Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1138:

"That is why I am footing the bill for the Realizers."

Woodman's expression changed when he heard this announcement.

There are only two companies with the capacity and technical know-how to create the Realizers: Asgard Electronics and DEM (Deus-ex Machina) industries.

As one of the two companies holding the technology to create Realizers, the two companies might not be the richest corporations in the world but they are not far away from the top spots for sure.

Despite that, Kotori's request for the Realizers will still put Asgard Electronics deep in the red. That just shows the ludicrous level of funds required to manufacture the Realizers on her request.

She just said she will foot the entire bill.

Aside from her identity as a commander of Ratatoskr, she's just a teenager, where did she get the fund for this? Where would anyone draw such an amount of capital?

Naturally, nobody could.

At least, Woodman is sure Kotori couldn't do it with his understanding of her financial background. That's why Woodman asked if Kotori's joking with him.

Yet, he can tell Kotori isn't trying to fool anyone here.

He asked with a grave tone.

"Commander Kotori, are you sure about this?"

The air in the quiet study turned still. She looked back at Woodman with steely eyes.

That was enough to answer Woodman's question.

The still air would make it hard to breathe. Despite that, the two individuals persevered.

Finally, Woodman looked at Kotori.

"I would like to know where you got your fund."

Kotori answered him.

"This request will be financed by the money my brother entrusted to me. He told me to use it whenever the time is right."

Correct, Wu Yan gave her the capital needed to buy the Realizers.

Wu Yan knew the issue of finance would definitely be a great obstacle when obtaining the Realizers.

After all, they are ordering a ton of high specs Realizers.

The order isn't something Asgard Electronics would ignore.

Kotori's also requesting the Realizers under personal use.

It's highly unlikely Asgard Electronics would risk financial ruin just to fulfill a request for personal Realizers. Plus, with so many Realizers, she can start a calamity if she wanted to.

Even if they trusted Kotori, the question of money would still remain.

Wu Yan passed Kotori an item ring filled with gold coins the day they returned to the Date A Live universe.

The gold coins are worth a fortune in this world. The gold coins inside Wu Yan's Ring of Gold can easily be stacked into dozens of mountains. It's an amount of money that would definitely dwarf the economies of many countries even if she took out only 1/10000 of the total quantity of coins inside.

If taking out a penny from his purse can create the foundation of a stronger defense and faster establishment of his base inside the Giant Beast Forest then he wouldn't spare any expense.

Without the gold coins to back her proposal, Kotori wouldn't be bold enough to submit her application.

Woodman also recalled the guy Kotori's mentioned.

You mean the weird man who can fight against Spirits without Reiryoku or Magic (Realizers)?"

Kotori nodded.

Woodman already noticed Wu Yan the moment he arrived in this world in a spacequake.

AST and DEM pegged Wu Yan as a spirit but Kotori told Woodman the truth: Wu Yan isn't a spirit.

Woodman is still in the dark as to Wu Yan's true identity. Kotori didn't tell him that Wu Yan's a vampire, a being that belonged to legends and fairy tales.

Kotori also didn't know about Wu Yan's identity before he summoned her, what's there to report on?

In the eyes of the Round Table, Wu Yan is a bag full of mysteries.

That mysterious being just took out enough money to fund the manufacture of tons of Realizers.

"Commander Itsuka..."

Woodman mused out loud.

"Your request wasn't made to supply your brother with Realizers, yeah?"

Kotori answered honestly.

"Yes, Woodman-sama, it's as you imagined. The Realizers are meant for Onii-san."

Woodman pursed his lips. He isn't amused by this revelation.

"Commander Itsuka, Realizers aren't gifts for strangers. If they fall into the hands of evildoers then the world might be plunged into chaos, you know that, yes?"

"Woodman-sama, I understand your concern..."

Kotori bitterly laughed.

"But, your concerns are unnecessary..."

Woodman's interested to hear her reasoning.

"Oh? Why so?"


Kotori's eyes flashed with strong lights within.

"If my brother wanted to destroy the world, nobody in this world can stop him."

"The Realizers won't be needed for such a task."

Woodman's face changed. He balled his palms into fists. He couldn't suppress the intellectual curiosity rising within him.

"Nobody can stop him... huh..."

Woodman grinned as he closed his eyes.

"Looks like Spirits aren't the truly dangerous variable in this world, it's that mysterious being..."

Kotori couldn't bear to look at Woodman's anxious look. But, what she said was nothing but the truth.

If Wu Yan wanted to destroy the world then he simply needs to summon one familiar beast and send it rampaging around the world. That act alone will send the world back into the Stone Age.

Only magic can cancel out Familiars. The magic in this world is just an energy source to move Realizers, the mana of this world can't deal with vassal beasts.

Indeed, Kotori was only saying the truth...

"Very well. Permission granted, you can have your Realizers."

Woodman gave Kotori a request.

"With this, I hope that mysterious being will continue standing on our side."

Kotori sighed after getting this over with.

"Please be at ease, though my brother is powerful. He has no ambition of world conquest. Barring any unforeseen accidents, he won't do anything outrageous."


Woodman finally floated a kind smile.

"I will do something about the Realizers. I will also make sure you get them as soon as possible. However, you will have to come up with the money for the entire project. Asgard Electronics cannot afford this order with its internal fund..."


Kotori bowed. She hesitated before continuing her report.

"There is another matter. Tokisaki Kurumi left the Itsuka Residence..."

"Kurumi left?"

Woodman knitted his eyebrows.

"Don't tell me your brother came up with this idea?..."



Woodman bitterly laughed.

Wu Yan is truly the most dangerous existence in this world.

At least, they had measures in place against Spirits. However, against Wu Yan, they are as powerless as they are clueless...

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