Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1139: Exposed

In Tengu City, there's a building that dwarfed the other buildings around it.

It's a branch office of DEM.

Because Tengu City experienced multiple spacequakes, the appearance of spirits, and a confluence of other factors led to DEM establishing a branch here. Their goal is to capture or kill spirits.

As one of two companies that can manufacture Realizers, DEM is aiming to maintain world peace by killing spirits.

AST wants to establish peace through peaceful dealings with spirits. DEM wants to end all spirits.

AST is also supplying the world's military with combat-use Realizers.

Although DEM lacked quality in their Realizers, DEM made up for this with their far superior reputation and brand equity when compared to Asgard Electronics.

When people think about Realizers, the first thing that came to their minds would be DEM. Few have even heard of Asgard Electronics.

DEM and Asgard Electronics knew each other.

Just like how there are mainstream and non-mainstream factions in the world. The two rivals in the field of Realizer development consider each other as their nemesis.

Asgard Electronics wants to use peaceful methods to save spirits and ensure no more spacequakes threaten the world.

DEM believes in peace through forceful suppression and killing spirits.

The two organizations differed radically in methodologies, why wouldn't they be at odds with one another?

Anyway, that's what DEM claims on the surface. There are always nefarious individuals lurking in a large organization. DEM isn't exempted from this. There is a guy aiming for the spirits while hiding under the pretense of spirit elimination.

That guy is currently residing within one of the offices in this building.

It's a tall guy in a suit. He had dark ash blonde hair and his eyes are as sharp as daggers.

He looked to be around 35 years old. However, the aura around him gave off the feeling that he's older and experienced than he looked. He had a grin like a predator that found its prey. The sinister smile would make people shiver on sight.

Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott.

He is DEM's director. In truth, he's the one calling the shots in DEM.

Because DEM supplied military Realizers, one word from him can cause the military power of a nation to falter. He can decide which country gains superior power over the other countries.

In this branch office, no, in this country, he is someone who can move mountains and shake the earth.

Even if DEM is just a company.

With a cup of red wine in his hand, Westcott looked out at the night scene of Tengu City, he sighed slightly.

"I've heard reports about multiple spirits in Tengu City, why is it so peaceful?"

He reached out an open palm before balling his palm into a tight fist.

"If only DEM mastered the technique to summon spacequakes on a whim, that would make spirits so easy to find..."

Any other mortal around Westcott would have run for the exit the moment they heard him. Anyone sane would also put him on the list of "people-you-wouldn't-want-to-see-ever".

He wouldn't mind using spacequakes to locate spirits.

The lives of Tengu city citizens never entered his mind.

He sighed again, it's like he didn't think much of what he said just now. He swirled the red wine around.

A voluptuous woman dressed as a secretary pushed open his office door.


Westcott knew who it was without turning around.

"It's rare for you to see me at this hour..."

"I am always here."

The beautiful woman known as Ellen sported an emotionless expression. Ellen had a document folder in her arms.

"If you wanted to see me you could have just called..."


Westcott narrowed his eyes, no one could tell if his smile was genuine or one of contempt.

"Now, let me guess, you're here because you have good news for me?"

"I don't know if it's good news..."

Ellen opened her dossier.

"I do have a report for you..."

"A report?"

Westcott shook his head while smiling.

"If it's the boring stuff, leave it for tomorrow..."

"Oh, I am sure you will be excited to see this..."

Ellen placed the dossier down on the glass table near Westcott.

A picture jutted out.

The picture contains three individuals in school uniforms apparently going about their daily lives.

The guy in the middle had black hair and red eyes, he looked like he's in his early 20s.

Meanwhile, the lady on his left had crystal-like eyes and beautiful purplish-black hair.

As for the lady on the right, she had black hair tied into uneven twintails, her bangs were so long it covered one of her eyes.

Although Westcott has never seen the three individuals in person, he recognized them from footage of fights.

"The Red Devil, Nightmare, and Princess..."

Westcott spelled out their epithets. His heart raced when he read their names out loud. He started trembling in excitement.

He's very excited.

Ellen closed her eyes after noticing that Westcott is trying his best to rein in his excitement.

"The guy is Itsuka Shido, the girl with purplish-black hair is Yatogami Tohka, and the other girl is Tokisaki Kurumi. They are apparently living together and going to the same high school, Raizen High."

"However, from the information I gathered, the three of them are normal students without Reiryoku signatures. From our observation, they appeared to be humans..."


Westcott started laughing out loud.

"The three individuals who looked identical to the spirits are living together and going to the same school, you actually believe they are just normal humans?"

"True, that is too much of a coincidence..."

Ellen nodded.

"But, the information we gathered can't give us a conclusive opinion on whether or not they are spirits!"


Westcott picked up the photo. He grinned at the picture with the trio in it.

"You're saying we can't tell if they aren't spirits too. right?"

Ellen nodded again. Westcott started snickering in a bone-chilling manner.

"Now, isn't this amusing?"

Westcott passed the photo back to Ellen.

"Looks like we will have to investigate further. Ellen, you go handle this."

"Are you sure?"

Ellen raised an eyebrow. She looked hesitant.

"If the investigation turns out to be on point then we will be facing three spirits!"

Westcott looked at Ellen with an amused expression.

"Don't tell me you don't have the confidence to beat three spirits? Ellen..."

Ellen's face stiffened.

"There are no spirits I cannot defeat in this world!"

Westcott laughed again.

"Alright, then I am counting on you, Ellen Mira Mathers!"

"The World's Strongest Wizard!"

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