Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1137: Unreasonable request? Footing the entire bill...

"You guys sure like creating problems for me..."

Kotori continued grumbling in the dimly-lit walkway. She's also bitterly smiling.

She's not wearing her school uniform anymore. She's wearing the red military uniform that she dons when onboard Fraxinus.

Kotori isn't wearing her uniform as a coat, she's actually wearing it like proper military personnel.

She also lost her Chupa Chups candy.

She looked way more formal than how she usually looked.

She looked like a rebellious princess trying to put on a farce by attending the ball with proper attire.

Ignoring her annoyance and frustration, she looked like she's here for a serious strategic meeting.

Kotori's footsteps rang clearly in the quiet passage. If one focused their ears, they could hear faint heartbeats too. Kotori couldn't help but feel a bit tense.

She's currently at Ratatoskr's main HQ.

This is also where Kotori's superior worked.

She's going to report to her superior. She has two agendas on her mind.

The Realizers request and Kurumi's departure.

Kotori applied for a leave from school and she quickly navigated over here to settle everything at once.

Kotori isn't grumbling out of spite, she's truly troubled.

Requesting cargoes of Realizers, including battle-specialized units will definitely raise eyebrows.

Moreover, there aren't a lot of people who can use the Realizers, requesting cargoes of Realizers without giving the Table a reasonable justification won't fly.

To get her hands on the Realizers, she must think of a proper reason.

This is just as troubling as Kurumi's matter.

To prevent a situation where her important partner goes to war with her benefactor, Kotori must do her best to persuade the boss. Preventing the worst-case scenario is the optimal outcome here.

Plus, her brother just rejected a chance to get close to Izayoi Miku. Kotori wanted to put Wu Yan into a cannon and shoot him into the horizon.

Granted, her powers are sealed so it won't be possible to fire Camael with Wu Yan as the cannonball.

"Sheesh, not a single thing to ease my mind..."

Kotori adjusted her mindset. She quickened her pace as she arrived at the end of the hallway. She stopped before a door.

Inhaling deeply, she knocked on the door.

"Itsuka Kotori, reporting in!"

Five seconds later...

A voice came from within.

"Come in..."

Kotori inhaled one more time before opening the door.

The room wasn't a stern office. It's a normal study...

There are many books on all four sides of the room.

There is an old in his 50s, his hair's almost all grey now. He is in a wheelchair. With hands clasped together under his chin, he watched Kotori enter the room. He greeted her with a friendly smile characteristic of an amiable senior citizen.

Kotori also showed the old man a respectful look.

That old man is the founder of Ratatoskr, Elliot Baldwin Woodman.

He's also Kotori's benefactor.


Kotori bowed in deference three meters away from the table.

Woodman widened his smile. He's glad to see Kotori here.

"Long time no see, Command Itsuka, your energy always puts me at ease..."

"Thank you for the concern."

Kotori nodded. She truly respected Woodman. Although Woodman's glad to see her, he also felt a bit helpless.

"It's not yet time for the annual Round Table, right? Commander Itsuka..."

Woodman also straightened his back.

"You being here before the meeting must mean you're here to talk to me about the Realizer application, correct?"

Kotori nodded.

"That is one of the reasons, there's another thing I need to report..."

"Okay, let's talk about the Realizer application first."

Woodman laughed.

He picked up the application on the table with Itsuka Kotori's name on it. There are charts and a voluminous amount of data on it.

Anyone would be shocked to see the details there.

The application was for cargoes of Realizers, she applied for tens of thousands of combat-use Realizers.

She also applied for the newest and highest spec ones.

"I was shocked when I got this application."

Woodman bitterly laughed.

"If I really made the Realizers according to this application then even Asgard Electronics might go bankrupt. I couldn't believe it was something Commander Itsuka actually did."

Woodman started teasing her.

"Surely, this isn't a prank from Commander Itsuka?"

Kotori respected Woodman. But, she still giggled.

Even Woodman treated this as a joke. That just shows how preposterous the quantity she ordered was.

Those Realizers are meant for the Sisters who are building a base in the Giant Beast Forest.

Woodman shouldn't be faulted for his shock.

Kotori also predicted this outcome. The application is still with Woodman. If the other executives saw this then Kotori would probably be drowned in furious spits from other superiors.

The Realizers are needed for Wu Yan's base building and expansion. She made that application despite the setbacks she expected. Kotori replied earnestly.

"Woodman-sama, the application is made with a serious intent in mind."

Woodman slowly stored away his smile.

"Commander Kotori, do you know how unreasonable your request is?"

Woodman couldn't bear to look at the form anymore, he closed his eyes.

"Even if we had the capacity to make so many Realizers, the cost for this application is just too great. Asgard Electronics would be on the verge of financial demise upon fulfilling this request."

Woodman looked straight at Kotori.

"Itsuka Kotori, I ask you once again, do you understand how unreasonable this request is?"


Kotori acted like she didn't see anything. She continued her request with a follow-up.

"I will pay the fees and costs for the realizers."

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