Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1136: The supporter and the rejection

Time slowly ticked on...

Wu Yan, Kurumi, Tohka, and Yoshino waited for Kotori to make a decision. Only Shiori's humming sound came from the kitchen. It appears Kotori is still pondering whether or not to let this slide.

Naturally, she's not sure if she should let Kurumi who killed 10,000 humans to go around town. To the public's knowledge, she is a very dangerous existence.

With her powers sealed and Ratatoskr watching over her, letting her loose with her powers intact might change Ratatoskr's stance on Kurumi's punishment.

Even Kotori wouldn't be able to push back against the overwhelming protest.

Kotori didn't create Ratatoskr. She also has no veto power, if her superior wants to initiate other sanctions against Kurumi then what can Kotori do?

She has two choices: Help or stop Kurumi.

It's virtually confirmed that Wu Yan will not sit idly by if Ratatoskr wants to lock Kurumi away.

Kotori doesn't want to see Wu Yan fighting with the people behind Ratatoskr.

Wu Yan is an important family member to Kotori. Meanwhile, she cannot betray the founders of Ratatoskr.

She can't imagine the fallout of Wu Yan vs Ratatoskr.

The best decision would be to keep Kurumi around as is status quo.

Kotori saw the light within Kurumi's eyes. If she stopped her then there's a high chance Kurumi will sneak out.

Breaking out of her confinement, that will not end well.

Letting Kurumi go like this also presents a grave risk.

She's stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Kotori's obviously very troubled by this conundrum. Her expression contorted in confusion.

Tohka probably couldn't take the mounting silence, she spoke out.

"I don't what's going on but..."

She voiced her thought resolutely.

"If it were me, I wouldn't feel happy when someone stops me from doing what I must do."

Kotori flinched.

"I-I think so too..."

Yoshino used the courage she had to stand up to Kotori.

"Important job must be done... or my thoughts will be all over the place..."

Kurumi was surprised that Tohka and Yoshino vouched for her. Her smile brightened.

Wu Yan also shrugged while chortling.

"That settles that. Kotori, just let Kurumi go..."

"You guys..."

Kotori rubbed her temples. Her hesitation got blown away despite her bitter smile.

"Okay, let me dive straight into the heart of the matter, what are you going to do?"


Kurumi tilted her head. She gave Kotori a cheeky answer.

"That's a secret..."

Kotori leered at her before snorting.

"Okay, another question, you won't harm anyone, right?!"

"Oh, jeez, that's a hard question..."

Kurumi's eyes flickered with bloody intent. Her smile also turned dangerous.

"Well, I won't pick a fight with anyone. But, if someone ticks me off then they will get a branding they won't forget for life..."

"How am I supposed to let you go out like this?!"

Kotori wanted to slam the table but doing so might attract Shiori's attention so she suppressed her discontent.

"You permitted her despite knowing this?!"

"Hey, she decided it on her own."

Wu Yan replied instantly.

"I am just stating my support..."

Kurumi's malicious eyes mellowed out. Kotori facepalm-ed. Abandoning her rational faculties, she gave up.

"Fine! I won't be responsible for anything that happens!"

"I couldn't ask for anything more..."

Kurumi's expression relaxed somewhat.

Kotori's consent wasn't needed. She already decided she's going to locate the second spirit no matter what.

Plus, she had Wu Yan backing her.

That's enough for Kurumi.

She's also not sure how she would act on the knowledge she would gain on the First Spirit after locating the second spirit. That's something only she would know when the time comes...

As for Kurumi herself, she's still at a loss as to her true intentions.

It's as Wu Yan said, she should just do it to see how she feels...

The tense atmosphere dissipated as Tohka and Yoshino sighed in relief.

Tohka asked Kurumi.

"Kurumi, when are you leaving?"

"About that."

Kurumi continued.

"After saying bye to the teachers at school, I will be taking my leave..."

"That soon?"

Tohka wrinkled her nose.

"When are you coming back?"

"I am not sure..."

Kurumi shook her head.

"I might return soon or it might be when hubby-sama leaves this universe. Anyway, I will be back."

"That's great."

Tohka beckoned Kurumi over.

"Eat up, Shiori said getting food in you is important or you won't have the energy to do anything."


Kurumi sat down to enjoy her breakfast.

"What a troublesome fellow..."

Kotori is still not happy with this outcome. She sighed.

"Looks like I have to tell the other Ratatoskr members about this. I also have to come up with countermeasures when we detect your Reiryoku signatures..."

Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

"You want to tell the bosses about this?"

"Of course!"

"It's very troublesome but it's still better than if we got found out after hiding this matter. We also have to request Realizers from them. If this goes south then we might have to rob the AST or DEM's Realizers."

Wu Yan chuckled in amusement. Tohka, Yoshino, and Kurumi giggled while shrugging.

A cheerful ringtone came from Wu Yan's pocket. His pocket was vibrating.

"A call?"

Wu Yan took out his cellphone, the number's unknown so he answered the call.

"Hi, good..."

Wu Yan heard a frantic and panicky voice from the other side. The caller shrieked out of nervousness...

"I-It's me!"

Wu Yan frowned before recalling the identity of the one who had this beautiful voice.

"Izayoi Miku?!"

The air froze.

The four spirits looked at Wu Yan at the same time. Tohka and Yoshino were curious whereas Kurumi grinned. Kotori's eyes also lit up with intrigue.

Wu Yan had no time to answer the spirits' queries. He directed his shock at the caller, Miku.

"You actually called!"

"Y-you said I can call, didn't you?!"

Miku sounded tense. This was a far cry from her violent attack-first-talk-later attitude from before. He started teasing Miku despite his own bewilderment.

"What's the matter?"

Miku stayed silent for a few seconds.

"You, you said you wanted to hear me singing, right?"

Wu Yan's smile faded, he put on a serious look.

"With your own voice?"


Her voice shook.

Obviously, Miku isn't planning on using her own voice.

"Then I won't go!"

Wu Yan refused.

"I don't want to hear you singing with that fake voice."

Wu Yan ended the call there.

Miku's eyes dimmed down. She laughed at herself.

"Cocky man... who would listen to me without this voice?..."

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