Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1143: Unexpectedly easy to bully and clumsy?

An airplane soared through the sky...


Tohka's eyes sparkled as she looked down at the boundless sea beneath. She's very excited.

"Is that the sea? It's so big..."

Tohka's bubbly energy brought a smile to Shiori's face.

"Relax, we can go play at the beach soon. Don't waste your energy hyping yourself up here or you might not have the energy to swim later..."


Tohka immediately sat down obediently.

"You have a point. Okay, I have to stay cool, if I don't then I won't get to swim. Chill, chill..."

She chanted the mantra to calm herself down. Soon, her eyes started closing as the serene environment slowly lulled her to sleep. Then, she finally fell asleep with her head tilted to one side.


Shiori shook her head. She caressed Tohka's bangs lovingly.

"Good night..."

An icy gaze fell on Shiori. She froze up when this prickly sight pierced her.

Gulping, Shiori turned around only to see Origami quietly observing them.


Shiori awkwardly smiled when Origami stared at them.

"Anything wrong? Origami-san?"

Origami said nothing. She closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side. Like Tohka, she "slept" in a very vain attempt to mimic Tohka.

Shiori's lip twitched. Origami leaned against Shiori. She nudged Shiori by rubbing her head against Shiori's neck. Shiori could tell what Origami's intention was.

Sighing, Shiori also rubbed Origami's bangs.

"Good night..."

Origami finally loosened up a bit.

Some distance away from the trio, Ellen lifted her camera, with the trio in her frame, she got ready.

She snapped a few photos of the sleeping Tohka. Then, she took more pictures.

Ellen finally stopped after taking a few sets of shots.

She frowned at Tohka who is still soundly asleep.

It's not just Tohka's she is investigating. She's also after Kurumi and Wu Yan who looked identical to known spirits.

Ellen had sights on Wu Yan and Tohka. However, Kurumi's missing.

"What's going on?"

Ellen mumbled in a low tone.

"Where is Nightmare?"

A magnetic voice rang near Ellen's ear.

"Who's Nightmare?"

Ellen turned around in horror. She saw a person grinning at her.

"Is there another foreigner like Ellen-san?"

Wu Yan chuckled ambiguously.

"Having a name like Nightmare, that's one hell of a name for a foreigner..."


Ellen tried to steady her racing heart. She feigned confusion.

"Who are you?"


Wu Yan shrugged. He chortled again.

"I thought you knew me? I mean, you took candid shots of me didn't you?"

Ellen's eyes stopped for a second. Then, she forcibly laughed.

"Is that so? Sorry, I am just doing my job..."

"I see, it's hard being a photographer..."

Wu Yan mused out loud. He pointed at an empty seat near Ellen.

"May I sit there?"

Ellen wanted to reject him. Then, she recalled how she's investigating Wu Yan so this proximity will make observation easier.

"Of course!"


Like a gentleman, Wu Yan bowed and sat near Ellen. He offered one of the drinks he was holding.

"If you don't mind, please enjoy this drink..."

"I... Thanks..."

Ellen grabbed the drink but she didn't open it.

It's general practice to be prudent with the drinks and food offered by males, especially when the lady's not sure about the guy's character.

Who can be sure the consumables aren't spiked?

For Ellen, there is another reason why she didn't open the drink.

The guy offering her a drink is a suspected spirit.

Who would drink something from a guy like him?

It's unknown if Wu Yan noticed this, he leisurely drank the drink he had.

"Tohka's pretty cute, huh?"

Ellen flinched. This question came out of nowhere. She asked him another question.



Wu Yan gasped.

"You also did candid shots of Tohka, didn't you? Isn't it because she's cute?"

Ellen's heart started thumping hard. She felt her façade crack. Nodding with a slightly panicked motion, she tried to play it cool.

"Well, she is cute..."

"Aren't we a bit taciturn?"

Wu Yan sipped once more. He leaned back against the chair.

"I noticed you focused on Tohka and I ever since we boarded the plane. I assumed you're just gathering material for your agency's brochure..."

Ellen clenched down harder on her camera. Her breathing's a bit chaotic but she still laughed.

"I am sorry, you two just had that weird air around you that I couldn't help but snap a few photos. Is it too troubling for you guys?"


Wu Yan tapped his can of drink.

"Naturally, there is nothing wrong with a few photos. I am just not sure about what will happen after you bring the shots back, that's the real problem."


Ellen's smile started cracking.

"I am just gathering material for our marketing documents. I don't think it will create a problem for you two..."

"Is that so?"

Wu Yan's cheeky grin appeared again. That was the same smile that caused Ellen to panic.

"I hope that's the case. Anyway, you look smart but you're surprisingly clumsy..."


Ellen started examining herself. Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, you don't know?"

Wu Yan tapped his ear.

"Normally, when girls are wearing earpieces, they would cover it up with hair. Ellen-san didn't notice this..."


Ellen noticed her exposed wireless earpiece. Her heart started racing again.

That's the earpiece she's using to communicate with her control team.

"Also, Ellen-san..."

Wu Yan pretended like he didn't see Ellen's panicky expression. He narrowed his eyes.

"I never said who Tohka was when I said 'Tohka's cute', I also never pointed her out..."

Ellen's expression turned pale.

"Haha, Ellen-san's so easy to bully."

Wu Yan laughed out loud before standing up.

"Now, I am going to get out of here before Ellen-san gets angry."

Wu Yan waved at her before leaving with his drink.

Ellen still held her camera as she stared at Wu Yan's back with a dark look.

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