Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1146: A game?

Ellen felt like someone dropped her into an icy pond. Her body chilled rapidly as a frigid fear gripped her.

Ellen saw Wu Yan's poised look and she immediately knew what transpired.

She was already exposed before she even knew it!

This man not only possesses a mysterious power, but he is also cognizant of her true identity.

Otherwise, why would he know about magicians and CR-units?

It's possible Wu Yan already knows she's the officer in charge of this covert operation.

Ellen felt like she just got played by Wu Yan. She started turning green with displeasure.

"You, so you're the Red Devil!"

"The Red Devil?"

Wu Yan frowned while scratching his cheek.

"Oh, is that my epithet? Who gave me such a terrible nickname?!"

Wu Yan didn't take Ellen seriously. Ellen's displeasure grew until she put on her fighting look.

"Just answer me, are you a spirit or not?!"


Wu Yan furrowed his brows. He smirked.

"Even if I said I am not a spirit I don't think you will accept my answer, right?"

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Just assume I am a spirit for now. That should make you guys really happy, considering how you're trying to pursue spirits..."

Ellen confirmed her suspicion.

"So you know about my true identity..."

Ellen narrowed her eyes. She tossed her camera aside.

"Then, come with me without resistance."

"That's what you say to someone who just admitted he's a spirit?"

Wu Yan shook his head disappointedly.

"I was waiting for better lines than that. I expected too much from you..."

"I take it you're not going to come along quietly?"

Ellen started emitting a heavy aura that differed from her meek lady demeanor a while ago.

"Ah, finally getting serious, are you?"

Wu Yan was amused by her reaction. He praised her nonchalantly.

"As expected of the Strongest Magician..."

"You even know about that?"

Ellen's grim look took on a deeper shade of darkness.

"How much do you know?"

"Pretty much everything."

Wu Yan half-jokingly replied.

"I know about you, and, that bastard Westcott..."

"You know Isaac too?"

Ellen backed away while clenching her teeth.

"Very well, since you know so much, we are going to have to sit down and have a nice little chat in the interrogation room of our office..."

"Sounds fun..."

Wu Yan closed his eyes. He closed his eyes to ponder about his plan. Then, he chuckled.

"Okay, let's play a game, Ellen-san."

"A game?"

Ellen flinched.

"Yes, a game."

Wu Yan opened his arms wide to gesture to her that he was not hiding anything.

"The rule of the game goes like this: if you win then I will follow you and meet Westcott."

Ellen continued with a dark look.

"And, if I lose?"

"Let's see..."

Wu Yan rubbed his chin. He looked at the sky before grinning.

"There is a DEM Airship above us..."

"You truly know everything, huh..."

Ellen said.


"I am guessing even DEM would not have too many of those airships in store. It would certainly piss off a bunch of people if somebody were to wreck that airship, correct?"


Ellen inhaled deeply.

"Are you..."

"Quick to catch on, aren't you?"

Wu Yan chortled like a cheeky brat. He pointed at the sky.

"If you lose then I am going to send that scrap of metal in the sky to the recycling center."

Ellen's heart started racing.

This is the first time in her life she felt fear.

Against a man that seems like he knew everything and controlled everything, Ellen was intimidated by his overpowering leverage against her.

Ellen clenched her fist.

"What's the content of the game?"

"Do I need to say it out loud?"

Wu Yan gasped as if he's genuinely surprised Ellen couldn't catch his drift.

"Since you're the strongest Magician, the game we are playing is obviously going to be who can best each other in the field of Territories. Wouldn't that be fun?!"

Ellen burned with anger upon hearing this.

"Are you looking down on me?"


Wu Yan gave her a sarcastic leer.

"Ellen-san thinks she's the strongest in this world. You probably reckoned that no one can best you in a fight. I am itching to teach you something..."

"Let me elucidate you on your ignorance and feebleness."

Ellen snapped.

Golden jets of light converged on Ellen. She immediately got covered in a ball of golden light.

The air shook as the golden ball of light expanded while twisting.

When the light receded, Ellen had already transformed.

She's wearing a tight bodysuit with magic circuits running on it. There are robotic parts around her limbs, she also had robotic wings hovering behind her. She's packing two slender but large laser swords.

That's her personal CR-unit.

This is the equipment that gave her superhuman abilities. This is the equipment that made her a Magician.

This is the same type of equipment the AST relied on to combat spirits.

Unlike the AST's equipment, Ellen's CR unit is platinum in color. It's also a special CR unit.

It's not an average suit.

"Oya oya, somebody's angry..."

Wu Yan started eyeing her CR unit.

"This CR-unit appears to be far stronger than the ones the AST have..."

"Don't compare my Pendragon to the cheap stuff the AST used."

Ellen drew out her laser sword and it buzzed into life with a terrifyingly sharp bzzt. She pointed her laser sword at Wu Yan.

"My Pendragon is a custom-made CR unit designed by the best technology DEM has. You insult me by comparing my CR unit to the standard-issue CR-units equipped by the AST."

"Oops, my bad..."

Wu Yan said with a non-apologetic tone. He stomped and leaped into the sky.

"Think you can run?!"

Ellen brandished her blade and the robotic wings behind her propelled her into the sky. She chased after Wu Yan.

The two meteors shot across the boundless sky. The two stopped somewhere over the horizon. They stared at each other.

Ellen is still pointing her blade at him. With a sneer, he took out his Nietono no Shana from the Gate of Babylon. Entering a stance with the blade pointed diagonally downwards, he continued.

"Let's begin our game..."

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