugged.

"Yoshino-chan's disqualified..."

"Onee-chan's a strong boss..."

Kotori bitterly laughed.

"Fortunately, Onee-chan got out of the picture with Yoshino. That's one enemy down..."

"Well, she will live on in our memories..."

Kurumi dusted her knee before standing up.



Kotori touched the ribbons on her head.

"Charming that fool is a cinch..."

"That was weird..."

Wu Yan rinsed off the cleaned plates while frowning.

Tohka's a wild card so her ditzy display was welcomed with heartful laughter. Yoshino also did bold stuff to curb her timid personality. However, they were acting out of the expected range.

It's almost like someone egged them on.

What is going on here?

"Is it Kotori again?"

The door creaked open when Wu Yan's deep in his thought. He looked at the sole distraction in the quiet room.

Kotori skipped over to him with a radiant smile.



Kotori's eyes lit up after noticing Wu Yan. An innocent and bubbly smile spread across her face.

"Oh? Onii-chan found!"

Her sweet voice filled the room. Wu Yan assumed kotori must have a screw loose or something, that, or she's playing a trick on him. He quickly spotted the reason for this weird display.

Kotori's not wearing her black ribbons. She changed them to white ones.

In other words, Kotori is in her Imouto mode.

Wu Yan started examining Kotori with a puzzled face.

How long has it been since he saw her in this mode?

When he started getting into an ambiguous phase of relationship with Kotori, she rarely showed her Imouto mode in front of him.

Wu Yan couldn't help but gawk at her. Kotori responded with confusion.

"Something wrong? Onii-chan!"

Onii-chan, that sweet term almost caused Wu Yan to fall onto his knees. He turned his head the other way while clearing his throat.

"I-It's nothing... Don't you feel like Yoshino and Tohka are acting weird?"


Kotori tilted her head, those big shiny eyes of her reminded one of a squirrel's eyes.

"Nn~ is that the case? I don't think so..."

"I see..."

Wu Yan sighed as he scratched his cheek.

"Anyway, I didn't lose anything so I am not going to pursue the matter..."

"Are you feeling frustrated because Nee-chan dashed off with Yoshino?"

Kotori blinked her eyes while fidgeting.

"If that's the case... I don't mind taking a bath with Onii-chan..."


Wu Yan swiveled around. Kotori's blushing. The sight of her playing with her fingers caused his heart to race.

Taking a bath with Imouto-mode Kotori?

Yes yes yes yes yes

Wu Yan's eyes started burning up. Kotori secretly made a v-sign in her head when she saw the switch turn on inside her Onii-chan.

She also turned redder.

Taking a bath with Onii-chan?

That's so embarrassing.

Wu Yan wanted to nod when he remembered something.

"Wait, isn't Shiori in the bath with Yoshino?"

Kotori's expression stiffened for a second. She started giggling soon after.

"It's fine~ We can wait for Onee-chan to finish."


Wu Yan sneered.

"If that's the case..."

Wu Yan suddenly stopped.

Something's off here...

Kotori asked Wu Yan to jump into the bath together?

Even for the innocent Imouto-mode getting a smooch would turn her red immediately, forget about taking a bath together.

Something's definitely wrong here.

Kotori's not pulling one over his eyes in the name of training him for spirit takedowns again, right?

Wu Yan raised his guard instantly. He used a good guy look while turning her down.

"Well, I want to take a bath but today's impossible."

Kotori's astounded by this sudden turn.

She got rejected!

The Onii-chan who would press her down when they are alone actually turned her down?!



Kotori used her puppy eyes on Wu Yan.

"Does Onii-chan not like the idea of bathing with Kotori?"

Wu Yan's heart wavered when Kotori used this move. However, this only confirmed his suspicion.

It's not like Imouto-mode Kotori to do this for Wu Yan.

She's definitely up to something.

"Why would I ever hate Kotori?"

He rubbed her head before continuing in a reasonable voice.

"Onii-chan has something to do today so we will have to take a rain check on that..."

"Next time?"

Kotori screamed anxiously.

"We won't make it in time next time!"

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow. He revealed a cheeky grin. Kotori also spotted the fault in her declaration, she covered her mouth too late. The cat's already out of the bag. Wu Yan isn't sure what she's planning, however, she's definitely up to something here.

Wu Yan turned her down resolutely.

"Anyway, thanks for the invite. Onii-chan will take a bath with you next time, okay?"

Wu Yan disheveled her hair. He started walking towards his room without giving Kotori a chance to regret it.


Kotori cried out.

"Wait! Onii-chan!"

"Ara ara, Kotori-chan, that's no good..."

Kurumi pulled her back before she can give chase.

Kurumi was all smiles.

"You lost..."


Kotori lost her strength. She slumped down on the floor.

"Why? We are talking about the lewd wolf Onii-chan here..."

"Looks like it's my turn..."

Kurumi patronized Kotori.

"Hubby-sama's mine for the Tanabata festival!"

"N-No, it won't end like that."

Kotori jumped up while puffing her cheeks.

"You might fail too. If we all fail then we need to share Onii-chan!"

"Ara, thanks for the thought..."

Kurumi narrowed her eyes. She started making her way over to Wu Yan's room.

"Ugh... that's too bad..."

Wu Yan grumbled while lying on his bed. He uttered another sigh of disappointment.

"If I can get it on with Imouto-mode Kotori, that would be so nice..."

"Ara, hubby-sama, you don't have to worry about that..."

A familiar voice called out to him. Wu Yan instinctively looked at the source of that noise. He saw something that turned him into a statue.

Kurumi greeted him in her birthday suit. She sauntered over before slowly drawing a line on Wu Yan's chest, she finished him off with a devilish grin.

"Do you need someone to calm you down?"

Wu Yan's carnal flames finally exploded.

Listening to the faint moans and panting noises coming from Wu Yan's room, Kotori and Tohka lowered their heads in dejection.

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