Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1134: A concert? The fluctuating emotions


Lying on the bed, she looked into the slowly brightening sky. It's a refreshing morning with chirping birds soaring through the sky. However, this failed to lift Miku's mood, she's still bedeviled by her emotions.

This isn't a first for her.

Morning is the time when she has to get up and go to school.

She's bad at academics, really bad.

Aside from her voice, she had no other talents.

Including studying...

Why would she like going to school under such a state?

With her current powers, it wouldn't be hard to change her grades. In school, she's also very popular, just like her other idol identity, she enjoyed the attention she got. She might be bad at studying but the popularity evened out the scale.

Forget about school, recent events have made her detest the idea of staying at home or even the stage she longed for in the past.

No, it's not due to her hatred for the stage or her house. Her heart and feelings are in a disarray, that's why she lost interest in food and pretty much anything else.

This started a few days ago.

More accurately speaking, it started after a certain male escorted her to the gate of her Rindouji High.

Miku couldn't pin down the exact reason she's so anxious. Her heart is as muddled as the muddy puddle after a rainy day. She can't decide how she felt over the outcome of her encounter. It's incredibly vexing for her to experience this turmoil.


Miku used her blanket to cover herself. She shrieked.

"It's all that detestable man's fault! Men are dirty creatures. Just touching them felt suffocating, this is why I am so annoyed, I hate him! Dang! Dang! Dang!"

Miku's intoxicating voice echoed inside her blanket. She felt very annoyed.

"Ugh... I don't want to go to school..."

Miku threw away her blanket.

"No, staying at home will just frustrate me further. At least, when I am at school, cute toys are there with me!"

Miku bounced off her bed before she started changing.

Tengu city, Rindouji all-girls high school...



"It's Onee-sama!"

"Uwa! Onee-sama!"

In a sailor uniform that is also the Rindouji High's uniform. Miku walked while showering in the praise and attention given by the students along the way. She also started grinning as her stress slowly faded away.

As expected, coming here was the right choice.

Miku praised herself for doing this. She's feeling better now. She waved back at the girls who welcomed her like crazy fangirls.

Miku arrived at her classroom. Servant-like girls waited in an organized line near her seat.

If this was any other school, Miku would have been seen as a showoff, earning the disdain of other students. But, here at Rindouji, this is considered normal.

They are all her followers. They also know about Miku's true identity as an idol. It's unknown if her fans are genuine fans or mind-controlled by Miku.


A lady stood out as she addressed Miku respectfully.

"May I have some of Onee-sama's time?..."

"I don't mind..."

Miku looked out the window nonchalantly.

"What's the matter?"

"Today's fan-letter reading day!"

The girl can see Miku's not in a good mood. She brought out a huge box of letters.

"Do you want me to read them or would Onee-sama like to read it herself?"

"No need."

"I am not in the mood to read letters today. I am putting you girls in charge of the fan letters."


The followers didn't expect this reaction from Miku.

Izayoi Miku just debuted half a year ago. In this span of time, Miku transformed into a very popular rising star, easily climbing to the same level as long-established stars. Although her fans are all females, she still has a solid following.

Naturally, she gets fan letters on a regular basis.

She delegated the letters to her followers because it sounds like a chore to read letters every day. So, she picked a day out of the week to read all the letters. She never stopped this for anyone.

It's the first time her followers heard her saying she's not in the mood for fan letters.


The follower felt a bit troubled.

"Do you truly not want to read them?"

"No means no!"

In the past, Miku only slightly told her followers off, doing so with poise and elegance. However, her ruffled feathers caused her to raise her voice against her follower. This shocked the follower greatly.

Miku sighed before turning her head the other way.

"Just handle the letters for me..."


The follower backed away with her box of letters. Another student approached Miku.

"Onee-sama, there are some fans who requested a concert, what do you think?..."

Miku was pique by the suggestion.

"This sentiment is shared by many fans?"

"It appears so, Onee-sama..."

The follow is excited to see a positive reaction.

"Onee-sama's concert got canceled due to an accident, right? All the fans said they wanted onee-sama to host another one..."

"Concert canceled? They said it was an accident?"

A few days ago?

Wasn't that around the same time she met that man?

An accident?

The concert was going just fine until she fought that man. The subsequent attacks destroyed the venue and she also got taken away by that man.

Right, he said something about erasing the memories of her fans, right?

Was that the fake excuse they placed in the minds of her fans?

Her heart started going chaotic again when she recalled that guy's smiling mien.

Ugh, whatever, let's do another concert, it's probably a good change of pace.


Miku roamed her silver eyes over her fans.

"The concert is in three days' time. Spread the words through my official fan page, I will settle the rest."

"Understood, Onee-sama!"

Miku nodded. She was about to make arrangements for the concert when a piece of paper fell from her pocket. The paper landed on the floor.

Raising an eyebrow, she picked up the paper and her beautiful face stiffened.

The paper had a number on it...

'Call me when you need a supporter when you need a believer, even if you lost your voice, when you feel like singing, just ring me up.'

She recalled that memory subconsciously, her heart started racing.

Slowly, she took out her phone...

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